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July 9, 2012

William asks…

Rent not paid , what to do?

Tenants have not paid rent yet for month of Feb. Have not answered phone calls and have not been seen or heard in apt. this month. It’s a 2family home in nj. What should I do?

Administrator answers:

Start your eviction process immediately. It can always be cancelled if it turns out that they were called away for an emergency.

David asks…

How do you know when its time for you to make a major change?

I lived in NYC all my life. But even as a teenager I wanted to live in another state. I lived in NJ for 15 yrs. & loved it but came back to NY bcz I found a really nice apt & lived there for 7 yrs, moved out due to ridiculous rent increases & havent been able to find a nice reasonable place to live since 2001. I’m finding myself hating alot about NY, I dont go out to socialize in NY bcz I get aggravated with the trains, buses and crowds of people everywhere, also the noise & other things & I’m constantly thinking about leaving NY to go south but everything I know & love is here in NY. But I cant stop thinking about the south & how nice it is out there. Apts are quieter & cleaner, rents more reasonable & I can have a dog. I’d also like to live away from my family to start a new life on my own. NY is a great city but I’ve been here all my life & I’m not feeling it so much here anymore.

Does this mean its time for me to make a change? Or am I just being miserable?

In other words,

Administrator answers:

You’d hardly be the first person to leave New York for something different. Of course, New York is an amazing city; it has unbeatable culture, theater, art, music, and museums. But as you point out, it’s also very crowded and noisy, and that can wear on you after a while, as can the weather.

As you point out, you’ve been there all your life. Perhaps it is time to find something to compare it to. You can always move back if you decide you don’t like it in Atlanta or wherever else you might decide to go. I think, though, if you read your own question, you’ve already decided that it’s worth the change. I’d go for it.

Thomas asks…

will i get homestead rebate?

I live in nj.Im 47 yrs old and pay rent to an apt complex.
Im raising 2 kids,4 and 6,alone.
I do work full time.
I filed married but filing seperate.
Will i get homestead rebate for 2008?

Administrator answers:

Only homeowners can claim homestead rebates. I didn’t get a check but my school taxes were reduced by $350

Susan asks…

I need help….single mom w/ 2 boys in south jersey looking for privately owned apt, 14 days to find 1 HELP!!!


Administrator answers:

Try placing a housing wanted ad on craigslist.

Betty asks…

No lease ceiling falling and I want to use Security Deposit for Next months rent?

I have been living in the same apartment for almost 4 years. When I first moved I had a 1 year lease, after the first year I guess Iam considered month to month. The ceiling has been leaking for at least a year, the other day the ceiling started to fall, kitchen, bathroom, hallway. I want to move but like most people cant pay a rent at the current apartment and a security deposit on another apt. I want to use part of my Security Deposit towards my next months rent. Is that legal? Is there a time frame that I have to notify them? I live in NJ!! HELP
I did report it to the landlord when it was just a leak now its falling ceiling. I want to move and use part of the deposit toward Septembers rent and be out by October. I read somewhere that because she has not provided me with interest or banking information I can live out my security deposit -+ the falling ceiling isn’t that inhabitable?.
I dont have a lease do I still need to give 30 days?

Administrator answers:

No it isn’t legal.

You have to give your landlord a 30 day notice that you are moving out. You pay rent for those 30 days.

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