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Your Questions About Apt For Rent In Manhattan

June 14, 2012

Helen asks…

new york, rent costs?

Average rent in Vegas, NV or Portland, OR for a 1br apt is about $700-$900 mid-range. You’re talking quality when you go above $900, and far below scum when you go below $700.

So…What’s upper, mid-range, and low quality if I made a move to the New York, NY region?

I was thinking about 5-10 miles outside of Manhattan.
How would craigslist help if I don’t know what the mid-range is?

Administrator answers:

The average for a 1-bedroom in Manhattan is around $3,000. Two bedrooms average over $5,000. And studios average around $2,000.

5-10 miles will cover many towns in New Jersey as well as the other four boroughs of New York. So rent is going to vary greatly from place to place.

Mary asks…

does anyone know how to answer this question?

I have an interview for another apartment in manhattan but since my firs apt my credit score has went down because i was in debt, but the bills were paid off since then. Also i have been late on my rent about three time and accrued some late fees but my rent is still always paid. Do you think this will affect me from getting a new apt?

Administrator answers:

Hi there!

I also think it will more likely affect you unfortunately, but sometimes landlords/ apartment managements will not turn you down, rather they might ask you for a deposit a little higher than usual i suppose. Same thing that happens with cell phone accounts by contract. Just don’t be in such distress about it, maybe and your credit is not check, who knows?, GOD is awesome and things happens!…

Carol asks…

quit my job to be concierge/doorman at manhattan hi rise?

im a junior in college and i’m thinking about quitting my job in online-sales and getting a job as a doorman/concierge at a hi-rise in manhattan. My job here, needless to say, is very easy. I sit on the computer, and handle customers via telephone, email. I make about $12/hour. the nyc job entails a min of $16/hour including taxes…

so my question is; is a job as a doorman/concierge in nyc tough? What exactly would the job entail? I would like to know what I am applying for before I do so, I’d hate to find out the job descriptions and then turn it down if I am approved.

the apt where i am applying is very large. 64 floors, sauna, indoor pool, gym, lounge floor, always alteast 2 doormen in each lobby, penthouse floor. requirement to rent is ~40x salary
this job isn’t really for my career, it’s something to help me with my income while i’m going to school in nyc. i’m a part-time student.

i guess it’ll help with my resume; i’ll be majoring in communications; advertisement; marketing.

Administrator answers:

I personally think that sounds amazing! Funny thing about my response: I graduated with a communications degree and the first thing I thought was – - how cool, you can help people all day long, the money is fantastic! (Im making 12$ an hour too….. 16$ is wayyyyy better!) and youll be active. There’s nothing better than being active. I sit at the computer ALLLLLL DAYYY! I know how exhausting it can be…. But imagine, helping people, holding boxes, opening doors, assisting anyone who needs it in teh building… My gosh! Get that body movin! APPLY! Sounds like fun!

Someone commented on Where will that take you?? FIRST OFF -Don’t listen to that… I graduated with communications to have a broad meaning of the world! Have some fun, we’re young!

Sandy asks…

HELP…does anyone know of any good woman shelters in ny that will place u in a apt of ur own FAST?

Okay so here’s the thing, I have a been looking for a place for sometime now and the lease on my apartment is just about up. Soon enough I feel find myself out on the streets because of it and I would rather not stay with family at this moment. I’m 5months preggo and would like to gather some information on womans shelter in Manhattan New York which I can stay at and then eventually place me in a rent controlled apartment of my own.

Now here are some inquries that I have to those who have stayed at woman shelters or know of any woman who have….

How long does it take them to actually find u a shelter?
How did the shelter suit u? Was it like a room w/ beds or was it a like a reg apt blding?
How long did u stay at this shelter b4 they placed u in a apartment
Where is ur apartment @ now? Is it in a housing developing or like a mitchell lama?
Does me working or not affect where I will be eventually place?
And does me receiving financial aid to go to school with affect me as well

Administrator answers:

First of all-your unborn child’s father should step up to the plate and start helping you—now that i have that off my mind we can deal with the problem.. In the Passaic cty area of NJ I personally know of programs for women in your position…They are transitional programs in semi private settings with the eventual goal of getting you into your own place again…I am not sure what is out their in the City -but suggest you check with the welfare dept..Salvation army and churches that are active in the community may also offer you a quality referral/

Charles asks…

Should I live in Manhattan or New Jersey?

Hello..I’m moving to NYC from TN for a new job and trying to decide whether to live in NYC or across the river in NJ. The facts:
1) I am in mid-thirties and single. and I can afford about $1800 – $2000 for rent.
2) My work is in the midtown west area on 11th ave.
3) I have a nice car here in TN, but I’m willing to sell it if needed.
I explored places in the midtown west neighborhood, and was able to find a clean 1br for $1900 (no dishwasher/laundry) – 10 min walk to work. Across the river, in Weehawken,NJ (20 min bus from work), I was able to find a huge 2 br apt for $1600 with city views (brand new kitchen etc. and free parking)
I like to go out twice a week, and would like to enjoy the activities in NYC.
I’m torn between “living the city life” in NYC and the space/comfort of NJ. Thoughts? Experiences?

Administrator answers:

I agree – this is a tough one, but will try to help.

Live in NYC (past resident)

1-high rent, barely/no amenities/no space.
2-no need for a car (but don’t let your driver’s license expire. Keep renewing. You could decide in the future to move to another state, and all you’d have to do is take the written test. That’s what I did).
3-easy access to museums, theature, etc.
4-public transportation
5-neighborhood may be noisy w/car traffic (especially if it’s near the Lincoln tunnel approach). Your view may be other buildings, or rooftops.
6-high sales tax

Live in NJ (I’m a resident)
1-lower rent (Weehawken) and you get more for your $$-especially free parking/dishwasher/laundry-unheard of in some NYC apts.
2-Factor in commuting costs, i.e. Monthly bus ticket via NJ Transit. Monthly ticket’s the best way.
3-Much quieter neighborhood-with a nice, peaceful view.
4-Cheaper sales tax

Would it be possible for you to visit the areas and check out the apts. You’re considering moving into in NYC/Weehawken first? That would give you an idea of what you’re in for.

Personally? I’d grab the Weehawken NJ apt. Sight unseen, because it includes the dishwasher/laundry/free parking, plus bus service to NYC is pretty regular (and you could explore Hoboken, that’s a little south of Weehawken; also in Jersey City, there’s the Newport Center mall).

Whatever your decision – all the best in your new job.

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