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Your Questions About Apartments In Minneapolis

December 16, 2012

Linda asks…

which state has a more expenisve cost of living? Minnesota or Texas?

Minneapolis, Mn vs Houston, Tx….
which one is more expensive to live at?

Administrator answers:

I have never lived in Houston, TX, or anywhere in Texas, so I can’t give info on that. I can however, give info on Minneapolis. Apartments in Minneapolis run between 700-900 a month for a 1 bedroom and this does not include any utilities. By the time you factor in heat, a.c., water, electric, garbage, cable, and land line phone, you are looking at about 500 dollars more per month. Then you have to remember that it gets freezing ass cold here in the winter months and winter temps last well past just December – March. You will need to get your ready for that kind of cold with an engine block heater, jumper cables, mud flaps, and good running heater. If your car doesn’t have the engine block heater already, you can expect 350 dollars to buy one and have a mechanic install it. For just basic stuff- the apartment and utilities- you will need 1200 to 1400 a month.

Robert asks…

Preparing for a move from Minneapolis to Winnipeg?

I kind of wanna make a big change in my life. My choice right now is to move to Winnipeg while I’m young (21) and have not started a family.

I am wondering what is a very good process in doing this? I would like details on where to look in Winnipeg or the Winnipeg area (or if there is a better area) and how I would go from Step A to Step Z. Thank you for all comments!

Administrator answers:

If you want a process the first thing you should probably consider is getting a job in Winnipeg. Now I don’t know what your education/experience is but there are several websites where you can look for jobs. The city, province and federal government all have job listings on their websites. If you are in a particular field then check out what companies do work in that field that are located in Winnipeg and check their websites for job postings. If they don’t have any postings try giving them a call anyways and sending a resume as many jobs here never get posted (unemployment is pretty low right now). Also talk to you contacts to see who knows of jobs available up here.

Along with there is a federal government website for job postings and check the online edition of the Winnipeg Free Press in the classified ads.

Next you need to find some place to live. If you are looking at renting then google Winnipeg renters guide and there are over 5 good sites to check out in the top 10 to find apartments. Being young and not settled down yet I would look in the downtown, Osborne Street Village, and Corydon areas (check out a google map of Winnipeg) as these are where many other young people live and there are clubs, cafes, and restaurants nearby.

If you want to buy a house then check out for pretty much all the real estate listings in the city – this will also help you find a real estate agent.

The last thing you would need to do is figure out how to come to Canada as an American citizen to live here. If you want Canadian citizenship thats a big process. If it’s just to work or go to school for a period then I think you need a visa (not sure though). Check out Citizenship and Immigration Canada at as all the info should be available there. It might be easier to call the 1-800 number from the webpage.

If you have a job lined up and a place to live and documents to come to Canada then that’s the hard part. After that it’s just the moving of you and your stuff and changing all your address records.

Good luck!

Joseph asks…

What is the living wage for Minneapolis, MN?

I’m moving there soon with my boyfriend and would like to know how much we can expect to be paid at a low skill job (i.e. food service, department store, barista). Our one bedroom apartment is going to be $575/month and utilities will average about $50/month. I’ve heard that’s a steal for the cities but I want to make sure.

Administrator answers:

That is a steal. I would advise you to check out the neighborhood before you sign on the dotted line. You might check a few other places, even if they are a few dollars more. If you and your boyfriend both work, you shouldn’t have any problems in the twin cities. Good Luck!

Mary asks…

What can I do to control my building aggression and anger?

I can’t find work all though I’m highly qualified at two skills. I have been lated off from a company that I worked at for 12 years. I tried a career change with another skill (Truck driving for 1 year) but found out the money isn’t there. The IRS is breathing down my neck. And my rent just went up.

Administrator answers:

I was laid-off from Case/New Holland last summer after 9 years there, longest Ive ever kept a job. My anger level rose dramatically soon after, the loss of a job I loved and going from 1,000 net a week to no more than 550 net a week about made me wanna puke. And I completely agree with you about OTR, I drove truck in 91-94 and never made more than 28,900 yr. Net. And had to go through alot of bullsh*t. The only hope to control anger is to find a “good” job soon, bad things happen when your income stops or drops, I know. I dont know what you owe the IRS(VOTE RON PAUL IF U Want The IRS Abolished!) but the most I have owed is $6,500 and I could not imagine owing more. I now work and sleep in Minneapolis during the week but live in western Wisconsin because there is nothing affordable and nice in the Twin Cities. I lived there in my late teens and right after my layoff from Case and it ridiculous. I pay $600 a month for a nice 3bedroom house on a lake and I paid $1,200 for a OK luxury 1- 1/2 bedroom apartment in South Minneapolis, no comparison. Move to a peaceful area away from the city if you dont already, its the only thing that kept me from snapping. I love the end of your question, the last two sentences sound like a line in a Quentin Tarantino movie just before the gunfire starts.

Betty asks…

How can I go about moving to New York City?

I’ve spent a little over two weeks in New York City and it was the best two weeks of my life. It’s all I think about and it’s the one thing I look forward to. My personal definition of “success” means living in New York. The energy of the city is mind-blowing. The people aren’t afraid to be BOLD. Everybody has their own story to tell. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

(My dream is to write for the New York Times.)

Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody could give me some tips!

Administrator answers:

I moved to NYC from Minneapolis last summer. Here is what I did:

I sold about 90% of my stuff in garage sales and ebay before I moved here. I knew the apartments would be much smaller than what I was used to, and it was a great way to save more money.

I got a large suitcase and packed about a week’s worth of clothes, a suit for job interviews and a few things that reminded me of home. I flew out here and stayed in youth hostel (I was 23) in Chelsea.

I basically surfed Craiglist like it was my bible for about two weeks. Occasionally going to look at apartments until I found one that I liked. It’s much, much too expensive to live on your own or in Manhattan when you first got here. So I would recommend looking at apartment shares in Brooklyn or Queens. Craigslist has a seperate area on their site for people looking for shares (basically an apartment with an open room).

Once I got my housing set up, I immediately started looking for jobs. I had already put my resume together before I arrived in New York, so I started searching the internet (Craigslist again!)_for jobs. I got a part time job within about a week and worked there for about a month or two until I lined up full time employment.

New York is tough. Very tough. But it can also be very rewarding. If you’re planning to move here, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Nothing will come easy for you at first, but if you really want to live here, you’ll make it.

This is just my story. I found that most jobs/potential roomates won’t even give you the time of day if you don’t live in the city. I had sent out some resumes before I arrived and never heard from them again because I did not have a New York address. Millions of people say they’re going to move here all the time. Us New Yorkers know better. Unless you’re already in the city, they won’t waste their time waiting to get you in for an interview.

This is just my experience. Everyone else’s in this city probably differs… But that’s what makes NYC so great!

I hope this helps!

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