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April 14, 2013

Paul asks…

How much is the cost of living in austin, tx?

i’m going to be renting my first apartment next year and i need to know what the average cost of utilities and stuff like that is…
i have no idea how much a water bill, electricity bill, etc is.

Administrator answers:

Well my montly cost was around 5 to 6 hundred, that was with bills paid, gas and food, and some spending money

Lizzie asks…

What’s the best website to search the MLS for Austin real estate?

I’m in the market for a new house, and I live in Austin, TX. What’s the best Austin real estate website? I want it to have the Austin MLS, good maps and photos.

Administrator answers:

I was looking at buying a house, but I decided Austin real estate prices were too high for me so I just rented an apartment :) While I was looking I found a local Austin real estate website that was pretty cool, . You can search through the Austin MLS, and they have interactive Google maps to show you where all the homes for sale are. Anyway, good luck on your home search!

Linda asks…

What are the nicest places in austin, tx to live?

I’m a college student and i am looking to move to austin texas from san marcos texas. however i would like to live in a nice part of town. im not too familiar with the city though. where are some of the nicest areas of austin to live in?

Administrator answers:

It depends on your lifestyle and age, etc. – if you have kids, you may prefer a quiet suburban neighborhood with good schools nearby (I know you said you were in college, but I had a family in college, so just in case…). There are tons of affordable new developments popping up along the southern edge of town, and of course the older family neighborhoods are largely up north toward Research Blvd.

However, if you want the classic Austin experience, then the closer to South Congress/Downtown the better – bear in mind that area is super expensive these days, so you should look between Ben White and Oltorf for the best deals on apartments. The closer you get to UT, the more students you’ll be living near, and all that goes with that.

Anything in the area roughly bordered by Ben White on the south, Congress on the east, Riverside on the north and Lamar on the west should be at least somewhat affordable (depending on specific location, of course). Going south it gets even cheaper. A good gauge of what a neighborhood is like is to check out which shops, restaurants, even grocery stores are there. If they’re places you’d want to go to, it’s safe to say, you’d be comfortable in that area.

One thing – our traffic is miserable, so no matter what your situation, you’ll save a massive amount of stress by living close to work or school if you can. Good luck!

Carol asks…

What’s the best city to live in considering cost of living, pet friendliness, & crime rate?

these are the cities we are thinking of moving to: austin Tx, chicago IL, san diego Ca, buffalo NY, vancouver canada. any advice?

Administrator answers:

I live in Buffalo and I love it here. The winters are overblown – in fact, I’m getting tired of having to tell people from outside the area that no, we do not have an ice age whenever winter comes around. It’s 50 degrees outside right now and we haven’t seen snow since november. This is unusual, but winters honestly aren’t that bad. You can function.

The cost of living is great. My fiancee and I rent our apartment for $650/mo. Including utilities, and we have two cats. Many apartments allow cats, and some allow dogs as well.

Buffalo has a good cultural scene – lots of museums, art events, ect. And, Elmwood Avenue and Hertel Avenue provide for the bulk of Buffalo’s stores (at least the trendy ones).

To find out more about Buffalo, you can visit, (great site about downtown), (a site about my neighborhood), and

Sharon asks…

I have three days in Austin, TX to figure out where I want to live. Can you point me in the right direction?

I’m taking a trip to the Austin area in about three weeks, during which time I have to at least get some idea of what community I want to call home. I’m looking for something away from the big box retailers and the cookie-cutter housing tracts – something with a little history; some place native Austinites themselves would be proud to show off. Suburbia doesn’t sound the least bit attractive to us; we’re looking for a place that’s safe, walkable and ecclectic. I’ve heard that this is to be found in the south part of Austin. Is that true? Specifically where should I be looking? Are there any other areas that sound like they might tickle my fancy? Please give me as much detail as possible.

Also, give me a few places places to visit while I’m there that would convice me that there’s nowhere else I’d rather live.

Oh, by the way, we’re looking to rent an apartment.

Administrator answers:

I’d live in an apartment/condo near downtown-Whole Foods area/Zilker park/Barton Skyway area. BUT, I do know of a very cool complex not far from downtown, in south austin, and has views of surrounding greenbelt/cedar forest as well as a few downtown views, a great pool, and the complex has an entrance to the trail to barton creek waterfalls(twin falls and sculpture falls), and the falls a little further up at the hill of life, all this right out your doorstep. It’s a bit overpriced, but a great spot. As for walkable, though, it’s just off the mopac expressway, and not set for great walks outside on the streets, just down in the greenbelt area, which is great

A great place to walk is around Town Lake just a block south of downtown. There are festivals and concerts at Auditorium Shores on the south shore of the lake, it’s a great area, it’s the beginning of south austin, it’s super ecclectic area near zilker park and south congress area(locals area), south austin stretches for miles north and south, so a specific area like the one i described would be a good start, ask about an apartment between downtown and zilker park area, possibly as far as barton skyway area.

Check out the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn near Auditorium Shores on the path around Town Lake

As for places to visit, in Austin, it’s the lake views from the cliffs and the enchanted hills and the great parks everywhere and the little bbq or mexican joints along the way to those places you’re looking for that make Austin so wonderful.

As for must visit, go to barton springs pool and take a swim, it will be hot as can be outside, and this spring fed pool is 68 degrees year round, it’s huge, right in the middle of the creek, and filled with locals, and right in the middle of zilker park where the infamous and personally well enjoyed Austin City Limits Music Festival is held. Hope this all helps.

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