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July 11, 2012

William asks…

new york apartment with 5 roommates?

my four best friends & I are hoping to get part time jobs for rent each month (for right now we’re just assuming minimum wage) when we’re not in school… (depending the apt. it’s between $1,800 & $2,500 monthly)

we think a studio apartment would be great with the price but my friends aren’t so sure if this can fit all 5 of us comfortably especially w/ only 1 bathroom

should we go with a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apt instead?
by the way we were thinking of living in manhattan because our colleges are all nearby there…also the apt prices listed above are in manhattan btw

i guess the main choices are

studio- giant living room, 1 bathroom
1bdroom- 1 bedroom & 1 bathroom
2bdroom- 2 rooms & 2 baths

if worse comes to worse we could probably work out some sort of shower schedule but idk if a studio would be too cramped??


Administrator answers:

Where I am you can only have 2 people per bedroom, so you could have 4 people if you got the 2 bedroom (with 1 or 2 baths – though I’d get the 2 baths if I were you), though I can’t say what the law is in manhattan (though there will be some limit I assure you).

Honestly I see lots of potential problems sharing a place with this many people too, but I’m not even going to get into all that. Anyhow, you may have to get a 2 bedroom place and still limit it to 4 people (or get a 1 bedroom and just share it with one friend).

Carol asks…

NYC Locals Only Pls: What is the demo for people moving into those new developments in Harlem?

I am a black/hispanic young professional, single looking for a safe building in uptown Manhattan. Are there many people of color that rent these apartments in these new developments? Or is it mostly caucasian people from downtown or transplants from other states?

I am asking because I don’t want to be the only minority in one of these buildings and I’m wondering if many races live there together are there any tensions?

Also, did you get the apt through brokers or how did you get the apartment if you didn’t use a broker? Did you apply directly to the company?


Administrator answers:

First off – DONT go to a broker. Go to craigslist. They have really great deals on the newly renovated harlem. But to answer your question, if someone (white or black/ hispanic) can afford to live downtown, theres no way you’d see them in Harlem__EVER. But NYC is like 54% White (or something like that), so harlem, as you can imagine is a VERY diverse area. If you want to live where you wont find many whites, try Spanish Harlem. One more thing, if youre moving from out of state, make sure you have a job first. Most APT places require you to make 40x your monthly rent, a year, 2 recent pay checks, your 09 tax returns, and all this other unnecessary bullsh*t. Good luck.

Lisa asks…

Where in the New York area should I live?

My husband is going to NYU next year. We know that Manhattan is very expensive and would prefer to spend our rent money on a nicer place rather than one in the city itself. That means we’re looking at “Brooklyn” or “New Jersey.” But that doesn’t really narrow things down for us! That’s like saying “I live in LA” It could be Encino or Watts — which are two very different places, both in LA.

Our first criteria is that the place is relatively safe. The next criteria would be access to easy transportation to Manhattan. Also on our list would be a bigger apt. rather than smaller and the “character” of the neighborhood. I work from home, so budgeting for a small second bedroom or den would be really useful. We can afford around $1500 a month.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to actual neighborhoods in the greater NY area to be looking at?

Administrator answers:

It is going to be a challenge to find a 1 1/2 bedroom apartment for $1500 or less within about a 30-minute commute of NYU. I would recommend you look at maps of the transit system and concentrate your search on communities that would allow your hubby a “one-train” (no transfers) commute to NYU, a 30-45 minute radius out.

NYU now has satellite campuses in various parts of town, but I’m guessing from what you said that he will be a graduate or professional student at its main Washington Square campus in downtown Manhattan. New York City Subway lines that go there include the A/C/E/B/D/F/V at West 4th Street, the R/W at 8th Street, and the 6 at Astor Place. PATH is a separate subway system that runs between New Jersey and Manhattan, and its 9th Street stop is convenient to NYU.

So, some recommendations in Brooklyn

– South Park Slope (e.g. 15th-20th Streets) (F, R trains)
– Windsor Terrace (F train)
– Fort Greene and Clinton Hill (C train) (beware apartments east of Classon Avenue that purport to be in Clinton Hill–that area is really Bedford-Stuyvesant, which may work for you, but you shouldn’t pay a Clinton Hill price for it; the northern part of Fort Greene, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, also starts to get less safe)
– Prospect Heights (again, anything east of Classon Avenue is not really in Prospect Heights)(not as direct a ride to NYU but well served by the 2,3,5, and Q trains)

New Jersey obviously is a big place, and it’s a little more complicated to plan, but two options on the PATH lines:

– Hoboken
– Jersey City (the part closer to the waterfront — beware “Jersey City Heights” and the west side)
The only other major city served by PATH is Newark, but most of Newark I would not classify as safe.

Good luck!

Helen asks…

Question about NYC apts?

I see a ton of apts listed that say “must meet income requirements” and i assume that means that the landlord will want to see my paystub for income verification. I am finishing up my MA right now and want to move to manhattan from NJ because there are some decent jobs there, but I will need to get an apt obviously first. How can I get an expensive apt ($3k a month) without having a job? I know that a lot of people move to nyc for work, so how do they meet the income qualifications before they actually get a job? I have about $10k saved up for the move, so i’ll be fine until i get a job but I don’t want to go into a rental office looking like some unemployed loser that may or may not pay the rent. Any tips on how to deal with this? What percentage of apts in manhattan have income qualifications?

Administrator answers:

You can’t afford a 3k apt with only 10K. You need first, last, and secutiy deposit and a broker fee for that level of apartment will be at least 3-4k. You need to set your sights lower or find a roommate until you land a job. Simple as that. 99% of apartments are going to need pay stubs, tax returns, letters form employers or some other proof of assets if you want to be the leasee.

Mark asks…

I want my in-laws and husband’s family to think we are not doing very well.I live in a high class area.Pl help?

The place I live in is Newport Pavonia.Its a wonderful,high rise buildings with a waterfront that overlooks Manhattan.Very scenic.I am due in Feb and my in-laws will be visiting from India in April or so and my husband’s siblings will visit from other states in USA.
I dont want them to be very impressed as they have a jealous and stingy attitude.
My parents-in-laws will stay for 3 weeks.
The good points are: I have a one bedroom apt,with one bathroom and its as it is 3 of us,hubby,me and baby by then.We can tell them we cannot afford a bigger place in this area,which is true,we cannot and that we got a good deal on this apt from the landlord and we can tell them we pay less rent.
I just dont want my in-laws to think staying longer would make their life more enjoyable.
By the way,my husbands brother also has a daughter,just over one yr old and his wife’s family lives closeby as well.My mum says in-laws usually care more about social life and grandkids so they will want to spend time with both grandkids and they will have some social life at his place compared to ours and a bigger house as well.She said at their age they will love the scenic posh locality but their priorities are different.
What do you think? Plz help me.

Administrator answers:

Why worry about what other people think of you? That gets tiring. Instead be yourself, let them say whatever they wish to say and move on with life. They won’t be staying forever.

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