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Your Questions About Apt For Rent In Nj

June 4, 2012

Thomas asks…

Is it legal for landlord to charge rent before lease begins?

I signed a lease in NJ on 8/22 with a starting date of 9/1. They gave me the keys on 8/22 since the apt was vacant. Now they are trying to charge me for 8/22 through 8/31 since they gave me the keys. Is this legal?

Administrator answers:

You legally took possession and moved in 8/22 so you DO owe rent starting from that date. Legally you were on a verbal month to month least from 8/22-9/1.

Steven asks…

I own my home, want to kick roomate out for non payment in NJ?

I am a homeowner in NJ. Last jan. my uncle was evicted from his apt. He needed a temp. place to stay, so I let him stay at my home at no charge. At the end of March I had him sign a month to month lease because it was no longer temporary. Since April I have been receiving some rent from him but not all, sometimes months go by without him paying anything. I want him out of my house asap, what do i need to do?

Administrator answers:

You give him a 3 day pay or quit notice, and then file an unlawful detainer if he fails to vacate.

Helen asks…

is unemployment income calculated as income for rent subsidies?

If someone is on welfare in nj and collecting money from welfare and then given a rent subsidy based on that income,are they ineligible once the welfare stops and they go on unemployment because unemployment is not true income?
I heard you must have some kind of TRUE income to qualify?
Or because they already have it they cant lose it?
Its an apt complex subsidized by the government!
I really need someone in the know about this. thanks

Administrator answers:

Question. How can you draw unemployment if you have not been employed?

As long as you live in public housing you have to report any change in your income as it happens. Unemployment is cash in your pocket, you have to report it to the apartment manager.

Chris asks…

How to get Civil court case (Landlord-Tenant) removed from Credit – Hudson county, NJ?

I rented an apt in Jersey City in January 2009 for 8 months, from condo owner- Landlord. The building management provided amenities – internet/cable TV) which was not provided to me since the landlord was delinquent in payment to management and was in foreclosure. I had to pay monthly checks to management and that would credit towards landlords balance.

Landlord files a eviction case and takes me to court, the judge dismisses the case as it was indicated in bylaws that tenant must pay management in case of landlords delinquency with mgmt. I finished my term satisfactorily.

A year after that i am planning to rent another apt and did a credit check I have 5 eviction cases on my credit report (all are same ones) one show it was dismissed others said new suit, suit pending.

I am very much worried. How can I get it removed totally from my credit? In first case it should not hit my credit since the case was dismissed right? Do you think its a mistake? Which credit bureaus should I approach – Trans union, Experian and Equifax? Please help me. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

This is a court order, you need to go back to the court clerk and get your judgment filed correctly. If they did not file it it will show up as pending forever, no one is going to look at this for you without a request.

The credit agencies do not have legal power to remove court orders from your credit report, only the issuing court/judge can do that.

Joseph asks…

gave a security deposit decided to not take apt. have not signed lease yet can they keep my deposit? NJ?

i decided not to take apartment two weeks prior to move in. i have not signed a lease or any contract saying if i back out they keep my money. all i did was give 1.5 months rent for security deposit. i have to move out of state so i can’t take the place
no they did not give me any receipts because i kept copies of my checks as reciepts. and i signed nothing. they did take off the market for me but never said if i changed my mind they would keep the money. they just asked if i was certain i wanted it. i was at the time but situations arose and now i can not accept the place in good faith.
it was taken off the market back in july and i was scheduled to move in and sign for sept. 1

Administrator answers:

I have a form that prospective tenants sign when they give me a deposit. It states that the deposit paid to hold the apartment will be forfeited and under no circumstances returned if tenant notifies landlord that they do not want apartment. I also have a date I will hold the apartment until…then if it goes past that date, they also lose the deposit. All legal in Pennsylvania. In my opinion, if you signed NOTHING, you have a right to your deposit back. Did it say anything on the receipt they gave you, (if they gave you one). Was their a verbal agreement that it would not be refunded, because that does sometime stick in court. I think you gave them enough notice, but how long was it off the market because the landlord thought you were going to rent it?

EDIT: Wow, that is a long time to hold the apartment. He probably could have rented it many times over during that period of time, with someone that would have signed a years lease. Now with the 2 weeks notice, he will probably lose income he may have had if he didn’t hold it for you all that time. You may unfortunately have a fight on your hand to get that money back. If you take him to court for it, due the long period of time he held that apartment, you may lose. Then, on top of losing your deposit, you will also have additional costs due to court costs and possible his attorneys fees. He might even courter sue you for even more money. You may be SOL, sorry. It was probably a lot of $$ lost on your part.

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