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Your Questions About Apartments In Minneapolis

December 2, 2012

Lizzie asks…

How much is the Rent in North Minneapolis,MN?

How much is the Rent in North Minneapolis,MN?

Administrator answers:

Condos run anywhere from 750 to 1200 a month
apartments run anywhere from 575 to 1500 a month

just remember there are deposits on condos and apartments in they do a back ground check to see if you have bad credit are not and they will need a application fee all so

Sandra asks…

What are good neighborhoods for a young family in the Twin Cities area?

My husband, 1 year-old son, and I will be moving to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area this year for my work. I would love some neighborhood recommendations! We are accustomed to city life but looking for a fun area with family friendly perks like sidewalks and yards.

Administrator answers:

There are many factors that will determine what the best area/neighborhood is for you and your family. It sounds like you prefer a lower density urban environment and walkability is important, but what about these factors?

-price range?
-which type of housing are you looking for? Rent or buy? Townhouse, condo, apartment, SFH, duplex, quadplex, lake front?
-is diversity important to you?
-is public transportation important to you?
-where exactly is job located? How close do you want to be to your job?

From the little information you provided it sounds like you would be looking for a neighborhood in Minneapolis or St. Paul proper but without answering some or all of these other questions it is really difficult to know which neighborhood would be the best fit for you. We are in our 20′s with no kids and love our quiet, yet walkable and centrally located neighborhood in south Minneapolis (Corcoran neighborhood in the Powderhorn community).

I think you would have better luck getting answers to these questions at a message board dedicated to city data. I recommending giving this one a try:

Mary asks…

How is the living cost in the major cities?

I am going to pursue my graduate education in the US..
wondering about living cost for a student in the major cities such as NYC, LA.and so forth…and how is that in some inland cities such as Minneapolis. Do they differ greatly?

Administrator answers:

I live in the Twin Cities, St. Paul/Minneapolis and yes, it differs greatly from NY and LA which are two of the most expensive cities in the country. The cost of living in those two places, double by the cost of living in Minneapolis but if you are in Minneapolis such as Uptown or Downtown then the cost is very high because of the condos and vintage style apartment lofts. And those are the only two places I would suggest living in Minneapolis or else it just isn’t worth it, going over South which is okay or over North which is not okay.

To compare apartment prices go to or and there you will get a sense of the apartment prices in the cities you choose to live in. I will say that LA is cheaper than NY ( I have family in both cities/states)

John asks…

Where is the Mary Tyler Moore Show filmed in?

I know it’s supposed to be taking place in Minneapolis, but what city was it actually filmed in? Los Angeles?

Administrator answers:

Filming locations:

Cedar/Riverside Apartments, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
(Mary’s Apt in later episodes)

Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Nicollet Mall – 555 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Republic Studios/CBS Studio Center – 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA
(soundstage 2)

Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA

Donald asks…

Is the cost of living near Seattle Wa really that much more than other places?

We are considering moving to the Seattle area from Minneapolis MN. People are telling us the cost of living is so much more out there than here(or anywhere really). What do they mean by this exactly? We are going to rent and found many apt in Seattle that are way cheaper than here, milk is about the same, restaurants are about the same, so what is meant by cost of living is higher? What is included in this higher cost of living?
Not really worried about real estate pricing because we will rent. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Be sure that you have a safe apartment. Seattle is a big area and there are some amazing areas and some scary places and the rent can vary GREATLY.
For example downtown area, I lived in lower Queen Anne and my 2 bedroom apartment rented out 1250.00… My friend lived a bit closer to the city facing Magnolia and her rent for a 2 bedroom apt was 1500.

Areas like south seattle, parts of Renton, Seatac, white center, parts of Aurora, parts of Belltown, parts of Northgate are kindof sketchy.

The closer you are to the city, the more expensive it will be. Also, we have less chain stores closer to the city so buying local means more expensive. Gas is about 2.76 at my local station.

Living is more expensive depending on your lifestyle. I shop local both groceries, restaurants and clothing>I buy organic and live a failrly good lifestyle and yes my cost of living is higher.

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