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June 29, 2012

Mark asks…

Why should I buy an apartment rather than rent?

I live in NYC. I can rent a 2BR for 1200. Buying a 2BR would cost at least 0.5 Million. It seems MUCH cheaper. Can anyone prove me wrong?

Administrator answers:

It all depends on how long you plan to stay in that place. Generally the rule of thumb is to not buy a home unless you’ll be there for at least 5 years. I think buying an apartment isn’t a bad deal at all for you. There are many pros that an apartment has over a home such as free maintanence costs, flexibility, lower monthly rent than mortgage payment, etc. With a house the biggest benefit is obviously the appreciation it recieves trickles to you when you sell and also the tax break from your monthly mortgage payment is substantial at the end of the year. If you don’t have the cash for buying a home or if you’re not totally decided on staying there for a few years I recommend sticking with the apartment.

Maria asks…

Cheapest flights to europe (from NYC)?

Ugh…I’m getting really angry that a ticket from NYC (JFK, LGA or EWK) to London etc. is going to run me around $700-800 in the OFF-SEASON booked months in advance. The plane ticket is really the only expense as I can rent out my NYC apartment while I’m gone to pay for the hotel in Europe…so seriously, HOW to find cheap flights to Europe? Why the insane prices? I can fly to CA for around $350 – Europe is only a few hundred more miles away – what gives and how to beat it?!

Administrator answers:

Try You simply register, choose your departure point, your destination, even the month(s) you want to travel. When an air fare deal appears that matches your choice, you receive an e-mail.

Sandra asks…

Sublet vs. rent?

I’ve been looking at apartments to rent next year in NYC (I’ll be graduating) and it seems like they are nicer for cheaper than the apartment I am subletting (for a couple months) now. Is that because the real estate market is so bad right now? Or are sublets usually more expensive than rents?

Administrator answers:

It could be that the real estate market is bad or it could be that the sublet deal you have is not as good as the rental deals you find.
In my area, rents seem to fluctuate. Some months they are high, while others, they seem to be more reasonable. The late fall- winter is usually the best time to look for an apartment. It is certainly not the best time to move, but you are more likely to find a “deal” this time of the year.

Helen asks…

Good places to live and not live in NYC?

Me and my friend have plans to move to New York City and we are currently searching for apartments. What is killing us is that we have almost no knowledge of the different areas.

Can anyone give us a break down as to general good areas to live in and bad ones to avoid? We ideally want to live somewhere where people mainly speak English with cheaper rent and close to any business areas for work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It will greatly greatly help us!

Administrator answers:

Hey listen, don’t listen to these other guys.

Yes it’s true if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Only b/c NYC is an experience in itself. If I were you I’d stay out of Southern Queens and Brooklyn. If you want cheap rent you may not be able to live in (a good part ) of the city. Perhaps you are interested in living on Long Island in an apartment or in Westchester.

The city is safer than its been in like 30 yrs. But seriously if you want cheap rent you cant live in Manhattan. Williamsburg, Brooklyn…Astoria,Queens…Staten Island…and developing part of Manhattan are your best bets.

Carol asks…

what is the cheaper and safer neighborhood in NYC?

i am an international student who is about to start graduate studies at TC, Columbia Uni this September.The monthly rents for the apartments around Columbia Uni are too high for a poor student like me. i have never been to US. Will someone famililar with NYC recommend me a neighborhood that is relatively safer as the classes end 9 p.m. everyday where i can find cheaper place to rent and easy to commute to Columbia Uni

Administrator answers:

One of your best bet is in Queens. The sections in Queens I am referring to is Rego Park, Forest Hills, Bayside, and Howard Beach. These are decent middle-income neighborhoods but they are not really cheap. A couple with one child will have to make at least $350,000 before taxes if you want to live comfortable and relatively safe. A typical two bedroom condominium is about $550,000.

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