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May 18, 2012

George asks…

Tenant problems, and help with vacancy process?

Hi. I own a private 2 family house in brooklyn, New York. I have a tenant with a family of 8 people. The apartment is a 3 bedroom apt. I am having trouble with my tenant. He has been my tenant for 4yrs. I have never increased his rent, he has never gave security deposit, he also gives rent late every month. He also kept another person with him in the house and I did not say anything to him.I did not give a problem to him regarding this and never complained to him. I thought that he might be having a hard time with finances and felt sad for him. Recently, he has been making complaints against me with the city government and is giving me a hard time and and problems. . I REALLY NEED HELP IN GETTING THIS GUY OUT OF THE HOUSE. PLEASE, HELP ME WITH THE STEP BY STEP PROCESS TO GET THIS GUY OUT. I WANT TO KNOW THE LEGAL PROCESS OF GETTING HIM OUT. PLEASE GIVE ME ALOT OF INFORMATION AND OPTIONS(ALTERNATIVES) TO GET THIS GUY OUT. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP.

My tenant never had a lease. I never gave him a lease. He lives on a month to month rent. Any changes to the answers given?

Administrator answers:

Changes: Nope, landlord laws of your state apply to you even w/o a lease………

Dream on there buddy.

If he is paying his rent, even late in NYC there is no possible way for you to get him out. You CAN NOT simply issue a 30 day notice, he housing authority will be all over you if you do. It is completely illegal to evict without very good cause in NY.

You had better read up on your landlord laws, they are the WORST in the country for landlords.

Also, you had better fix the problems. The city is not playing games and you are legally required to fix everything immediately.

Jenny asks…

How is life in Brooklyn?

Is it safe? Where is the best place to live/rent an apt there? How much will the rent be for a 1 bedroom apt? How is it like there? Weather? People? Shopping? Transportation (is it safe by night?)
Where will be the best place to live in NYC (good rental prices, safe, clean and good trasnportation)?

Administrator answers:

I live in Bay Ridge Bklyn, and it’s okay. My area is pretty safe, but if you go more north of Bklyn such as Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg, you will find more violence. In Queens, dont live in Jamaica, Queensbridge, Corona, or Astoria. My suggestion is living by the south shore of Brooklyn if you want to be safe (and have some really good food). Sheepshead Bay is a good option.

Whats it like? Anywhere in NYC you go, there will be violence and crime, but some areas are much less. People are the same, rude, selfish, and bitter. You will run into a few nice people though. My area, south bklyn, is a nicer area, sort of quieter, but you will see a lot of Arabs, Russians, and Jew. They are the dominants here.

Rent? Well for a one bedroom, you’re looking at 1,100-1,200 a month. Utilities not included. But if you are lucky, you may find something for 900-1000. My suggestion is rooming with someone. I do it with 3 people. Our rent is 1,400 a month. I pay $450 a month and pitch in $150 for untilities.

Weather? In the winter, it can get really cold here. Like 10 degrees cold. But the average is like 34 degrees. Snow is commen as well. This year we hardly got any, but on an average year we get a lot. Summer is HOT. We have days where it can get to 102 degrees, but the average is 80-85.

Shopping? Dude, it’s NYC.

Transportation, again I say, it matters where your train is and where it is going. My area is safe, but if I go Queens bound, I bring my mace…..haha. I know it might sound stupid, but if you go out at night by train, dont wear blue or red. Just for your own safety. Buses, if you have to, then yes, take one, but they are SOO unreliable, more than the trains.

For good transportation, live in Manhattan, trains and buses are everywhere. But outside Manhattan, dont live in South Queens, or Staten Island. Otherwise you should be good.

Clean, well, NYC is pretty dirty, they have cleaned it up. I remember when I was a kid, it used to be horrid. But they have done a lot of work to clean this place up, but it is still pretty dirty. Sorry bud.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Linda asks…

Why New York city so Expensive to live?

I’m going to college and I live in Brooklyn (which suppose to be the cheapest state in NY) and I’m paying $1,200 for a 1 bedroom apt plus It’s a bad neighborhood. And my brother live in Goergia and he rent a 4 bedroom house for only $900, wtf?

How comes NY so expensive to live, even the worst city in NY is expensive to live in.

Administrator answers:

Simple: Supply and demand. NYC is a very desirable place to live because it has a lot of job opportunities (and high-paying job opportunities at that), and also an excellent public transportation system and lots of nightlife and sights to see.

I hope this information was very helpful.

William asks…

Advice please!!?

My mother owns a house in Brooklyn NY..she has her grandson’s exgirlfriend living in the basement of the house for almost 3 yrs after they separated and wants her out. She refuses to pay her any kind of rent or help with the utilities which are connected to the first floor apt. so my mother ends up paying for everything. She lives of her SS and rent from the 2nd fl apt but still cannot make ends meet. Anyone know procedure for kicking this woman out as she will not leave voluntarily??? The only reason mom has put up with her is b/c she has two little girls (which this woman neglets) but now she is bringing a new bf to the apt to sleep over at least 4 times a week as well as other friends also.

Administrator answers:

Send her a certified letter as a 30 day eviction notice, and if she isn’t out in 30 days she can change the locks.

Thomas asks…

My Older Sister has asked me to donate money to her daughter once again…?

My older sister (Cindy) has asked me repeatedly via text messages in the past 6 months, at least 4 times for favors, ie. donate money to her daughter (Jess), drive them to airport, buy them new linen/furniture. This time, it’s to buy Jess some jeans & a coat. I mean, how pathetic is that, that she can continuously not save $ so that she can afford a $20 pair of jeans for Jess or a $40 coat? It’s so absurd and retarded to me that Cindy can buy new furniture for her recently moved in rental apt, can go to the salon once a week, can spend $ on outside food, and then come to me to buy her daughter “essentials” for the winter.
I mean, she’s always asking for favors, can you “lend” me $100 for etc? And I know I’ll never get the money back. She’s a single mother but come on, she makes in the low 30s and her rent is 800/month. I’ve just had it, and I’m so fed up with her asking me for stuff.
I was asked last month to give money for Jess’ plane tix to see her sister who’s ill with leukemia. Of course, I gave to that, b/c of the sit’n.
And I was asked to drive to Brooklyn (I live in Queens) to pick them up to go to bring them to LaGuardia (in Queens) with gas costs at $4/gallon and my time is valuable (I work 4-5 12-hr shifts/wk).
Mind u, I just bought new bedding for her. And lately, every time I hear from Cindy, it’s a favor.
I called her & told her to stop w/ the favor-asking & to tell Jess she can’t afford the jeans. The conversation didn’t go over well. My sister is straining every relationship in the family asking for favors from me, my mom, my uncle, everyone she can ask!
I can’t believe I helped her since 15 yrs ago (when I was 15 yo), was the 1st time I gave her money for rent from my savings and since then, this has never stopped and it doesn’t look like, it ever will.
Of course, part of me is guilted about the money for the jeans/coat, but what am I to do, support my older sister who didn’t go to college for the rest of her life, as she uses her daughter Jess as leverage?

Administrator answers:

Call a family meeting and have everyone tell your sister what they think she can do to make her life a bit more organized.

Tell her not to bring Jess.

Then have everyone tell her what they think and give her suggestions toward resolution.

Let her know that she can not afford to live in an apartment with $800 rent if she only makes $30k a year.

Offer to help her budget her money. (I did it for my sisters and they are paying everything on time now)

If she can not get it together, then you or a family member should offer to take custody of Jess.

You support Jess anyway, and I am sure that Jess could use the stability anyway.

Best wishes

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