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Your Questions About Apt For Rent In Brooklyn

May 6, 2012

Jenny asks…

Which renters should I choose?

Here are the situations. I have a 2 br and 2 bath condo apt. I won’t be moving in right away and will sublet it for 6 month or longer or shorter depending on my current situation which I would not like to go into. The closing date for the condo is early March. The rent is $1500/month.

I have have a couple of prospective renters. One is a 3rd year medical male student and will move in the first month and he may get a roomate later down the month. The 2nd is 2 sisters. The older sister said she want at a law firm and her 14 yrs old sister will be living with her. Both can move in begining of Marc. I have a 3rd renter who will only be able to move in April. She has 2 cats and 1 dog.

So out of all 3, which one should I pick if all 3 wants my property? Which one would do the least damage to my property and will be on time for monthly rent payment? Also should I even do a credit report and background check on them if I only will sublet it to them for few months? Is it worth it?

btw, this is in Brooklyn NY and they will give me first month rent and a deposit. I’m leaning toward the doc. But he is a 3rd yrs medical student. So I don’t know how much a 3rd yrs student makes. Does any1 know? Thx in advance.

Administrator answers:

Run credit on all 3 pick the one with the best credit and income that is legally all you should consider. You don’t have to take pets but considering someone single over someone with a child is discrimination and it is illegal.

Laura asks…

My landlord is really a great landlord and friend but I wonder if she should pay for this?

I have lived at my apartment (private house) for about a year now. I live alone and have no one over and pay my rent on time. The other tenant is moving out who lives in the front apartment of the house on the 2nd floor and the landlord was first to tell me and said to me do you want this apartment. My apartment which is the back is nicer so I told her thank you for considering me. The radiator in my living room had a leak and the carpet (which is not new) has a big stain in it and it was wet as a result there was a water bug in the living room which I had to kill. This isn’t the first time a waterbug was in the LR but about 3 times and in the kitchen I find one dead here and there. She has an exterminator come in once a month but that doesn’t help. It’s an old building but she keeps it remarkably clean and my apartment and the front apt. is spotless. She said the homes around here have this problem and even my friend that lives a few blocks away have this problem.
I told her I want to replace the rug but because I know I will stay in this apartment for the next 3 or 4 years. My rent is great and I will not find a rent that is affordable. I have a 1 bedroom in brooklyn and pay until $775.00 a month.
When she had the plumber come up to fix the radiator he said the floor under the rug is probably a little damaged. Should I pay for a new floor put in or a new rug (because I want my apt. to look nice or should I live with this ugly rug for the next 3 or 4 years or is it her responsibility to replace it?
She is getting hit with a new skylight in the hall because the water comes in when it rains and the paint is coming off.
I don’t know how to approach her on this?
My landlord lives downstairs. I do not have a lease and do not want one. She is a nice person but there might be some damaged under the rug. She knows that I would like a new rug under neath but when the flooring person comes to give me an estimate I am going to ask him if there is any damage where the leak was.

Administrator answers:

Pay for nothing; it is all standard maintenance.

Never heard of a water bug. I am betting that you have mold
[growing beneath a wet rug] that must be removed.

It is possible that your unit needs more maintenance than you

NO home should have bugs of any sort–at any time.

Sealing up cracks that lead to outside, and such, remediates
that. IF your house had water bugs they have to be coming
from some place. If it is windows, close them. If is a vent,
close it…….
Stop their access and they cant’ come in.

Linda asks…


Hi, i am an 18 year old highschool graduate who lives in a small town in Florida. I’m ready for something new and i have always wanted to live in New York City, of course i’d love something safe and affordable. I will have two roomates and we are willing to settle for a 2 bedroom apt. I want to go to a community college but i have been told that i have to be a resident of New York for one year to get financial aid so i might just take a year off and get two jobs, i have experience waiting tables so that would be my first option for a job. I have heard that Manhattan is the safest part to live in but very expensive, Am i dreaming or is this possible? My two other roomates and i are not wanting to spend more than 500 a month on rent each. I’ve also heard good things about Brooklyn.
Any Advice? Anything is helpful
THanks so much
Are there any other decent parts of New York that i could get a 2 bedroom apt for that cost? How much would it cost for a 2 bedroom in manhattan or brooklyn?

Administrator answers:

You want a 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan or closer parts of Brooklyn for $1,500 a month????

Forget it. You’re dreaming!

You might find a studio apartment, or maybe a tiny one bedroom apartment for that smount of money.

Face it – you can’t afford to live here yet. But you’re still kids. Maybe in a few years.

Steven asks…

What Can I Do About The Living Arrangements?

I’m a 20 year old female who will be attending college this fall in NYC. The college I’m attending does not have dorms. I won’t be able to live in a dorm until I transfer after two years. Anyway, I want to roommate with my friend. I work at a job that pays pretty good and I am able to afford a reasonable amount of rent. Here’s what I can do:

I want to stay either in Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn. I don’t mind sharing a Studio Apt. with my friend.

I saw some apartments in manhattan close to my school within my budget range if I have a roommate, but what I want to know is will the landlord let us rent even though we are young? If I/we have a guarantor will that up my/our chances of getting in? I’m not looking for something fancy. We’re just two young people who wanna rent in the city. The money isn’t an issue. I can pay the rent but I know that landlords want certain proof. What do I need to do? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

When going to college, call, as an option, student services and see which apts or
home owners have registered as having rooms/houses or other for rent

Carol asks…

How to deal with a slum lord?

O.K so i lived in this apt for a bit over a year. I signed a 2yr lease. I never to this day not pay my rent. I have bedbugs and have had so seeing them on and off since i moved in. When i signed the lease i saw a dead bedbug and he said that he gave the apt a “general cleaning” and thats why i saw that and that the people before me didnt have any and has not seen bedbugs for a year in a half(bull). All my neighbors confirmed that they had bedbugs on and off and that the building is infested. Everytime i bring it up, he gives me a long answer very defensive saying”no one else complained and are you sure you didnt bring it in“. I never in my life saw one prior to moving to 540 ovington avenue. Brooklyn NY. He always tries to blame someone anyone including my neighbors dogs as to why i have bedbugs. i know its not his fault, this is nyc but all i ask is that he deal with it effectively as it is his legal responsibility to do so. Instead he gets very defensive saying” u have bedbugs thats not possible”. Finally he agrees to get exterminator always from the same place ‘Afederal exterminator services’. My neighboor said they might as well put sugar in the apt because its not working. HE REFUSES TO CHANGE VENDORS. I suspect that he may have some kind of ownership in this company and of course benefit from their buisness evven though they are not effective. The last time i told him about bedbugs he told me that “there are tenants who lie and say they have bbs to avoid paying rent” but then said “oh i know thats not you”. i never threatened him with withholding rent. never. I am almost certain i will not renew my lease and can garantee that he will probably try to withhold my securit as well. I am so fed up to complain about legitamte problems and get faced with additude and blame. I hope someone can give me advice but either way if there is anyone looking for apt in bay ridge be ware of moving into 540 ovington avenue. Brooklyn NY.omg just needed to vent a bit…
I must say I am a real fool for signing the lease when i saw dead bbs in apt at lease signing…according to him the tenants before didnt see any in year and half then why at lease signing they are right in my face. No one is to blame they could have come from anywhere but its probmatic to me that 5/6 apts have it yet hes asking me if i had any prior to moving in and i told him no 2xs.. i hate liars and i hate bbs.all i want is for him to bring exterminators that wk to kill the bbs… i hate sending emails written complaints verifying that he read it but when i ask him he plays retarded…

Administrator answers:

Every tenant should call the Board of Health and register a complaint. An inspector will be sent and the landlord required to fumigate

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