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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

May 3, 2013

Maria asks…

what should i know about austin, tx before i move there?

i am moving to austin,tx on a whim and was wondering if i get could get some general tips on where to find work, decent housing, and what neighborhoods to avoid. i have never been there, but i look forward to arriving next week with my trusty companion :P .

btw, i’m 22 and will be attending junior college and i am looking for a laid back neighborhood. i truly appreciate all comments, and suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Ok good deal. There are some good tips in these answers but there are some mistruths too. You can see SOME music free here. But then again everyone in this town is a musician if you ask them so that doesn’t mean what you will see is ANY good. The big festivals, ACL and SXSW cost a pretty penny to go to. 180 for a 3 day pass to ACL over 250 for SXSW. So yeah that’s a little bit different than free. But as long as hip-hop isn’t your thing you can see a wide range of music acts.
Work will be a bit difficult to find as you will be competing with about 10,000 graduates a year for real jobs and about 35,000 or so other students who are still working while in school. Still, if you look hard and have a good resume you can find SOMETHING. You just might need to be more flexible than you thought on what you will be doing when you get here.
With no job, unless you got rich parents housing will be a problem too. If you want something in the sub 500 range, you will either need to find someone on craigslist to live with or move out to student apartments in Riverside. People who tell you to live downtown or in South Congress assume you have a unlimited budget as SoCo apts avg around 700 a month and downtown around 900 or more. People will tell you stay away from the east side, but you know what? They are wrong. I lived there for 3 years MLK and Airport no problems and cheaper for close to downtown. Unless you are afraid of minorities this is a good place to look.
Your age is the right spot to fit in with people here. If you get here next week be ready for the heat as it will be back past the 100 degree range again. One more thing. Public transportation SUCKS here. I hope you have a car or are in shape to bike a decent amount. Do not rely only on the public transportation. It will fail you.

Oh and the roaches are not that big, I’ve seen bigger. They don’t fly that often and thats really only one type.

Ken asks…

Safe and reasonably priced apartments in Austin, Texas?

I’m a college student and am looking for an apartment in Austin. I’m looking for a safe apartment that’s a reasonable price. Anyone know of any good ones? It would really help.

Administrator answers:

Depends on what a reasonable price is and how close you would like to be to campus. You use this site to help.


You can put in your price range for rent and you can see a map of available options.

Most of Austin is pretty safe so that shouldn’t be a very big concern. You can use this site

Put in the address of the place and you can see what sort of crimes were reported recently

Edit: Put in wrong link for security site

Jenny asks…

What are some good parks in Austin, TX to take a canvas and do some painting?

Hi, I’m an artist new to Austin and dating an art student who is also new to Austin. Tomorrow, we have plans to do some painting, but we really have nowhere to paint (our apartment situations don’t really lend well to it). I suggested we go to a park somewhere. However, I don’t know the local parks or what the policy would be at any of them for going onto the grass with oil and turpentine and canvas. Anyone know if we would be allowed to do this? Can you suggest some good parks, preferably nearer to the South Austin area, where we might try it? To some of you this may be a dumb question, but it’s not something I’ve tried before.

Please answer this one asap if you can. I am doing this very soon. My thanks in advance for any help. If you are just going to leave a snarky comment, please don’t bother.

Administrator answers:

Check out the Nature and Science Center by Zilker Park. It’s fairly small but it has a little pond and a nature trail.

If you’re looking for a park a little further into the wilderness, I strongly suggest Pedernales Falls State Park. It’s about a 30-45 minute drive away and I think has a $5 admittance fee. It’s gorgeous, especially the falls. There are lots of things you could paint. It’s a fun place to just play around in, too, so when you feel like taking a break from painting you can just take off your shoes and wade through the river.

Sewell Park in San Marcos is also a nice little place on the river where you could paint. It’s not very isolated seeing as it’s smack in the middle of town, but the river is very pretty nonetheless! It’s one of my favorite swimming spots. :) You can actually see people sunbathing and swimming if you find it on Google maps. It’s a very popular spot, and it’s free.

Definitely be very very careful about taking out what you bring in though! That stuff is awful for the environment, especially waterways.

George asks…

How is the Huntland Heights area in Austin, TX?

I am new to Austin and looking to move into a home instead of the apartment I am currently living in. I am going to rent so its not something I’m going to be in forever, but want to make sure it is a safer neighborhood and that the population in the area is not high crime.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t live there. It’s right near a nearly deserted mall that attracted a bad element. It’s on the wrong side of Lamar Blvd. There’s a reason the houses are so affordable there.

I’m new to Austin and still learning. But when i read that someone got shot in the news, I check the neighborhood, and that area has more than its share.

David asks…

Dallas vs. New York City which place is better to start my career?

I have opportunities to work in Dallas, TX and NYC. I will make around 55K in both places. Which would be a better place to build my career? Which place is more fun (I am an Asian- a bit worried about racism in Dallas). Can I start in Dallas and then maybe later move to NYC or Chicago? I am currently in Austin, TX.
Austin people are really nice and not at all biased against foreigners. I hope Dallas is similar.

Administrator answers:

I live in Dallas, and I can’t say that its a particularly racist place. Certainly not more so than NY or any other city. Your 55k will get you a lot more apartment or house in Dallas than in NYC.

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