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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

August 5, 2013

Betty asks…

What is a nice neighborhood/apartment complex near UT (Austin) with no car but willing to use mass transit.?

My sister just accepted a fellowship at UT (Austin) and needs to find a place to stay. Neither of us know much about TX. She does not have a car (she’s always lived in large cities with good mass transportation systems). Can anyone recommend neighborhoods she should focus on that are safe, diverse, and an easy commute (by mass transit) to UT?

Administrator answers:

Hyde Park is a good place to look, it’s close to campus (easy bike ride distance) but is still a nice neighborhood and many buses run through it.
Here’s a good map of the neighborhood:

I wouldn’t call it “diverse”, but it’s a nice neighborhood.
A good bet would be to check out the campus bus lines and see what areas they go. They don’t service the whole city, and the regular bus system has a lot of dead zones, so watch out for that. If she’s not planning on getting a car for things like grocery shopping, entertainment, etc, she’ll want to be closer to the center of town where there’s more stuff in walking distance and more buses that go many different places. And avoid the East Riverside area – there’s lots of campus buses that go there, but it’s not really a nice area (although it is more ethnically diverse than Hyde Park).

Paul asks…

What is a good bar to watch NESN in Dallas/one that will have a spare TV to let you watch?

I am looking for a bar in the Dallas, preferably N. Dallas area, that gets New England Sports Network and is generally good about turning a TV so you can watch, even if it’s just one in a corner of the place.

Administrator answers:

McSwiggan’s Irish Pub (The Colony, TX)
(In the Austin Ranch Apartment Community)
**Catering to New England Transplants


The New England Patriots take on the winless Titans this Sunday at 3:15. We’ll be hosting our weekly Pats party with $2.50 Domestics, $.60 wings, and $1 off all New England Beers. Throw on your Brady or Welker Jersey and meet us at the pub for the best Patriots watching party in DFW.

Susan asks…

What are some good Valentine’s Day ideas for a guy on a budget in Austin, TX?

So, I’ve been seeing this girl for a while now, and I totally adore her. Unfortunately, I’m pretty tapped out just as Valentine’s Day rolls around. I’ve probably got around 50 bucks to spend, much less than I usually have when I go out with her (moving soon to an apartment that is going to make me pretty poor for a while). Any ideas for some good Valentine’s Day activities in the Austin area? We do the dinner and a movie thing a lot at the Drafthouse. Not opposed to ideas involving that, but I’m looking for something more Valentiney. Neither of us has a good place to spend time “at home” at the moment, not until I move next month, and I know that she is wanting that more than “dates” these days, but can’t help it. I just don’t know of what to do besides going out to dinner. Neither of us are much into the dancing scene. Also, she is a few months shy of being 21, so that’s something else worth mentioning. Anyway, any helpful ideas would be much appreciated… Something else to note, I think it MIGHT be cold weather on V-Day, but I’m not sure yet.

Administrator answers:

A trip to the zoo..

Mary asks…

I need to find a cool apartment in Austin Texas?

I just moved here a few days ago and am staying in a hotel trying to find a place to live.
I really want to find a safe apartment but also still have the cool feel of Austin that everyone keeps talking about. Someone suggested around south Austin in the area code of 78704, but i don’t know much about the city.
Please help

Administrator answers:

The south Austin area (south of Lady Bird Lake) is probably your best bet for trying to take in the Austin feel.

Without knowing your price range or where you are working it is tough to be more specific. You can use this site. You can put in your price range, number of bedrooms and it will show you a map of all the places in town that match what you are looking for.


Austin is a relatively safe city so it will be hard to get a very bad place but you can use this website to check the crime around a specific apartment.


Good luck.

George asks…

Cost of living and other expenses?

Would it be cheaper to live in Portland, OR, Seatle,WA or Austin,TX? I wanna find large breed friendly apartments for less then $600. Plus taxes and other expenses, which would be cheaper?

Also which has better job opportunities for someone with a degree in Accounting and another person with a degree in Graphic Design.

Administrator answers:

Much cheaper in austin vs others there…and find one for 600? Good luck on that one

today..the foreclosure market/happenings has made rents rise alot cuz so many people

need a place to live/they dont have to give em away anymore…in all instances austin

will win that one

jobs are by local areas and what that area needs in people…no way to

really answer that one

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