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Your Questions About Apartments In Austin Tx

December 9, 2012

Mary asks…

How much would a 3 bedroom apartment be in Austin TX (low crime area)?

Or a 2 bedroom apartment.

Links would be helpful!! :)

Administrator answers:

3 bedroom is from 900-1500
2 bedroom is from 720-850ish

Round Rock is just 15 miles north of Austin and is also a GREAT place to live :)

Donald asks…

what is the best deal for wireless or cable internet that I could use for my small apartment in Austin, TX.?

I’d prefer wireless, but if anyone knows the cheapest way to get reliable internet service in the downtown austin area, that would be great. I’m moving there soon and want to have it ready.


Administrator answers:


Mandy asks…

Will we be be able to afford moving into a one bedroom apartment in Austin, TX?

My boyfriend and I are seriously considering moving in together by the end of my senior year and going off to college together. He is going to University of Texas in Austin and I am attending Austin Community College and getting my Certificate in Culinary Arts. Anyways, I have a paid internship right now as a line cook at a restaurant. He is working at a bank and just started college. I was wondering, is it easy to get jobs in the culinary industry in Austin, TX? And if he were to get a job as a personal banker, would we be able to move into a one bedroom apartment and afford it? Right now I am making 9/hr. He makes 10/hr. What do you think? We wouldn’t be home much because of school and work. So what would be the smart thing to do? Find an all-bills-paid or get a studio? AHHH. Help. Will we afford it?

Administrator answers:

You don’t say how many hours you work at those rates, but in the Austin area you should be able to pick up a decent (clean, but older) place for $450-$500 if you’re just looking for a one bedroom. You’d need to make about $1600. If you wanted go a notch above slum lord you could find one as low a $200.


That’s funny, I found sixty-one complexes that offer units that fall into the description I provided just on one website. That doesn’t include the newspaper, and units that may be rented by owner. Again, if you’re not concerned with living in the newest, most trendy complex and willing to give up on a few amenities, you’ll do just fine. Texas offers quite an affordable cost of living.

Chris asks…

What are some of the best areas/apartments in Austin for young hipsters to live?

I’m considering moving to Austin, TX next shool year and attending Austin Community College to get my associates. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Austin being a liberal, music-loving town, and plan on visiting in March to get a feel for it. I’m just wondering if there are specific neighborhoods that are best for meeting like-minded young hipsters like myself (here in St. Louis, the hipster nieghborhoods are few and far between.) Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You want to be near congress just south of the river and around campus. Poor hipsters are scattered around Guadeloupe going just north of campus and slightly richer ones near the 1st and the congress st. Area just south of the river.

These areas are by no means inexpensive.

They are marked by shops with murals, vegetarian food, vintage clothing stores, art shops, coffee shops, etc. Etc. Etc.

Some of the homes are hopelessly outdated and suffering from neglect, but somehow speak out with odd colors and varieties of potted plants. You get the picture.

Picture walking down the street and seeing that someone has taken the time to tile a small crack in the sidewalk with odd colored tiles and you go two more steps and someone has painted vegetables as a form of graffiti, then a few more steps and you find a yellow bike that is known in the area as community property.

Getting more of the picture. Can you smell the patchouli?

William asks…

Average one bedroom apartment price in Austin, TX?

Hi. I’m 18 and a college student in Colorado, and I’m determined about transferring out of state and going to UT at Austin. What are the average rental prices for a one bedroom apartment around the UT campus?

Administrator answers:

It depends how close to the UT campus you want to live, and how nice of an apartment you want.

Immediately around campus, there is an area called “West Campus” with a lot of newer student living apartments. These new complexes have pretty steep rent – usually around $1000/month for a 1 bdrm/1 bath. You can find 1/1s for cheaper in West Campus, but the saying “you get what you pay for” really holds true in this area. And if you’re looking in the actual “downtown” area, expect to pay even more (closer to $1400/month for 1/1).

If you go a bit farther, take a look at the “Far West” area. It’s on the bus route and 1/1s up there run about 600-800/month. The bus ride to campus is about 15-20 minutes depending on traffic, and UT has a free shuttle.

Good luck! Oh and just a tip – if you are renting a 1/1 close to campus, sign your lease early. They usually almost all rent out by the early spring.

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