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Your Questions About Apartments In Minneapolis

June 14, 2012

Michael asks…

In general how much would a 1 bedroom apartment cost in minneapolis?

Just wonderiing! I’m thinking of an area in south side in a decent neighborhood. Not the ghetto but not so nice where rent is $500 more ha :)

Administrator answers:

Minneapolis is interesting in the way that certain neighborhoods aren’t bad — it goes block by block. For instance, the north side has a bad reputation — but there are wonderful neighborhoods mixed in with the horrible ones.

In the south, it’s even more grey.. For a cheap, decent living, I’d check out the Uptown area. Not on Lake street, though. Another area is Dinkytown – mostly college living, so be prepared to sacrifice some sleep due to loud neighbors.

There are some really fantastic places in South, but they also get pricey. Best bet? Tour the area.. In the day, and at night.

Chris asks…

anyone know of any good apartments for rent for 2 female college students in minneapolis?

me & my friend are in our 2nd year of college and we want to move out. problem is that we work alot but cant come up with alot of money for rent/
parents wont help us with rent, full time students that work but dont come up with alot of money for rent PLEASE HELP!

Administrator answers:

Here is a great site to search for apartments. If cost is your primary target, I would be sure to sort by price once you click the link below.


This link narrows your search down to Minneapolis, but try searching by your college and then continue to narrow down your search; price, radius, etc. Just taking a peak, it looks like you are looking at around 750 for a 2 bedroom (375 a person).
Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Minnesota Apartments that rent to ex felons?

Does anyone know of any apartments in the Minneapolis/St Paul area that will rent to and ex felon? My friend wont be on probation at all when he gets out so they wont help him in finding housing, I am hoping I will own a home by the time he gets out but I wondered, for a back up, if anyone knows of any places that would rent to us even thogh he has a record.

Administrator answers:

I specifically ask if they have committed a felony. Whether I rent depends on what the felony was.

If they beat up their last landlord, they don’t stand a chance. LOL

Actually, if they are sexual predators in any way, I won’t rent to them. There is a liability involved here, especially if they rent close to a school.

Tell your friend to be honest. You will be amazed how much respect that will garner. Besides, your friend got into trouble by being dishonest. Don’t start the same practice once he’s out.

Good Luck

John asks…

Recommended apartment complexes in Minneapolis, MN?

I am moving to Minneapolis to work for a large employer there and I need to find a well-recommended apartment complex. I have read the different magazines and talked to some managers on the phone. However, I would like to hear from people who have lived/live in the apartment complexes in Minneapolis, St. Anthony, Plymouth, Fridley, Oakdale areas. My ideal match would be one with good sound insulation, washer/dryer in unit and heated parking. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

How about trying the below mentioned websites?


Nancy asks…

Moving to Minneapolis, 30 year old single women, wants to know what areas i should look at for apartments?

I would like to be able to walk to shopping and restaurants. Not big into bars and nightlife, but will not know anyone in town, so i want to be in an area the i can easy meet other people. So probably not in a suburb where it would be harder to meet people. willing to spend 1200 on rent, want to be in a safe area. any suggestions from some locals would be great, thanks.

Administrator answers:

I am moving to Mpls next month and recently went home-shopping.

I’m in my mid-20s and not big on going out, but I wanted to be in an “alive” area, especially since I’ll be living alone. Suburbs were out, as well as St. Paul (it’s an older demographic and it’s a little bit of a hassle to try and get to Mpls from there since there’s no East-West Light Rail)

I chose to live downtown, and found a great steal on an apartment close to where I’ll be working. Expect to spend around $800-$1000 on rent for a one-bedroom, but most of the places will include a small gym, concierge, and sometimes heat, A/C, water, and/or electric.

The places I looked at were:
- Marquette Place (spectacular units, a bit pricey for apartments)
- 110 Grant (owned by the same company as Marquette, also very nice but a little pricey)
- Rivergate (just by the river, close to the Skyway)
- Oak Grove Towers (just across from Loring Park; nondescript on the outside but a great gym and units are nice)
- Laurel Village (great variety on units, two full gyms on-site, but can be a bit pricey)
- Loring Park City Apartments (downtown, just off of Loring Greenway and Loring Park; very nice, but expensive)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any names of rental agencies or contacts at the apartment complexes! And if you want to hang out once you’re there, I’m game for dorky, low-key stuff (I am definitely not into the nightlife scene)

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