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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

June 10, 2013

Mary asks…

Where can I find temporary housing if I am moving to Austin, tx?

I have 2 dogs

I don’t want to commit to a rental if I am in Los Angeles. I need something for at least a month.

Administrator answers:

Craigs list.
They have options for rentals/short term. You can search and post an add advertising what you are looking for. I had a pitbull for a few years and found it IMPOSSIBLE to find apartments that would allow the breed. I found a couple great people who rented out rooms in their homes. Might take a few chances to find a normal person who fits your style….
Good luck!

Lisa asks…

Why do I feel like I made a mistake by turning around an coming back to Houston?

I packed my things and planned to move up north. I got to northern Virginia and turned around. I don’t have anything here in Houston. No kids, no wife, no job and no apartment. I think it was a bad decision now to move back and am not sure what to do now. Why did my instincts tell me to turn around and did they tell me wrong?

Administrator answers:

Your instincts have, indeed, forsaken you. There is NOTHING good about Houston. Although Texas in general is a good state. Your InstIncts possIbly tried to simply lead you back to Tx. Try Austin…it’s a great eclectic town.

Jenny asks…

Considering moving to Austin, Tx… What do I need to know?

I currently live in Detroit, MI and am considering moving to Austin, TX. I will be transferring within my company there. I am wondering where would be an affordable place to live that would be on a bus line to get to work as I do not have a car at the moment. And any other advise would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

Hi Nicki and welcome to Austin!

I’m not sure where your company’s offices are located at, but if you go to the Capital Metro site, you can see what bus stops are near that company and what routes the buses at that stop will take.

Go here:

Then hit that “Service Nearby” tab (it should be the third tab after “Trip Planner” and “Schedule/Next Trip”).

Type in your company building’s address and hit GO. I believe it ought to tell you what routes go where and such.

If you are looking for an apartment within your budget, I’d try these sites:

Put in the price range and you should be able to see apartments throughout the city. Also, be sure to look at Austin Craigslist if you are looking to rent or sublease a house instead:

William asks…

I live in Austin, and there is black slime in my water. What the hell is this?

If there is a place in my apartment that water can stand for even a day or two (like in the toilet, etc.) black slime forms in the water. If I leave even a very small puddle of water in my sink and leave for a weekend, when I get back, a ring of black slime has formed. This is in Austin, Texas. What IS this crud and should I be worried about my drinking water?!!

Administrator answers:

I wonder if it could be the algae that they report having problems with? It is supposed to be harmless.


Ruth asks…

I want to go to school out of state, where do I start?

I live in Indiana currently but I want to move to Austin to go to school. What do I have to do in order to not have to pay out of state school tuition/fees?

Administrator answers:

Establish residency in TX – that usually means you had to live there for at least a year, pay taxes, have a local drivers license, car registration, voter card, and house/apartment. The other possible option is if you want to complete a major that isn’t offered in Indiana – sometimes you can attend an out-of-state college for the same price as an in-state college.

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