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Your Questions About Apartments In Minneapolis

December 21, 2012

Lisa asks…

Baltimore MD, Safe areas to live that are close to Sinai Hospital?

I will be relocating to Baltimore from Minneapolis, MN for a job at Sinai Hospital. I’ve been reading a lot about the high crime rates. I’m a single, middle-aged female and need to feel safe. Can anyone recommend a safe suburb where I might look for an apartment?

Administrator answers:

I’d suggest Towson. It has good public transit, is a safe area and is close to the city. You should be able to find a nice place to live, although prices are a bit higher in that area.

Ken asks…

I’m looking for a cool name for my rental property business. Any ideas?

I am starting a company that will buy and rent properties in the Minneapolis area so I am looking for an awesome name for the company. Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

The name of your business will have more impact on the rental side than on the buying side, because your potential tenants will be persuaded more by it (sellers of property just want to know that you have the cash and are serious). So, with that in mind, go with something that is solid, trustworthy and friendly (those are the things a renter looks for). That’s why a lot of real estate companies use nature themes (few people don’t like nature). Looking at a website that describes native Minnesota plants/trees gave me a few ideas for you:

Hawthorne Properties
Oak Grove Communities
Pine Stand Properties
Staghorn Properties
Sumac Properties
Switchgrass Properties
Snowberry Apartment Company
Wintergreen Properties

William asks…

What are the winters like in Minneapolis?

I’m from Detroit, so I’m used to not much snow (less than a foot at any given time) and 20 degrees during the day, and zero at night.

I’m a candidate for a job there, I was just curious. Seems so much further north.

Didn’t have any clue where to post this, figured some one had to know…

Administrator answers:

I lived there once. It has beautiful summers but the winters can be pretty brutal. One of the winter records is – 60. The twin cities is one of the coldest places to live in the U.S. And I think the average winter temp is -1 degree. I will note however that a lot of people had garages, even the apartment we lived in had an underground heated garage. If you worked in the city a lot of the buildings were connected by above ground tunnels so that you could limit your exposure outdoors during the winter. When I was there in the summer everyone was complaining how hot it was at 75 degrees. I thought that was funny but if you get that cold in winter I guess your body gets used to the cold and 75 degrees is hot.

Mary asks…

Is living on campus usually more or less expensive than living off campus?

I am a married student and my husband and I are wondering what would be the better option.
If it is more expensive, why is it so sought after? Why is there waiting lists for housing?

Administrator answers:

I think it depends on whether you’re in a metropolitan area and how close you live to campus. That apartment right on the corner of campus is always always always going to be expensive. The reason students want to live there is less rules, less regulations, ect. You get convenience with more freedom.

However, I found that living just a few miles from campus was a lot more economical, and honestly, a few miles isn’t too bad. Especially since it’s you and your husband. We live in Minneapolis and shared an apartment for $700 before we moved on to buy a house. Not to mention that we both know how to cook, and you can usually feed yourself for less than the meal plans. Eating on campus is pretty danged expensive, comparatively.

As far as why a waiting list exists, for many it’s one stop shopping. They just have their loans pay for it, so they don’t notice the costs. Also, some universities require freshmen and sophomores to live on campus, creating a higher demand.

EDIT: I thought of this on the way home from work. As it happens, I work at a telecom department at a University, and right now, we’re working on a project to wire up the dorms so that students can check from their room to see if washers/dryers are available. All dorms on campus have very high speed etherjacks, wireless, not to mention restricted access, security, people hired to ensure that everyone is adjusting to college life. You’d be hard pressed to find an apartment with all these amenities, and if you did, it would be rightly expensive.

So, I guess it’s just a matter of deciding whether you want some of the convenience features of dorm life. I found it to be just fine.

Charles asks…

Any advice on moving to the Warehouse district in Minneapolis?

My husband & I will moving to MN from Birmingham, AL in Dec. and are interesting in renting a loft in the warehouse district. Any advice on this area? Good places that are less expensive than others? Any word?

Administrator answers:

Greetings! It feels like Birmingham here today…hot and humid.

If you like urban dwelling–tons of condos all together, then you might like the warehouse district. Have you looked at Craigslist yet?! Have put a link to the home page and apartment page.

For the apartment page, put MINNEAPOLIS for a search. For example, the 3rd link is an aparment in a house made over into a duplex in a nice area of town for probably about the same amount of money as the warehouse dis. Apts….and it’s by one of the pricest lakes in the city and by Uptown. MANY more things to do, and still only 4 miles from Downtown Mpls.

Uptown and SW Minneapolis are great areas. Edina is nice but $$$, St Louis Park could be good too—see 4th link for warehouse like apartments, but a MUCH better concept with stores on the first floor…

Hope this helps!

PS It’s the NORTH side of town that has some issues….

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