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August 14, 2013

Carol asks…

When you think of hippies, which cities in America come to mind?

I think of Seattle, Portland, Boulder and Denver, because those are the more “eco-friendly” cities and they are known for people who are into the outdoors. But what do you all think of?

Administrator answers:

Austin Tx used to have so many
a lot still reside her in south central austin and some downtown apartments

but they are being pushed out
by rich californians
rich prep graduates from New England
and lower income people
and of course People coming to austin for high tec jobs
amd,freescale, Motorola,synopsis,intel,dell

and its getting more expensive to live her

when you say hippie
i think of 60′s 70′s hippies
and chill parents with kids in their 20′s and the parents had kids late
and are from that era

however their are the richer crowd of hippies

and their are hipsters which if anything are similar

David asks…

Is there a “safer” bus in Houston that can take me to Austin, TX?

I want to go to Austin to visit some friends, but I really don’t feel like taking my car. I’ll be visiting for a few days. I know there’s a shuttle bus, but that’s only for UT students and I heard they’re not that safe. I’ll be going by myself and staying at a friends apartment.

Administrator answers:

You can try megabus

Mark asks…

Why is my guitar buzzing on my PC?

I usually play my electric guitar through an amp simulator on my PC. It’s helpful for recording as well as keeping the noise down in my apartment. I recently moved to a different apartment and am now having problems with humming/feedback.

My guitar is connected to the desktop PC via a Line 6 Toneport USB interface. The buzzing occurs as soon as I connect the guitar to the interface with an instrument cable. Sometimes if I tilt the guitar around, I can eventually stop the buzzing by holding it in that specific position.

I have another guitar and a bass, and both do the same thing as the first guitar. I’ve tried plugging the desktop PC into several different electrical outlets in the room, as well as different power strips. Nothing seems to alleviate the buzzing. I have a laptop, and I’ve found that if I connect one of the guitars to that, everything works just fine, no buzzing. I’ve recorded guitar for a couple years on my desktop at my old apartment with no problems. But now that I’ve moved here, I can’t stop this annoying buzzing.

Any thoughts? Just out of curiosity, I went back to my roommates’ apartment and tried plugging my desktop back in. No buzzing.

Administrator answers:

The fact that you can turn the guitar and bass and change the intensity of the buzz tells me that it’s not being conducted down the power line. Rather, it’s being radiated from some source and getting into the pickups on your instruments. Once that happens, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.

Since you’ve been able to take the same computer to another apartment and it works, it’s likely not a problem with it, per se.

The first thing I would check is to see what the actual line voltage is at your place. If it’s very low (say, under 115 volts), then that could be part of your problem. As the line voltage drops, computer power supplies draw more current to keep the power constant. As the current draw goes up, the greater the chance for radiated interference from the supply.

You can check this with an inexpensive digital multimeter (DMM) that you can get at Frys, Home Depot / Lowes, or Radio Shack.

While you’re at one of these stores, spend $6 and get yourself an outlet tester. You plug it in, and it tells you if the outlet is wired correctly and has a functioning ground. No ground would cause these kinds of problems as well.

The fact that you can plug into a laptop and not have this problem really makes me think that your issue is low line voltage.

Are you in a different room when you plug into the laptop? If so, go back to the same room as your desktop computer (and turn it off) and try it. If there’s not buzz, it’s coming from your desktop, and probably for the reasons I said. If it buzzes on the laptop in the same room, then the interference is coming from somewhere else. Light dimmers, flourescant lamps, and neon are all big noise sources.

Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, TX

Nancy asks…

What are you thoughts/experiences on a 20 yr old female living in an apartment alone?

So I’m for sure going to live on my own next year in college, I’m going to be a junior, and I live in Austin, TX. I’m most likely going to live in an apartment complex comprised of mostly college students (on the school bus route), but I’m just kind of worried about living on my own.. what do you think? Any suggestions? Any advice? Any stories to share?

Administrator answers:

Millions of women at age 20 have their own apartment and live alone. It is refreshing to know that you will not be moving in with some guy you barely know. If you are in an apartment complex, it is probably safe. Don’t provide your apartment key to ANYONE. Don’t party in your apartment and don’t come home alone after a late night.
You will feel so free and independent. You will find out if you can take care of yourself and a home.
Many woman do not know how to cope without living with someone. You will leave college ahead of other women knowing that you can take care of your own business.

Good luck.

Richard asks…

Looking for an affordable baby shower venue in Austin Texas?

Anyone know of a place to have a baby shower in and around Austin TX that is affordable and a nice place. Thought about the South Rural community center in Del Valle but they’re booked for the day we want. Please help!!

Administrator answers:

You might try contacting an apartment complex or two near you. They ofter rent out their clubhouses fairly cheap.

We rented the Riata Apartments Clubhouse (northwest Austin) once for a large birthday party. It worked well.

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