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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

June 13, 2012

Michael asks…

Is it safe to live at Bristol Square Apartments in Austin TX?

The address 2336 Douglas Street off of Oltorf .

Administrator answers:

As long as it is Central Oltorf and not East Oltorf, then you will be fine. In the central Oltorf area (around South 1st and South Congress), there are a lot of great restaurants, shops, and bars, so a lot of cool folks live around there.

Good luck on your move!

James asks…

Can anyone suggest any apartments in Austin, TX for under $400. I’m looking 1bed/1bath with a dog, close to UT?

My apologies, close to me means 20 minutes. I currently have an hour commute to my current job, so withing 20 minutes is fine

Administrator answers:

Poopie is right. Without some roommate situation, $400 is impossible and even then that would be an amazing deal.

The best I can offer is this website that will show you a map of options by price all over town

Good Luck

David asks…

What are some apartments in Austin, Tx that are all bills paid?

Administrator answers:

If such a thing existed, I would be moving there, not recommending it to someone else.

Joseph asks…

hi im looking for a list of cheap apartments in austin tx. no matter the area i just need the cheapest!?

or if you have a website where i can find something of the sort? besides google ive done that already. thanks!

Administrator answers:

Here is a list of Austin, TX apartments that have places under $500

I prefer the homepage of that website to search for places. You put in what you want to pay for rent and it shows you all the options on a map

Good luck.

John asks…

Whats the best affordable apartments in austin, tx?

I need help finding an apartment for about no more than $550 dollars a month. any suggestions on which is the nicest and best and has the best location

Administrator answers:

Austin has wide variety of apartments, most of which are acceptable. There are good apartment locator’s services, like Properties One,A+ property locator’s,Apartment Finders to name a few. The farther you are from downtown, the more reasonable the rent is. Downtown is out-of-control-unaffordable. Riverside area has mostly students, but a higher crime rate. The north side is a good choice. You may want to call HAAS Publishing and order you an Apartment Guide Magazine. This is an excellent source of apartment information! They will mail it to you for free! Hope this helps. Try Redstone Ranch Apts in Cedar Park,they are nice and have a friendly atmosphere of young residents(and in your price range) also anything on Wells Branch Pkwy. There you will find rows and rows of moderately priced and nice floor plans with good amenities. Downtown, $550.00 won’t get you anything but an efficiency apt and probably w/o a dishwasher!

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