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April 27, 2013

Susan asks…

I am 26 years old and I got to get out now!!!!?

I am 26 years old and live with my parents. I need to leave now to have

Basically to sum it up, my family has went through alot. I am the youngest of 4 siblings, and the only good one. All off my other siblings have or still do have issues with drugs and alcohol. To the point that they put my parents and me in debt trying to help them out through lawyer fees and such.

I am currently $25000 in debt and I cannot stand it one more bit. Every time I leave my parents threaten that I will not get anything from them ever, (they promised me the house and all other assets when they die) and they just start breaking down. I guess I am the only straight one there that is normal and they want me to stick around and help financially.

Trouble is that I dont know if I can leave… I make $42500 a year and like I said I have $25000 credit debt. My credit scores are in the low 700′s but dont know if I will be able to make it on my own with this debt

I live in the minneapolis area

Administrator answers:

Make a budget, and stick to it. You could very easily afford to live on your own with that much money. I have more debt than you, and a bit less income…and I make it by just fine! And no, I’m not pinching pennies to get by. Its actually quite easy to do. Just set up a budget for yourself and see exactly what you can afford to spend on an apartment/house, and don’t go over what you have on paper. You will do fine.

George asks…

What’s it like moving from the midwest to NYC?

I grew up in Indianapolis, IN and I currently live in Little Rock, AR. As far as actual living “differences”, it’s pretty much the same between the two cities. Also, most cities that I’ve traveled to are much the same. IE: live in the suburbs, telecommute 2-20 miles to work, drive pretty much everywhere for groceries, restaurants, etc. Pretty much nothing is within “walking distance.” I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have a car.

My question is that I currently make about 50k/year here in Little Rock working for a telecom company, and I have been debating applying for a position in New York City at one of the telecoms there doing pretty much the same thing I’m doing now.

My concern is that I’m not sure if NYC is right for me, and would like to hear experiences of people who have moved there from “typical” midwestern cities.

I currently live in a 1000 square foot 2 bedroom apartment by myself, which after rent, water, power, and internet is about 950 dollars a month. It’s a nice apartment, I have no complaints and I don’t hear my neighbors. I’m just afraid if I move to NYC I’ll be in some worn down crummy apartment complex who’s rent is through the roof because of so many people living there.

So what’s your experience moving from a midwestern like city to NYC?

Administrator answers:

As someone from the NY suburbs who’s been to both coasts as well as the Midwest and South in between, let me tell you this: You know there will be culture shock, but you haven’t the slightest clue as to what or how. That’s how I felt the first time I boarded the plane to Minneapolis.

The coasts vs the south and Midwest are like two completely different countries. The liberal coasts have a collectivist culture, whereas the conservative south and Midwest share an individualistic culture.

Here’s a practical example of what I’ve seen. A New Yorker flies to the Midwest and asks what’s the best restaurant within walking distance. The hotel clerk says, Huh? Around here, everybody drives. NYer says, Is there a shuttle van that can take me around? The clerk seems surprised. It’s ONLY 5 miles down the road. Why can’t you take your (invisible) rental car and *drive yourself?* And, wow, you FLEW here? Why did you connect in Chicago? We’re ONLY an 8 hour drive from O’Hare.

Said NYer finally scrounges up a shuttle van, the Midwest’s answer to mass transit. It arrives very late, and the driver is surprisingly cool with that. Most of the riders are other guests from bigger cities, who are also used to being driven around.

By contrast, a Midwesterner comes to visit NY, so he flies into JFK and rents a car to drive into Manhattan. He wants to be independent and do it for himself. He doesn’t want to rely on the system to get him around. Midwesterners may be addicted to their cars, he reasons, but big city folks are addicted to mass transit. They could never get anywhere for themselves were it not for someone else to take them around.

Oops, that’s $85/day for a subcompact, $30/day for parking, heavy traffic, $10 tolls *each way* for the privilege of sitting in said traffic, and $2.50 a gallon for the gas to go with it.

Then, said Midwesterner goes to a restaurant. He’s looking up at all the tall buildings in amazement. He feels uncomfortable taking the subway and being in close quarters with so many people. He says hi, and is dumbfounded when nobody reciprocates. It’s not rudeness, but people in NY can’t possibly say hi to the 500 people they meet each day. Yet our poor folksy friend doesn’t think about it that way. When he gets to the restaurant, he orders a $10 sandwich, and, when it comes in, shockingly, it’s, er, a tiny half-sandwich. In the Midwest, it’s $3 for 2 gigantic strombolis. It finally hits him like a brick: Toto, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Nancy asks…

Where should we move to?

My boyfriend and i have been thinking about where to move, but we aren’t exactly sure where the perfect location would be.

1. We need a location that is in or adjacent to a decent sized city.
2. somewhere that has a good music/ art scene. (possibly a few tattoo shops)
3. Preferably NOT hot. Somewhere where its cool (above 90 degrees)
4. low rent. (800 or so)

There are a few places we have been thinking about wich are San Francisco, Portland, or somewhere in Arizona ( #3 isn’t that important but we would really like it)

Excluding: L.A, New York, Florida

I know some places are more expensive then others, but the best option would be an apartment, or studio, and a single room would be last.

Please leave me any suggestions to somewhere that fits that discription whether it be in the US or not. Whether you visited or lived there or know someone who does, i would love to hear it! Thank you so much!!!

Administrator answers:

Milwaukee Wisconsin area. Milwaukee has an incredible music/art/theater scene. It seems there is ALWAYS a music festival of some sort going on all summer long (the best is Summerfest). Lots of great clubs. Professional sports (Brewers, Bucks, Packers a close drive away). Also great shows in Madison, which is only about 80 miles away. Chicago is also only a few hours drive. The suburbs of Milwaukee are very, very nice, with plenty of housing in your listed range.

Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Very nice…meets all of your criteria and then some. Great music scene, but a little more of a drive to most other major cities.

Betty asks…

Best big US city to live in?

When I graduate from college I plan on moving to a large city for a few years before moving back to my hometown area. The thing is that I’m not sure where to go. I’ve been to Seattle, San Diego, Chicago and Miami – definately don’t want to go to FL. I really liked San Diego but don’t know if it’s way too expensive. Seattle is my favorite, by far, but all my family is on the East Coast. My job will allow me to go anywhere. I’d prefer to live by water but don’t need to. Any advice for the cities you have lived in/ visited? Also, if I move somewhere like NY or Seattle I probably won’t have a car because it’s not necessary (unless I live in a suburb.). I only want to be there for 3-5 years and have a small apartment, no home buying necessary.

Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Minneapolis/St. Paul is a great area. There are ample water options, (after all, Minneapolis is the City of Lakes) and very affordable housing. And if anyone says their’s nothing to do in the winter they are WRONG! Their’s stuff to do all year round. I’ve even heard that the Twin Cities is the most active community in the country.

PS. Good luck wherever you choose to go! =)

Jenny asks…

zip code 37207, Nashville.?

hey, Im moving to Nashville form Minneapolis! whats this area of nashville like? looking at an apartment right there on N 2nd Street. Is it a good part of town?

Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

Hi there,here”s a map of the area,zoom right down and have look!!


regards pops..

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