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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

June 24, 2013

David asks…

where is a good, affordable place to live in downtown austin, tx?

I’m a graduate student and want to live somewhere downtown. I don’t mind if it is small but I would like it to be nice on the inside. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Try the Talisman Apartments. They are located right at Barton Springs and Lamar up on the hill. Great views of downtown since all apartments are on the hill. Easy access to anywhere- Zilker right down the street, great view for July 4th fireworks, quick access to downtown. Reasonably priced because the apartments are not brand-new. All have garages and are a good size for what you pay. Many are leased so conditions vary for each apartment. Hope this helps.

Jenny asks…

How do i start my credit im 21 years old i have a job in austin tx?

steps to built my credit

Administrator answers:

Theres many things you can do to build your credit. Get a cellphone in your name and pay the bill for it each month. Its builds credit, just dont get behind on your bills because it will hurt your credit. You can rent your own apartment too. Thats how i got credit too.. Just make sure you are ready.

James asks…

Looking to relocate to a different beach area.?

I live in California. I want to move to a nice beach area in Texas or Georgia. I went to Austin Tx for a vacation and fell in love. I know they have lakes there. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Haveyou looked at brownsville tx? You have south padre Island abbout 30 minutes, thers a nice country club, calledRanch viejo, nice houses apartments and villas, golf , pool, restaurants ice place, lov down here. The weather is nice,allyear round, expect for winter only two or three weeks of cold,

Linda asks…

Can you legally break a lease in Texas?

My husband and I signed our new apartment lease in December. New neighbors moved in who are lazy, loud, and break the rules. We have complained in writing several times. Nothing gets done – now we just want out. Can we legally break our lease if our landlord does nothing to our dead-beat neighbors?

Administrator answers:

“…claims about noise problems or facilities shortcomings are generally unlikely to work well unless you can thoroughly document the existence and severity of the problems, your attempts to have them resolved, and your landlord’s failure to do so. The vague complaint of “too much noise” is probably useless…”

“If you don’t have or can’t afford your own lawyer, get in touch with your local legal aid office and contact tenants’ rights organizations. “

“There are two tenants’ rights organizations in Texas that may be able to provide you more help.

Texas Tenants Union
4228 Main St
Dallas, TX 75226

The Austin Tenants’ Council
1619 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702
Counseling Line (only for residents of the city of Austin and Travis County)
(512) 474-1961 (M-F 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.)

The Austin Tenants’ Council offers tenant-landlord counseling online, via email. Submit your query to They require that you provide the following information along with your question:
Your Full Name
Your Address (include City, State and Zip Code)
Whether you are a tenant, landlord, etc. “

Try entering “tenants’ rights organization san antonio texas” into Yahoo” Search and go from there.

Joseph asks…

How to get an apt with a felony ( drug charge in Austin tx?

This is my first charge I have just moved in the area. A person slip a rock in to my bag at the bus stop

Administrator answers:

You can usually get one if you have a sponsor to cosign. The apartments just want a guarantee that they’ll get paid and you won’t trash the place. If someone with something to lose (not a felon) cosigns, then most places are fine with it.

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