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Your Questions About Apartments In Minneapolis

December 25, 2012

Susan asks…

What are some good websites for finding apartments in Minnesota? What do I look for in a good apartment?

I am in my first year of college and I want to rent an apartment. I don’t know where or what to look for in an apartment. If anybody knows what to look for and where to look for an apartment, I would be very grateful.

Administrator answers:

Check your local newspaper

or maybe try craigslist (type” minneapolis craigslist” into your search engine)

Donald asks…

Where is the cheapest, cleanest and nice place to live in the united states? That is sort of quite and grassy?

I am really looking for a place for my family and I to move. I am visualizing a nice grassy neighborhood, friendly area with that has affordable establishments (apartments preferably brick houses) and has a lot of job opportunities.Also, not to far from a downtown area to have fun or go out eating. Any advise or links to a house for rent and/or photos of an area would greatly be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Well it depends on what you do for work.

Rochester, MN is a really nice place to raise a family…it has been rated #1 by Money magazine (granted that was back in the late 90s).

The Mayo Clinic is here, IBM is here, and there are plenty of other of large employers around… just broke the 100,000 mark and has 3 public high schools and 1 private.

It’s about an hour from Minneapolis/St. Paul, 45 minutes from the Mississippi River valley which is beautiful in the fall. It gets cold in the winter, but not as bad as one would think since its in the southern part of MN.

The only bad thing is that the city’s catch line is Rah-Rah Rochester which is pretty stupid!!!

Sandra asks…

pitbull friendly apartments in Minneapolis Minnesota?

I have a friend with a pitbull and we are trying to find an apartment that will take them; so far we have found NOTHING because of breed restrictions due to them being a “dangerous” or “aggressive” breed. He has till October 1st 2012 to find a place or he has to give her up. I DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! there has to be at least one place out there. please help!

Administrator answers:

There are a couple of ideas you can pursue on this 2-year old thread:

Maria asks…

In Minneapolis, Minnesota: 2400 Stevens Ave S – is this a safe area?

I’m planning on staying at this hostel when I go there in July – I need to know if this is a safe, decent area. The hostel seems nice, but I need to know the opinion of the locals.
Thanks very much!

Administrator answers:

I have to be honest with you…it isn’t an area that you want to out in after dark and even during the day you would have to be careful. (But you have to be aware EVERYWHERE now.)

1st link is the police report for the neighborhood. (Blow up the map to 200% and look toward the top of the map—right side for 2400 Stevens Ave.) I’ll be honest with you and say that there is some concern. But I also tried to find you another location and choices were limited.

When the neighborhood was built, it was great. FILLED with mansions. Now it’s just big old apartment buildings and a few of the old mansions for non-profits, etc.

For the first week in April, it doesn’t look too good, but better than usual. You can keep pulling up that link and it will give you the weekly crime report. 2nd link is the main police report page–You would be in Precinct 5.

3rd link is ratings from guests—have you read the reviews?! Everyone seems to like it.

Just be aware, get to know the city through the Internet BEFORE you get there and have fun in Minneapolis!

William asks…

Any really outdoorsy cities in Minnesota?

I’ve been thinking of moving over to Minnesota, everything about it draws attention to me, the weather, the nature, etc. I’ve visited and it’s beautiful. I was wondering if anyone happens to know of cities in Minnesota that are a little more rural in terms of the city life. Something with more nature and outdoorsy. The complete opposite of Minneapolis

Administrator answers:

I was walking through one of the most urban neighborhoods in Duluth and I saw someone hanging deer carcasses from their apartment balcony. Based on personal experience, Duluth sounds like it’s right up your alley. Also try Brainerd, Bemidji, or Ely. It really depends on what size city you want to live in.

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