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June 28, 2012

Ken asks…

A place i can rent in NYC just for the summer?

this summer i am going to New York city for 6 weeks. i was going to stay at a friend but apparently they’re selling their apartment. So now i’m looking for alternatives. Does anybody know a cheap place i can rent in Manhattan for 6 weeks? Even a hotel with a special pricing is fine. everywhere i found is like seven thousand dollars. So if anybody knows something cheaper than that but some place secure, please help.
i’m just 15 years old and most of the student housing requires me to be older.

Administrator answers:

Well I had a classmate who came to town for summer classes at
NY University she got a room at the YWCA for under a $700 for the month, they have monthly & weekly fees for tourists. Also a lot of ppl R renting out rooms in their house but then U are at the mercy of other ppls attitidues & personality.

George asks…

Me and my mom need to find an apartment in NYC to live in but the rent is too expensive please pray for us?

She only makes minimum wage and we don’t want to stay where we are because are current living situation is not so good. We can’t get Section 8 because we need to stay in the shelter for months and I don’t want to do that. The cheapest rent we could find in New York City is a little over $900 a month and she make barely that. Time is on the essence and we really need to get out of where we are staying right now. Please pray for us and if you have any ideas that would be great too.

Administrator answers:

Get in touch with David Wilkerson he may be able to give you some leads

contact info;

Times Square Church
phone: 212-541-6300
fax: 212-541-6415
mail: 1657 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York City, NY 10019


Ruth asks…

Any advice on apartments in NYC?

I want to rent an appartement in NYC but I don’t know much about that. Correct me on these things and tell me if its true or if it only applies to certain areas.

Rent is very expensive in NYC.
There rarely are 2 bedroom apartments.
There are cockoroaches and rats every where.

Do you know where I can find a cheap but decent apartement and if certain areas are better than others. I found apartements online for $1500 a month but I don’t want to find out that its in a very bad naighborhood or that there’s a catch to it. So is this number reasonable?

Administrator answers:

I live in the inwood/washington heights area, more specifically FortWashington ave. The apt around here are moderate prices,but if you’re alone i don’t see the need for a two bedroom apt. Its a very nice, clean, safe neighborhood. Alot of stores on the area, trains 2-3 blocks away.parks, lots of them. Real nice area to live in. Try and check it out.

Daniel asks…

Have you ever Moved into NYC?

We are planning to move out from Dover, DE to NYC on august 15th, 2008. My question is….How far ahead we can start sending resumes for jobs there and looking for an apartment to rent? I want some advices for people that moved out and they planned everything perfect so in the end was all happy. :) If you have advices for what neighbourhood is to avoid too, i will be more than happy. We are planning to move somewehere cheap for the first 6 months (not more than $1.100) untill we get on our feet. Thank you in anticipation for any advice you might have.
P.S. If anyone knows a nice area in NYC that has a cheaper rent? (like Brooklyn, Queens etc).

Administrator answers:

Have you ever Moved into NYC?
Yes, in and out many times…

How far ahead we can start sending resumes for jobs there and looking for an apartment to rent?

NO set answer. Sometimes it can happen within one week, but fiorst, you want a place to live!!!
You have to have money for at least three months rent and utilities (very costly here) plus food etc…The problem is that if you look for an apartment, you will be in shock when you see the cost. Not only are rentals through the roof, but if you want a safe and secure neighborhood, you pay!!!!
A rent stabilized building has the most reasonable rents. Normal rental here, three and a half room apartment, costs to start today as a new tenant close to or over 2000 bucks!!! Frent stabilized buildings, older ones can be 2/3 the price.

NY has lots of street crime, despite whatever they tell you and there are places you do not want to move into, lots of them.Safe areas are near but not in Manhattan, like Sunnyside near the elevated train in a building off Queens boulevard, Astoria near the N, the r or v train. There are too many variables, like religion are where you and if you want to pray. Etc. And NYC is vast, It encompasses 5 counties. Bronx to me is a no no….Manhattan is way too costly….Queens near Manhattan is OK, and even part of long Island City is OK near Manhattan within Queens,. Forest Hills and Jew Gardens are nice but more costly.

Brooklyn has 3/3 million people and is the throed largest city by itself if it were a separate city within the USA. Park Slope is nice but costly. Staten Island is a ferry ride to lower Manhattan and you must know where it;s safe and ti can be a big trip too kl despite the fact that it appears close to Manhattan.

1100 a month? Ha! A one Romona apartment is Sunny side Ian a building. Check the NY Times, The queens Chronicle,…

NYC is very very costly and we have not only federal, but NY State tax and NYC taxes to pay and they fine you form everything and anything.

I’m in the arts, so we put UP with it….NYC is the cultural Capitol of the world!!! No kidding.

The only sort of cheapm places are in the highest crime areas full of muggings and stabbings, and since the Shawn Bell case and trail, tension is high in minority areas!

Paul asks…

Do you know any cheap accommodation in New York City?

Hi, I’m planning to go to NYC over the summer and I was wondering if there were some cheap accommodation deals I could look for. For instance I was thinking about students that rent their apartments while they’re on vacation or something like that. Is there any website I should check? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Hey man,

Yes, people sublet out their apartments/rooms during the summer months while they are away. I went to school in NYC and did it myself.

If you want more info on what to look for/look out for when it comes to subletting inNYC, you may want to check out the following article.

Student Intern Summer Sublets in NYC

Good luck!

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