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July 2, 2012

Daniel asks…

Moving to NYC. When should I look for an apartment?

My boyfriend and I are moving to Manhattan at the end of May. We are planning to make a trip in advance to rent an apartment. We already have jobs, plan to use a broker, have money saved, etc. Our arrival date is flexible but we want to secure an apt in advance. How long before we want the apt should we come to find the apartment? We’d like to avoid paying too much ‘overlap’ (paying for our current apt in LA and the new one in NYC at the same time) but want the most options. One month? Two weeks? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Two to three weeks before you want to move in would be ideal, no more. I’d guess the largest selection will be available a week or so after the first of the month. A lot of landlords list their available apartments after the last tenant has moved out and they are empty. Then they want someone who will move in a soon as possible.

My husband and I made the mistake of coming too early (~4 weeks before we wanted to move) and came back empty handed. We ended up arriving with our Uhaul, staying in a hotel until we found an apartment (3 days) and moved in the next day. Sounds stressful, but it actually worked out OK.

Definitely research neighborhoods and prices before you come so you can target your search and pick a broker that specializes in the areas you like. And make sure to consider Brooklyn (Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Fort Green, Dumbo, Boerum Hill, Carol Gardens…), Harlem, Queens (Astoria,Long Island City). You’ll get more for your money and a bit of respite from Manhattan while still being just as connected to it.

Paul asks…

Additional deposits throughout the lease term?

I moved into an apartment at the beginning of May in a rent-destabilized building in Manhattan. I gave my landlord a $1500 security deposit and thought I was good to go. He called me last week to tell me he needs an additional $200 deposit for screens that are currently on my windows because the previous tenant requested he put them on and gave him a deposit in case something happened to them. My feeling is that I already gave him a $1500 deposit that should cover any damage to the screens should there be any. It wouldn’t matter so much to me except that I specifically didn’t bring my previous screens with me because I already had screens in this apt. Does anyone have any advice? I took this apt. “as is,” screens and all.

Administrator answers:

Read your lease agreement for any additional cost

Ken asks…

i want to buy a house but i have bad credit?

Hi my name is Erica. I work for a marketing company here in vegas contracted by chase manhattan bank and make really good money well for a single money 40, 000 is alot and i am never late on my rent but i really have bad credit is there any way to buy a house or even qualify i have lived in my apt for 2 years and my boyfriend has lived here longer his credit is better but i am the one with the income i have given 14,000 to my apt complex each year for all most 3 years complex and i want a house i am 25 with a 4 and a 6 year old i am very reliable how can i get a house ??????

Administrator answers:

There you go :

Good luck !

Chris asks…

How much to tip doormen/concierge/building staff in NYC at Christmas?

I live in a full service luxury hi rise in Manhattan with the staff of 12 (doormen, porters, maintenance staff etc).
Location: West 40ies. The building: 46 floors (12 apts per floor)
It will be my first Christmas here (I moved here in Feb’08). It’s a corporate apt (my emplyer pays 50% of the rent) The staff is very friendly (except for 1 guy, each building has that 1 guy who is not a team player) I introduced myself when moving in and since then they all greet me by my name (of course except that 1 guy). I’m a very low maintenance tenant, don’t require their services much (other than accepting packages & my dry cleaning) but I do appreciate their hard work of keeping the place safe & clean.
I was thinking $30-$40 & a bottle of booze each. Less to that 1 guy and more to the 3 doormen I like best. I assume if they collect small amounts from over 400 apartments they’ll end up with a very decent Christmas bonus. But then again, it’s prime Manhattan, so the standards are very high here!
Don’t want to be cheap but can’t act like Oprah either. What do u guys think?

Any feedback is appreciated

Administrator answers:

Skip the booze. $20 to $40 for the regular doorman. $60 to $100 for the super. Top end of the range only for those that do special stuff for you.

The maths goes as follows; calculate what they would get if each apartment were to give that amount. They should get about a month’s salary. Doormen earn $3,500 a month plus benefits. Supers not a lot more but their apartment is free.

John asks…

Please Read It All As I Could not Mention It All On Here?

im searching for an apartment and i’ve found one thats 10 minutes drive from manhattan. now the person posted an ad on craigslist and this one is the cheapest apartment i’ve found for 900 dollars with one bedroom, kitchen, a nice living, bathroom and a small space for laundry. im from amsterdam and first time going to USA by the way. now i dont know whether i have to give him 900 dollars per month or maybe 6 months?? what is the normal rent payment system in the USA?? is it per month or per 6 months? here in netherlands, you have to pay the rent after every six months. now if that apt is for 900 per 6 months, thats really cheap, but i ain’t sure and i havent talked to the man yet as i’ve found it on craigslist but looking forward to email him. what do you think, is it per sixth months pay or per month? i am confused really, check the link below for details.

Administrator answers:

In most places in the US, its every month.

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