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July 16, 2012

David asks…

Can’t find a New York/NJ apartment that fits my budget.Does commuting 2-n-1/2 hours to the city sound ludicris?

Soooo frustrated ;0(
I am a persistent (never like the word struggling) actor person (Actress)…
Have been trying for 6 weeks to find a New York/or NJ apartment that will be a fit for me and my kid….
My income is limited…. (single Mom)

But I find a GREAT apartment.. And the school is crappy…
Or I find a GREAT school but cannot afford the apartment…Making that match is really frustrating..
I lived in NY for 15 years!!! My kid was born there…. And was fortunate enough to have a great apt in Park Slope, zoned in a great school district…
Moved from NY cuz I got the big “C” and needed to be near family… But as all artists and actors know… The desire to perform is haunting and in our blood.. I was getting work… And soooooo miss that part of me… And I miss living in New York terribly…

The commute to find a place is costly…. but I am all but run out of gas (and money) trying to find a place… That money could have gone to commuting to at least 18 auditions by now… I will keep trying, but my lease is up in the end of the month… If I don’t renew.. they will rent my place….

The PRO if we stay: I can SAVE tons of money, and put it towards commuting….. Hopefully to get a gig that will allow me an affordable place in a great zoned school… And we have TONS of space here! 7 room apt with 4 huge boxed walk in closets that look like small bedrooms.

The CON: I LOVE NEW YORK. And miss everything amazing the culture and lifestlye added to my child’s and my spirit..

I don’t want to give up now.. (you understand don’t you ???)

But have hit a brick road…. And am wondering if commuting from my hometown
~2 and a 1/2 hours away sounds ludicris?? Or will hinder my efforts??

I won’t give up.. I can’t… Just need direction..
Any thoughts???? Or Anyone been there????

Administrator answers:

Well, you’ve discovered the great dilemma of New York City, which is that, once you leave, you can NEVER return!

Frankly, your situation sounds pretty hopeless and, frankly, the New York City you’re fondly remembering and miss so much and are trying so desperately to get back to isn’t really here anymore anyway, so, if you’re asking my advice, and it sounds like you are, forget about it, and do yourself and your child a favor and move somewhere else altogether and have a wonderful life there.

I mean, from an acting point of view, here in New York City you will be a microscopic fish in an entire ocean of incredible talent, and your chances of “making it” are probably LESS than those of winning the lottery! So, there’s lots of good theater all over this country, so why not move somewhere where you’ll be a bigger fish in a smaller pond and will actually stand a decent chance of working in theater instead of New York City where you are doomed, let’s face it, to working as a waitress, bouncing from cattle call to cattle call with little hope of ever getting a part.

And, yes, a 2 1/2 hour commute IS ludicrous… People who move to Brooklyn or Hoboken from Manhattan, just 1/2 hour away, are rarely seen or heard from again, so, to think you’re going to make a 2 1/2 journey EACH WAY on a regular basis is, well, a fantasy!

In other words, take a hint, the reason you’re having SUCH an incredibly hard time with this is that it just isn’t meant to be. Sorry!

Steven asks…

How can I get an apt with bad credit and no job?

I’m moving to NJ for grad school and need an apartment. I have about $8k saved up for several months rent and expenses, but I’m just moving there, so obviously I don’t have a job yet for the landlord to check for my income. Also, I have poor credit because of a ton of student loans and stuff, so I doubt my credit score will impress anyone. How can I get an apt from a decent place? I don’t know anyone in the area, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting a roommate and I don’t want to live in a dump.
Sorry, forgot to mention that I don’t think getting a co-signer on the lease is an option.

Administrator answers:

Get a relative to co-sign for you.

Richard asks…

Should we move? Should we rent? Should we buy?

For the past 2 years my husband and I have lived in a 3rd floor, walk-up apartment with 2 dogs and we now have a 10 month old. We moved in after moving to the south (South Carolina) several years ago, deciding it really wasn’t for us and making the decision to move back home (to NJ). My parents had recently purchased an investment property and offered to let us move in to the apt we currently live in. It was a great quick solution. It’s a really nice place, vaulted ceilings 2 full baths. Before having our son it was only mildly inconvenient to walk the dogs down stairs and not to have a yard. Now, we are really wishing we had a house with a yard. We miraculously found a very cute place in our price range ($50 more a month). It has a yard, is fenced in and is located next to a farm. The folks who would be our new landlords own the farm and are very sweet grandparent-types that seem to be dream landlords, they even offered to waive the security deposit for us because they really want a nice family in their place, plus they don’t care one bit about our dogs, which is rare. Besides having to move all of our things, the only downfalls to the new place are that it needs paint, has one bathroom, doesn’t have a dishwasher and the w/d’s are older. It’s a refurbed older farmhouse, it has all new wiring, hardwood floors (carpeted apt is killing me with the dogs and baby) an energy saving electric water heater and all new insulation.
Since we’ve told my parents that we intend to move out and have found someone to take our place, they have offered now to BUY a house for us to live in. I know, it seems like we are spoiled here but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, I think it makes us reliant on them. They say that they will buy a house that we can purchase from them in the future or, if we want to move out they will just rent it. Of course it is very tempting bc I’m pretty sure my husband and I won’t be ready to buy a house financially for several years, but we haven’t really pursued it. We are also undecided as to whether we want to stay in this area.
Though it can get messy with my parents so involved, I know, I sometimes think it is a luxury that some people would love to have so I wonder, “am I looking a gift horse in the mouth?” Should I just jump on the offer? Finally there is the issue of timing, I don’t know how much I can take another winter in this apartment and pretty soon my son will be walking and I worry about the stairs. The new place is ready to go and buying a home with my parents may take months or it may take a year. We are having such a tough time with this decision so I hope someone can offer some advice or info that we haven’t thought of to help us decide bc time is ticking. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

You should buy. You have a child now and dogs, time for a home for your family.

Jenny asks…

Does anyone have any info on Renter’s rights in NJ? Lease signed @ noon on a fri & terminated verbally Mon am

I was forced to sign it by noon, b/c of other interested renters. Two months later the apt has not been rented and I was told today, Oct 24, that I owe the rent for Oct. I am actively trying to find someone to rent. A friend of mine would like to take the apt for her and her 2 year old. Her husband is fighting in Iraq. She was told that the policy is that a man must occupy the apt with her and her child and was denied. Does anyone have any info on how to get out of this lease? And as far as my friend being denied, isnt that discrimination? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Her husband is leaving for Iraq in December, and will also sign the lease

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, seeing as her husband is in Iraq, he cannot sign the application, lease, etc.

Sharon asks…

I am a 6 years NJ basement renter with no written contract?

do i have a right to legal sui my landlord even w/o written contract for the following reasons: everytime it rains my place got flooded, and for 5 years I stayed there black molds accumulated from floor to wall, now i got health problems bec. of the said black molds, thousands of dollars of my properties destroyed. invation of privacy – they need to go inside my place to reset the circuit breaker everytime their electric tripped because of overload without knocking- even when i am sleeping or i am not in the apartment. one time i am out, my apt was locked, they broke my padlock, get in the apt and changed my padlock without letting me know that they broke and changed it, and they had no plans to let me know or give me a spare key of that door. now we had a big fight, they told me that if am not happy i am free to leave the place. please help of what i am going to do to get justice that they caused me for 6 long years. eventhough we have no written contracts but i do paid them everymonth with my checks for evidence that i am renting their illegal basement rent. please help me

Administrator answers:

The fact that you have lived there for five years and have paid your rent every month may have established an implied lease.

In every rental situation, there are two warranties that always apply that seem directly on point with your situation.

First, there is an implied warranty of habitability. This means that the place should be suitable for living and that the landlord has a duty to make repairs. There may be a remedy of self-help, meaning if you pay to make the repairs, you can subsequently deduct it from your rent. However, this may be a risky move as it may escalate the tension that seems to exist between you and your landlord.

Second, there is an implied warranty of quiet enjoyment. This means that the landlord cannot enter the premises without your permission unless it is to make urgent repairs.

I advise you to obtain a lawyer to further discuss your rights and options. It sounds like you have a case but your best bet would be to find a lawyer who licensed to practice in your state. If you cannot afford a lawyer, perhaps there are free legal services in your community that you could look into.

Good luck.

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