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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

June 23, 2012

Maria asks…

Best Apartments in Austin, TX?

I may be moving to Austin soon and I was wondering what the best apartments were in the Barton area? I have found a bunch that appear appealing, but after reading reviews, most of them have bad management, vehicle and apartment break ins, and safety issues. I’m looking for something that is nice a well kept, where crime is minimal, and where management cares about its tenants and isn’t crooked with their billing and “fees”. Thanks!
Oh yeah and I’m looking for something that is around $1300 or less for 2 bedroom 2 bath.

Administrator answers:

Hiya, bub =] Can I recommend a website that might do wonders?
It’s simple to use, and they show decent apartments. Not trashy.
You can also makr the price up and down to fit your price range.


Lisa asks…

Are fire extinguishers required in Austin apartments?

I am an owner of a rental apartment in Austin, TX. Are fire extinguishers required there and if so, how many, what kind, and who is responsible for them being there…the owner or the tenant? Also, who is responsible for their maintenance if required?

Administrator answers:

Call your neighborhood fire station they will know. My guess is yes. If not it would seem to YOUR benefit to have one available anyway.

Sandy asks…

I’m looking for cheap apartments in Austin, TX?

Preferably the rent would be around $300 per month, but $400 is alright, too. I don’t mind living in the college ghetto, or in a small place. I’m just looking for a beginning point on my apartment hunt. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Unless you are renting a room from someone, there is no place that is charging $400 for rent. If you really can’t afford more you are going to have to look for a roommate or a special situation with a private owner.

Here is a list of places under $500

If you can afford more you can try this website to look around

John asks…

apartments in austin, tx?

i just accepted into ut austin and i wondering areas to live in austin. the apartments. pls provide answers because i don’t anyone there, it’s like a whole new area for me because i’m doing apartment searches but i don’t know what’s good.
thank you.

Administrator answers:

Look at the ut bus schedule and then look for apartments in those areas as they are likely okay with a heavy student population-
you may walk if you live in west campus, though it is very expensive- in this area, consider red river and bike to campus or renting a room in a house in hyde park, a neighborhood close to campus

i would recommend living in south austin- riverside is a best bet,
also crossing place, parker lane, woodward, oltorf

using a locator is a smart idea too b/c they will know the area- i have used spectrum apartment locators before

Nancy asks…

low in come homes/apartments in austin tx…can you apply at many diff apartments or only 0ne?

i really need a place b4 my baby is born in dec..

Administrator answers:

Hi, you need to go to the Housing Authority of Austin and make application for Section 8 benefits. Apply only one time. Apartment managers may also be able to assist you, but generally it is for their own apartment only. If you are qualified and receive benefits from the HA, you can go anywhere advertising with the HUD logo, usually a clue that they accept Section 8.

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