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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

August 23, 2013

Daniel asks…

Where is a good location for a recent college graduate to live in Austin, TX?

I’m not from Texas and I really want to move to Austin. What locations would be ideal for a recent college graduate? Any information, including general apartment costs, would be great. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Down town close to the state capitol is the area that is called “Austin’s Entertainment District” It is in general a few blocks east or west of Congress Avenue. To live down town is only for the rich. Rent will lower in price the further you get from down town and the further you get from the massive University of Texas Campus which is just north of down town. A general rule of thumb, the higher the crime rate the lower the rent. I have been told that crime is worse in other places. Perhaps. I have lived in a place where I had a bag of trash stolen out of my truck bed and the passenger window was broken to steal a laundry bag. I have had black guys drive along side of me at my walking speed, demanding that I get into their car. It is much more humane on the west side where I now live because I do want to live. Austin is rich in entertainment, history and art museums, a large diverse live music scene, thousands of acres in the city park system, as well as lakes and state parks within short driving distances. In most neighborhoods, people will greet you in a very friendly matter on sight. That despite the fact there is probably over a million people living in the Austin metropolitan area. The rent for a one bedroom apartment will range from under $400 to over $2,000.

Donald asks…

Relocating to Austin,Tx, what is the best and most affordable apartment complex to live at?

Looking for a place that has good security, no dope peddlers, motivated management, and affordable.

Administrator answers:

There are lots of affordable, nice apartment communities in Austin. Be specific as to what constitutes “affordable” for you and what part of Austin you wanted to be in and I’ll try to help you out.

John asks…

Looking For a nice affordable Apt complex in Austin Tx?

I am Currently living in Carrizo spring texas Im Trying to find an apartment complex that dog friendly around Austin or I Austin. I have a daughter so I want the apartment to be in a nice area but not overpriced looking to spend about 850 a month.

Administrator answers:

You have plenty of options. Use this site. You can filter out any place above 850 and doesn’t allow pets.


Good luck

Joseph asks…

How do you Increase headphone volume?


I have hearing problems; therefore, in some occasions it’s very hard to hear my laptop sound (not always). I don’t want speakers due to sharing apartment with others. I am looking for headphone, I couldn’t find a metrics to tell how powerful the headphone volume is.

Is there a metrics I can use to differentiate volumes of headphones?

Administrator answers:

It sounds like what you’re looking for is an efficiency rating for headphones. Unfortunately, I usually see that specification published only with very high end (and expensive headphones).

The efficiency is how well a speaker converts electrical energy into acoustic energy. It’s very common to see this spec for speakers, but not headphones. Probably because part of the spec has to do with distance. It’s measured by sending 1 watt of pink noise to the speaker, and then measuring the sound pressure level 1 meter away. You’ll see the number written in dB/1W/1m. The larger this number, the louder the headphones will be for a given amount of power.

Now, your question is how to increase headphone volume. Your answer is to deliver more power to them. Since laptops have a finite amount of power (and increasing that would involve circuit modifications), you should look at using an external headphone amp.

You can spend $30 to literally hundreds of dollars on this things. Just google the term to see what’s out there. Just be carefully…some of those amps can really crank a pair of headphones. You don’t want to make your hearing problems worse than they already are.

Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, Tx

Carol asks…

How is public transportation in Austin, TX?

I’ll be moving there soon. I won’t have a car when I get there. I plan to work and live near downtown Austin. Want to know if I’ll be able to function on public trans the first few months I’m there.

Administrator answers:

Look for a place that is close to a bus stop and one that has a super market a short walk away. The bus drivers are friendly and helpful. Only the very rich live downtown. I would recommend apartments that are close to Burnet Road. They are very safe places to live. If you don’t mind living in a high crime areas, you could check the apartments in the East Riverside Drive area which has many very large apt. Complexes. There is also a supermarket close though it is a very overcrowded and nasty one.

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