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Your Questions About Apartments In Minneapolis

December 11, 2012

Donald asks…

i have found many apts on craigslist and such in the area of 28th and pleasant in Minneapolis, is it safe here

I have visited minneapolis many times just never have been to this area or address before, can someone who really knows the town help me out w/ this and other areas of minneapolis PLEASE???? I’m dying to move here.

Administrator answers:

The challenge with finding a place to live in Mpls is that every block can be different.

To be on the safe side, I would stay WEST of Lyndale Ave So. (Uptown area is from Franklin Ave (20th) to 36th and from Lyndale to Lake Calhoun. That’s a LARGE area and you might have to drive around with a print-out of apartments from Craigslist to find something.

The good news is that the rental market isn’t too bad–lots of places to check out.

Here’s a zip code list of areas in Minneapolis that might help!

55401 Downtown (North End by Main Post Office)
55402 Heart of Downtown Minneapolis
55403 Downtown–South to Franklin Ave
55404 Still a little downtown
55405 Lake of the Isles
55406 South Mpls (north of Lake Street)
55407 South Mpls (south of Lake Street)
55408 Uptown
55409 East Lake Harriet
55410 West Lake Harriet
55411 Near North Side
55412 North Side too
55413 Near Northeast area
55414 University (U of M) area East Minneapolis
55415 I don’t remember….
55416 St Louis Park, MN
55417 I don’t remember….
55418 Heart of Northeast Minneapolis
55419 SW Minneapolis by Minnehaha creek

Best of luck!

(Link is for the police reports.)

Editorial on 28th & Pleasant–NO.

Richard asks…

How long does an apartment have to notify you about your security deposit in the state of virginia?

I have seen 30 days and I have seen 45 days. They are trying to over charge us a TON thanks

Administrator answers:

I think it is 30 days.

Please note that Virginia refers to itself as a “Commonwealth” and not a “State”. The law is in The Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (VRLTA), Sections 55-248.2 through 55-248.40.

Check the links for guidance, and ask a lawyer licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth for particular advice or assistance.

Good luck to you, I hope this helped.

Smith & Raver LLP
Minneapolis, MN

Ruth asks…

What parts of downtown Minneapolis would be safe to live in when walking to the financial district for work?

For example by the metrodome or by the river….Thanks for the help with this

Administrator answers:

First, anything can happen anywhere…you have to be careful anywhere, but you are safe in Downtown Minneapolis (for the most part) during the day. There’s more cameras than ever before. At night, be aware around Hennepin Ave and 1st Ave.

Now you don’t specify if you are trying to find somewere to live, so I have a links for you for the Minneapolis Police Dept crime stats. Downtown is the 1st Precinct–so pull up that report, and there’s several other areas to check…all interesting!

Tried to find you an apartment on Craigslist, but you’ll have to look for yourself…the one I found was too $$$. (3rd link)
4th link…an idea for SEVERAL units…

Would rather live by Loring Park (south end of the Nicollet Mall.) More stores, and people.

Stop me!
Happy hunting!

Lizzie asks…

How much does a RN with a bachelors start off making in minneapolis minnesota? I just want a rough idea.?

Considering Nursing

Administrator answers:

My mom has been an rn for 10 years. I would say go with traveling if you can. My mom clear 70k last year. Starting off full time I would say 50k. They pretty much screw full timers over. At least thats what my mom tells me. She started traveling 3 years ago and has done it since. Can be hard to move so often but the apartments are free and you clear about 600-800 bucks a week. Anyway hoped this helped. Good luck

Helen asks…

Where is a good place to go for dinner in downtown minneapolis within walking distance of The Westin?

Going on a trip with my boyfriend for his birthday and need to figure out where to take him for dinner sunday night. ~20/plate

Administrator answers:

You could try the original Buca restaurant, located in the basement of an apartment building in the loring neighborhood.

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