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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

August 13, 2013

Ken asks…

im getting ready to get out of army in couple of months and im moving to austin,tx what are some benefits i wi?

what are some benefits from veteran program will i have in state of texas even tho im from georgia?

Administrator answers:

Hi there,

You might check out this website for answers on benefits.


If you need Austin relocation information, I have a terrific power point on Austin. I’m a Realtor, and can help with apartments and homes.

Email me at

James asks…

Where is a good affordable place to live in Austin, TX for a college student?

I’m attending Austin Community College and it has came to my attention that there are no dorms there so i need a cheap apartment that will get me by for a few years

Administrator answers:

Its best to live close to the college, saves gas money and time.

Donald asks…

Someone who lives/lived in San Antonio, Tx, cost of living?

I am planning on moving there, and this will be my first time moving out of my parents house. What is a rough estimate on how much you usually spend on utilities, food, and the essential amenities monthly. I just need an estimate to know what to expect so I can try to plan a budget. Thank you =)

Administrator answers:

One bedroom DECENT and spacious apartments in san antonio (they have REALLY cheap ones too) are about $600-$700/month. You can probably pay $500/month for an efficiency.

Umm prices aren’t very inflated, I’d say you need about $200/month for groceries and other necessities but if you are very minimal and only buy things you REALLY need then it could be a lot less than that.

I lived in San Marcos which is about 5 minutes from San Antonio. San Antonio is a big city but probably the cheapest big city. (Austin, Dallas, Houston… Way more expensive).

If you have any more questions you can email me …

Mark asks…

Moving to Austin,TX in the fall. Looking for a good, but relatively cheap apartment near the UT/ACC campuses.?

Looking to have an apartment within walking distance to UT and ACC.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Anything within walking distance to UT is not going to be cheap! But, you can go a little furthur north and live on a shuttle route and it will be cheaper. Hyde Park, north Lamar, look for garage apts. That will be your cheapest bet, unless you want to room with someone. Even south of downtown is great. Travis Heights, South Congress, Woodland. Try there and see what you think. You could always commute with a bike, most people do. Good Luck!

Betty asks…

Looking for apartments online in Austin. Would this area be safe?

I’ve seen several decent-looking aparment complexes in the south-eastern part of town. These apartment complexes are south of the river, north of the E Ben White Blvd, and about 1 mile east of the I-35. The internet calls this neighborhood the East Riverside & Oltorf neighborhood. Is this area safe?

Administrator answers:

Definitely not the best part of town.

I’d recommend using this site to get an idea of crime around town. You can see the area you describe is has much more reports than many other areas.


If you want to keep shopping for apartments I would recommend this site

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