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April 11, 2013

Sandra asks…

Need some facts about Billie Joe Armstrong?

OK, i know he is awesome, i know green day is awesome, i know his birthday is on 17th February and i know that is also national cabbage day. But i need some more unusual ones??

Administrator answers:

Also known as: Wilhelm Fink, Reverend Strychnine Twitch

Occupations: Singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano, drums, percussion, saxophone, harmonica, mandolin, bass, violin

Labels: Reprise, Lookout!, Adeline, Recess

Associated acts: Green Day, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Network, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Boo

Raised in Rodeo, California, Armstrong developed an interest in music at a young age, recording his first song at the age of 5. He met Mike Dirnt while attending elementary school, and they bonded over their interest in music, forming the band Sweet Children when they were 15.

He co-owns the record label Adeline Records, with his wife Adrienne and skateboarder Jim Thiebaud

Born in Piedmont, California,
Raised in Rodeo, California, as the youngest of six children to Andrew “Andy” Armstrong and Ollie Jackson
His father worked as a jazz musician and truck driver for Safeway Inc. To support his family. He died of esophageal cancer on September 16, 1982.
He has five older siblings: David, Alan, Marci, Hollie, and Anna.
His mother worked at Rod’s Hickory Pit restaurant in El Cerrito.
After his father died, his mother married a man whom her children disliked, which resulted in Armstrong’s further retreat into music.

Armstrong attended John Swett High School, and later Pinole Valley High School in Pinole, California, but then dropped out to pursue his musical career.

Hoping to clear his head and develop new ideas for songs, Armstrong went to New York City alone for a few weeks, renting a small apartment in the East Village of Manhattan. He spent much of this time taking long walks and participating in jam sessions in the basement of Hi-Fi, a bar in Manhattan. However, the friends he made during this time drank too much for his liking, which was the catalyst for Armstrong’s return to the Bay Area. After returning home, Armstrong was arrested on DUI charges on January 5, 2003, and released on $1,200 bail.

In 2010, Armstrong joined the cast of American Idiot, which won two Tonys, for one week in the role of St. Jimmy. He replaced the original Broadway cast member Tony Vincent from September 28 to October 3. American Idiot is an adaption of Green Day’s concept album of the same name..Armstrong returned to the role of St. Jimmy for 50 performances beginning January 1, 2011

On Thursday, July 26, 2012 it was announced he joined Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice as a mentor for Christina Aguilera. He mentored the artists on Aguilera’s team where she serves as a coach.

In 1990, he met Adrienne Nesser at one of Green Day’s early performances in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They married on July 2, 1994; the day after their wedding, Adrienne discovered she was pregnant. Their first child, Joseph Marciano Armstrong, who was born on February 28, 1995, plays drums in a Berkeley-based band named Emily’s Army. Their second child, Jakob Danger Armstrong, was born on September 12, 1998.Billie Joe is the co-owner of Adeline Records, along with his wife.

Armstrong has identified himself as bisexual

Armstrong was arrested in January 2003 for drinking and driving after being pulled over for speeding. He received a breathalyzer reading of 0.17%, more than twice the state’s legal limit of 0.08%.

Armstrong supported Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election.

On September 2, 2012, Armstrong was rushed to the hospital before the band was scheduled to perform at the I-Day Festival in Bologna, Italy. Armstrong was released from the hospital on September 4, reportedly suffering from gastric problems.

Richard asks…

Does this Apartment look too small? (pictures)

Just click on the images and then please tell me.
One person is living in it.

Administrator answers:

It actually looks too small for me but if I were single, it wold be nice. I personally need at least 1,000 square feet of space in order to feel comfortable now. (but then I have a family now too)

Ken asks…

If you live in a place other than where you grew up, why did you move there?

I moved to Cleveland out of necessity. I could not stand the people and family I have in NY. I feel like I can be myself in this city, and it is mine to own!

I’m just like Mary Tyler Moore … kinda.

Administrator answers:

I moved from Florida to South Dakota. For a job, initially….thought I wouldn’t like it, but I LOVE IT.

Everyone says I’m nuts, but I’ll take the weather in SD over the oppressive heat & humidity in Florida ANYDAY. I prefer the cold anyhow….the colder, the better.

Cost of living is CHEAP, rent on a 2 bedroom, 1200 SF house is $375 a month, water & garbage pickup included…..Compared to my TINY 600 sf apartment in the ghetto in Tampa I was paying $700 for, vandalism, theft and car burglaries included. Nobody locks their doors where I live, I am the only person in my area with a car alarm and haven’t quite gotten used to not locking my doors, yet.

They have not had a “housing crash”….property still rises in value slowly & steadily here, homes are selling. There are mortgage lenders more willing to lend, and there are still folks here who’ll do it the old-fashioned way and “owner finance” your house. A 3 bedroom, average sized house (not a trailer) on 5-10 acres runs about $85,000-110,000, depending on where you buy. You can find darn good deals close to reasonably sized cities (sioux falls, sioux city).

Plus, if you live in the eastern side of SD, you’re only a few hours from Omaha, a half-day’s drive from Minneapolis or Des Moines, and a day/day & a half drive from Chicago or St. Louis. So if you need to fly somewhere or catch that big concert tour, it’s not too isolated.

There’s no income tax, the job market is good, people are friendly….oh, and the steak is much tastier, LOL. Only thing I can’t get past is they call the toilet a “stool” LOL….but otherwise, I’ll never go back to Florida except to visit :) .

Laura asks…

Where in Minneapolis Should I live?

Hello everyone,
I will soon be moving to Minneapolis for work, I just graduated college and am starting my career. As I do not know anyone that lives there and have only been there for a very short time a long time ago. I need help

I am looking for a nice area, that is safe for a city!(I know it is a city but I am looking for the safer areas for a 24 year old single women) I will most likely rent for the 1st year or less than look to buy. I would like to rent a house or townhouse. As I have 2 big dogs that need space to play(fenced). I can spend $900 to $1300 a month on rent

I am not a huge nightlife person but being somewhat close would help. I would like to be around people that are in the same stage of life of me. However I am a little bit of an old soul! The the typical 24 isn’t really how I act.

Names of the area or zip codes would be a huge help in my search!

Thank you everyone

Administrator answers:

Shoreview 55126 isnt too far from St Paul or Minneapolis. It is about 5 miles from the Rosedale Mall, is quiet, and the Lakeshore Apartments off Harriet are quiet and a block away from Lake Owasso. There also are some condos people rent right across the street for cheaper than the apartments. I used to live in the apartments and now I live in the condos. Condos-1 bedroom, free heated garage spot for about $675-700 I guess it depends on who you rent from. The apartments are about $700 plus. The area is def safe, about 1 mile from grocery and Target and freeways. Cheap and good quality. St Louis Park isnt bad either, it is closer to Uptown and downtown Minneapolis 55426. There are more college-type people living in that area. Check out Shelard Village off Ford Rd.

Lisa asks…

Question about buying a condo?

I’ve been looking to move to an apartment in an area where real estate is expensive. Most older studio apartments are about $600 per month in downtown Minneapolis. So, I did some searches on for condos to purchase. There are many small condos for sale in the burbs (which was not my first choice for location) for $60,000 or less. A 30 year mortgage at 4% interest would be around $275/mo. including property tax, insurance and fees. Sounded great. But after calling a Realtor, the association fees are up to $1000 per month.

Another realtor emailed me some condos in the same price range, with only $140 – $220 association fees per month, which, with the mortgage payments, would be less than renting a studio apartment. So is there a catch? I’d rather be putting my money into an investment like a condo rather than renting and not making any equity. Does anyone have any experience with owning a condo? How often do the association fees go up, and how often have you been assessed for major costs that were not part of your monthly budget? I’m new to the condo idea, so any advice would be helpful. My budget for all inclusive is about $600 per month, and I’m just looking for a place with a living room, 1 bedroom, small bath and kitchenette.

Administrator answers:

The catch is knowing what you are getting into. A condo means an HOA and everyone being responsible for upkeep of common areas such as the roof. If capital improvements or upgrading need to be done it is not uncommon for you to be assessed a payment of 10k due immediately.
Just make sure the condos are owner occupied, all sold and there is plenty of cash in the HOA fund.

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