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April 22, 2013

Sharon asks…

Do American companies that have things manufactured in China pay any different income tax on their profits?

than companies that manufacture here? I mean there is no Federal Manufacturing tax is there. To sell here you have to have a branch or a distributor here that pays taxes on income here right?

Just for fun I found this accounting firm’s list of Cities with the lowest taxes in the world from the accounting firm KPMG. This takes into consideration all types of taxes combined.,PlacingFirstOutof41GlobalCities-KPMGstudy.aspx

RankCityTotal Tax Index
1Vancouver, CA50.5
2Monterrey, MX59.8
3Mexico City, MX60.0
4Montreal, CA60.3
5Toronto, CA67.6
6The Hague, NL76.1
7Amsterdam, NL76.7
8Manchester, UK77.4
9Melbourne, AU78.9
10Baltimore, US81.8
11Sydney, AU82.8
12Minneapolis, US86.5
13Boston, US87.9
14Philadelphia, US88.9
15Detroit, US90.7
But basically I am wondering how lowering an American company’s tax rates encourages them to create jobs here?
That is really unrelated where Wynn puts their headquarters to manufacturing jobs.
Wynn, still has a corporate heaquarters here as well as a European, and China HQ

Administrator answers:

It all depends on a specific market. High tax itself means nothing if your market is able to offset that tax with profit.

I closely follow the economic development of Eastern Europe. They are trying to cut business tax as much as possible (it’s about 15% versus 35% in the USA). Large businesses there make record profit, but still do not hire. Why should they if people have no money to spend?

In the USA labor cost is the biggest problem. However if Chinese worker lives in a big city and in a small apartment, Americans are spread out in the suburbs. Take away car from American worker, and he/she can get to work anymore. Move people to the cities with public transportation, and American car companies will go bankrupt. American lifestyle (even if you’re poor) cost more.

Where else in the world companies are forced to buy health care insurance to their workers? Having basic public health insurance option would reduce labor cost for most companies.

Another thing is enormous CEO’s and management salaries that we pay here in the USA. Why nobody really estimates how much it affects business?

Thomas asks…

Is all this true about New York City?

-Is it really expensive. Someone said you can be poor to middle class at 50,000 to 100,000 And pay 2000+ a month for a super tiny apartment
-That your kids will never have a yard
-You can never own a car
-Subways are dangerous (crime)
-High crime rate
-Snobby people/and east coast has snobby people
-That its a bad place to raise kids unless your in a suburb or outside of the city
-That there are not many clothing stores,thrift stores,grocery stores there are alot of designer/expensive clothing stores,restaurants,etc.
-That everyone lives in a multi-story building (could be living on the 6th floor or something) due to lack of space
-That its super cold and super hot there
-That its a good place to go besides California if you want to be a actor,model,musician
-That with a teachers wage they’d have to be in a super tiny apartment or have 4 room mates
-That the wage in NYC for most jobs is not higher compared to West coast wages yet the city is more expensive
-That utilities cost more

This all stuff I herd about NYC and I’d really like to know if its true!
-Oh yea someone also said it was crowded and dirty?
Okay Ben a ? is really helpful why did you bother..
I just want to clarify I am trying to bad mouth or say bad about NYC in fact its always been a place I thought of moving to I just want to set the record straight.
I just want to clarify I am trying to bad mouth or say bad about NYC in fact its always been a place I thought of moving to I just want to set the record straight.

Administrator answers:

NYC, especially Manhattan, is expensive compared overall with other US cities. Many people share apartments. A two bedroom 1000 square foot really nice place in a good area would cost about $5000 a month. A tiny hole-in-the-wall oversized closet of an apartment you could stand and touch opposite walls could be close to $1000. A converted added bedroom carved out of a living room in a shared apartment could be $1500 or more. There are lower prices in Brooklyn, Queens, etc and in less desirable neighborhoods.

Typically, you avoid owning a car in Manhattan and use an excellent public transportation and taxi available system. Many activities are in walking distance in Manhattan, or a short bus ride. My Parents, a niece, and a nephew each have(or share) apartments. They love it. A second niece moved from Manhattan to Long Beach in south Queens for a job change.

Kids no yard: Land is a premium. There are parks. Some houses have small yards. It is part of the way people live there.

Subways are much safer than they were years ago, and very much safer than you see in movies, but every city has its criminal elements and one should not make themselves an easy target. In normal travel hours, there is little to worry about. Even at night when it is still busy, no issue. If talking 2AM subway travel, take a bus or cab or at least the front car. Let’s keep things real.

Crime in general, after former mayor Rudy Giuliani and others, New York City per capita now is below average of 400 major US cities. Sure there are a lot of people, but statistics say it is now safer than average so “high crime rate” applies only as city vs country or suburbs, and not comparing cities in general. That is a fact that I won’t dig out again from a month ago question.

Snobby? No. That’s not the right word. Less interactive and communicative in talking with strangers I would say definitely. It is a dense population and you never know what’s on the mind of someone else. Feeling that NYC is the center of the world? True, it has those characteristics in many ways. It is a privilege to afford to live there. People in Beverly Hills are more snobby actually. People in the Southern US in many communities and in very small communities and towns are friendly to each other, but a stranger is a cast-out.

Bad place to raise kids? That is relative. There are many fine schools; there are plenty that are not so good, but that is true in many places. Kids grow up fast and smart there in general. A lot of kids are so happy, the thought of leaving would be blasphemy. Of course, with cost of living makes a skew to the life the kids have.

Stores: Well, there certainly are a lot of them, and “a lot” is an understatement. Prices are higher to account for real estate and salaries and other overhead costs. Not many thrift stores within the city is true, but the lower east side and some stores do have bargains. There are a couple of good supermarkets at the upper west side where my parents live that are good, but non-perishables are bought at a Costco in bulk by a family member out of the city. Prices are higher, but take-out Chinese food is not expensive particularly for example.

There are almost zero single story buildings to live in for Manhattan. There are some in other boroughs. There are expensive brownstones multi-story townhouses if you can afford them. 6th floor is a small building or lower floor. High floors cost more usually. Very few walk-ups left unless a housing project (gov’t assist) or the elevators or broken.
Temperature variation – – More than half the country gets big swings. New York City is on the ocean and gets less snow than average of the area and more stable temperatures. But, compared to LA, it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter YES. Compared to Minneapolis the winters are mild.
NYC has more opportunities in certain fields like acting, modeling, design fields, music, arts, business, finance, and many others, and pay scales are higher in general, but actors in general mostly have 2nd jobs for example because it is competitive.
Teachers are paid higher than in most cities, but cost of living including city, state taxes are housing, etc are high. Many live in other boroughs or commute. My niece is a teacher but has certain family advantages in life to supplement income and still shares an apartment. You have to evaluate each salary with cost of living. To make comparisons you have to consider everything and can’t even say “West coast” There are over 1000 miles of West Coast. LA is a different lifestyle. It is automobile dependent. My niece is a 5 minute walk from work. Yes, utilities are higher. You are mostly correct. For those living there, it is by choice for most people. It is a city of the best and the worst. It depends what you consider important.

John asks…

As a SINGLE PERSON in today’s tough economy, what cost-saving measures have you had to take…?

to stretch your budget to try and make ends meet?

Stopped going out to dinner.
Stopped going out to movies.
Switched to a less expensive level of cable TV package.
Moved to a cheaper apartment/house.
Turned thermostat way down/off to reduce heating bill.
Putting cheaper gas in your car.
Stopped taking those leisurely Sunday drives.
Cutting out coupons for grocery shopping deals.
Eating more hotdogs than usual.
No vacation planning for this year.

or, OTHER, even more extreme, STEPS you’ve taken.
As expected the lame give me lame answers since life to them is just a joke and their parents are still housing and supporting them.
Thanks to the rest for your mature and serious answers to this topical question.

Administrator answers:

SINGLE or not, we have all had to take some ”drastic” measures — some more severe than others. As with me, I have been more observant at looking/cutting (more) coupons. Who knew those could be your ”bff” (best friend forever, lol). In addition, less time going out to my favorite bar or danceclub…. I don’t care where you live, it costs you an arm and a leg no matter what (I live in Minneapolis). Also… Less miles on my car, eating healthier, and less talk/text message time on my cellphone.

Setbacks such as this are depressing. But I am hopeful and optimistic there will be a great comeback.

George asks…

Minnesota routes?

I need, within a 100-125 mile radius of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, route maps to colleges and major business centers from college apartments and towns where college students, or those of general college age, reside. Please give as direct and useful information as you can, within the context, not just links to mapquest, or some such place.
Context of my question.

Administrator answers:

I can’t help it.. But here is a link to the site of the organization that administer all the state colleges i Minnesota.. The link contains the map with the locations depicted …


Michael asks…

Where should I move? NYC or Las Vegas?

I don’t have a preference of the two but they’re the ones i have narrowed it down to. i want to go to school for architecture so which would be better for that? Also what are the best places in each city to live for an apartment for like 500-1500 a month? I want a NICE SAFE place to live in NYC or Las Vegas. right now I’m leaning towards NYC preferably Manhattan and vegas anywhere that’s safe as for NYC. thank you for helping me decide! =D

if anyone asks i purposely put this here cause i love this section.

Administrator answers:

1500 in NYC will get you a closet, 1/2 a closet that you share with 3 other people

Vegas may be cheaper, but are there any good architecture schools? There certainly is lot of building, Vegas is growing at a crazy rate.

Pick a school, its more important than the city you live in

I live in Minneapolis and we have a world renowned architecture school at the U of MN

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