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May 18, 2012

Mark asks…

I am looking for the best Area to rent an apartment in Minneapolis ?

Edina ?, Eden Prairie, Kenwood or St Louis Park ??
Which areas are best and why please ??

Administrator answers:

Edina, Eden praine and Elliot Park

Thomas asks…

No heat in the gym or laundry room in my apartment building, Minneapolis, MN? What does the law say?

When we moved into this apartment complex, it was summer and we never checked the gym or the laundry room for heat vents. I have a baby and I cannot take her along to the gym or the laundry room unless my husband is at home.It is cold ( -17 ) & when i went for my workout yesterday, i kept sneezing, my nose was running and my back started aching after a while.
We had a similar problem a few months ago. I checked with my neighbors & another mom i know in my building and they had the same complaint back then. I spoke to my mgt lady and she told me that heating is so expensive that they keep the temp at a particular level. She suggested me to buy a room heater for the baby. I was furious and suprised at her suggestion and asked her to give me the number of the head office ( the mgt company ) so that i could make a special request to them. She said that would not be necessary and agreed to increase the heat and cover my windows with thermacol. That did help. WHAT DOES THE LAW SAY?

Administrator answers:

I would venture to say, since the use of the laundry room and gym are not requirements for survival or every day life, that the law would not require them to heat those areas. Laws usually require landlords provide rentals units that can be heated and likewise, laws usually prevent gas and electric companies from stopping service in the winter if there are children or elderly people living somewhere, even if the tenants don’t pay.

You don’t need the gym or laundry rooms to be heated for your health or safety, as you could choose to go to a different gym or laundromat, or not to go at all. Unless your lease promises that the gym and laundry rooms will be heated to a certain temperature, I doubt there is other recourse you could take. Your best bet is probably to get together with the other residents and bug the rental company till they decide to make improvements on their own.

Sandra asks…

Im trying to rent an apartment in Minneapolis, mn.?

Can anyone tell me if there are apartments that does not do a background/credit check, or of any that accept previous evictions? I am desperately trying to find a place to live for my daughter and I!

Administrator answers:

You’re probably better off staying with an individual with a small building such as 2- 3 units in that building.

The Internet won’t be much help. You’re probably going to have to stay with your local papers and publications.

As you go back and forth to work or shopping, take different routes and streets. Look for signs.

In the case of an individual landlord – with little or no knowledge about the real estate business – its whatever he/she feels comfortable with at that particular time.

Sometimes “being comfortable” is not what is in the best interest of the landlord at that time. BUT that’s for them to deal with.

As soon as you get those keys, don’t move anything into the property until you prepare a list of everything wrong with the property.

Make it perfectly clear you will not be responsible for any pre-existing conditions or needed repairs.

Here’s what I suggest:

Go in defensively! Protect yourself and your deposits!

Whatever is told to you which is not in the lease, send the landlord or agent a letter explaing those things as you see and understand them – from your perspective!

This includes repairs, paint, painting, pets, etc. Sign and date the list. Bring or mail it to the landlord or agent. You should do this within 5 calendar days (days in a row).

To increase the likelihood of having as much of your deposits as possible returned to you, you should make a list of everything wrong with the property. No matter how minor or unimportant the repair, situation or problem may seem to be, put it on the list! When its not on the list, its your responsibility. In other words, when you move from the property, it will be deducted from your deposits. When damages are more than the deposits, you will be responsible for any and all additional money.

B] For the list to be easily read and understood, please clearly print or type the list.
Each room or area should have its own heading or title. List all problems in that room or area. Do the same for the next room or area and the next. Do not forget ceilings, walls, floors, closets, doors [front and back], windows, stairways, halls, attic, basement, garage storage shed and, when applicable, any outbuildings; the outside of the house, condominium or apartment.

C] List appliances not properly working, leaking faucets, “running” toilets; spots, burns, stains and tears on rugs; cracks on ceilings, walls and floors; chipped, missing and broken tile; cracked, stuck, broken or missing windows and screens; and all other problems as they appear in that room or area. Nails, nail holes and stuck, missing, cracked or broken windows may be in each room or area. DO NOT leave them out or forget them. Put them on the list. Be as specific and clear as possible.

You may also wish to take pictures, too.
Get duplicates and send those to the owner or agent.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

James asks…

i really need help finding an apartment in brooklyn park/ minneapolis area?

my current living situation is terrible and i am looking for an apartment in minneapolis…i really wouldnt like to spend more than 400 a month on rent…can someone pleaseeeeee help me

Administrator answers:

Try filling out for some of the low-income or subsidized apartments the rent is based on your income so if you don’t make much you don’t pay much. I’m thinking about moving back to Minneapolis, MN check out this site they help me a lot you can sign up for free and ask the same questions on there that you ask here and you will get a lot more feedback.

Sandy asks…

Where’s a Website for Low income apartments for the St.Pal-Minneapolis Area?

I want to move in the St.Paul-Minneapolis area but i dont know any sites that have low income apartments listed or any information on this topic could someone in the minnesota area help me?

Administrator answers:

Go to yahoo and search for it… So easy ..

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