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Your Questions About Apartments In Lubbock Tx

June 23, 2012

David asks…

My apartment manager allowed pets shit anywhere on the yard.?

What can I do?
I live in Lubbock Tx.
My apartment manager allowed my niighbors’ pets shit anywhere on the yard around my apartment?
**** means have “stool”

Administrator answers:

To have pets in their apartment, and to allow a bowel movement on property that is shared with others, are two separate issues.

The neighbor with the pet should be required to clean up his pets mess immediately after the bowel movement, or within a reasonable amount of time.

If talking to the neighbor is not an option or doesn’t work, I would suggest speaking to management. (explain it is foul smelling and unhealthy)

If, after a reasonable amount of time has gone by and you see no results, I would then call your local health department or housing code enforcement, as the feces may be considered to be unhealthy living conditions. (some states require the immediate removal of feces) If this is the case in your state, they may schedule an inspection of the property and fine them if they don’t comply.

To prevent hostility from management or neighbors, you may want to speak with the health department first, to be sure of your rights or the local laws and health codes.

Good luck

James asks…

Thinking about moving to lubbock..?

So i was thinking about moving to Lubbock TX, i was wondering if anyone has any websites for apartment or houses near T.T. and maybe a good area to live in close to the campus..

Administrator answers:

Hi there, a little reading for you..


regards pops..

Joseph asks…

How hard is it to find a job dealing blackjack at age 21?

I have recently turned 21 and decided that I am going to try to find a job dealing blackjack. I have been bartending here in Lubbock, TX since I was 18 and am really wanting to move on and out of Lubbock. I have checked out some of the casino schools and they advertise job placement but have also heard that it is better to find a job and the casino will train you. I am debating whether or not to rent an apartment for a month in Vegas and take the class or what… Please help. Thanks – Teddy

Administrator answers:

My husband has been a dealer for over 10 years and the best way to put your foot on the door is to go to school, you can even take the classes at the community college, or go to a dealer school, on dealer school they also help you with job placement, one of the best ones I know its called “lets make a dealer”. Good Luck!!!!

Jenny asks…

Would a family of 5 qualify for low income if the yearly wages are $21600?

me and my husband are trying to get a house or apartment for our family but we really cant afford a lot we have 3 children and are living with my parents. We are trying to find something in lubbock, tx. can you help?

Administrator answers:

In Lubbock, for a family of 5, the Very Low Income for HUD is $28550. The lowest level, called the below 30%, is $17100. The highest level called the Low Income Level is $45700. You are one step from the lowest level. You should qualify for assistance. 1-800-245-2691 is the toll free number for HUD and you can go to their site online. They can tell you who your area representatives are and how to reach them. Http:// is the website for the housing authority in Lubbock. Best Wishes.

Thomas asks…

Now here’s one for Sherlock Holmes. Or is this too easy?

John Hinckley used to stay in an apartment near Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. Is it true that tenants who rented the same apartment unit before and after him also had the the initials JH?

Administrator answers:


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