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June 27, 2012

Ken asks…

They let their idiot kid run upstairs ALL DAY LONG!!!!?

I’m going to lose my f****g mind!!! I live in a basement apt. in NYC & I rent it from my bf’s parent’s friends. ( I didn’t know they were @ first). Well, there is a language barrier b/c they speak Spanish but they are able to communicate somewhat in english. I pay $950 for a 400 sqft apt. (I’m not complaining just filling ya in). However I can’t take it when they allow their stupid @$$ little girl to run all day long. I’m easy going. When they have parties once in a while, I never complain. I realize we are all on different schedules but I’m not a heavy-sleeper and these people have constantly woke me up. It gets better…on the weekends when the idiot little girl is finally gone, the brother-in-law blasts his speaker on the floor and it vibrates through the wall…SO forget sleeping in! I have pounded my fist on the wall and he lowers the music. (So obviously you CAN hear when I tap like that). Upon having my bf call SEVERAL times and even me calling nicely once asking for the noise levels to be lowered..I have simply just started to pound my fist on the wall. Apparently the mom-who is such an idiot I don’t even know how my bf’s parents are friends with her- doesn’t get it. So she lets the girl BOOM around all day. I had enough so I kicked the wall so hard my foot went thru it and then she runs downstairs. There is a door that is connected to our place, which is also really annoying b/c they have been so f***g nosy and just sort of knocked and walked right in. I hate this. She comes down and taps on it and gets ready to open it but I yell there’s nothing wrong…It is just loud! Then I walk off to my bedroom and ignore what she has to say thru the other side of the door. How dense can these people be? I’m sick of them pretending that they don’t know any better b/c they can only speak spanish..does that affect their common courtesy? Geesh. Anyhow the inside door is right behind their laundry room & they also decided to put the cat litter down there (which I had to complain about 6 times to have them move). My roomate and two other people mentioned not being able to sleep due to the smell of cat shit. We told my landlord but then one day she had me come inside to give me a package and she tells the cat..go pipi and shooes him..where?..downstairs! After we explicitally told her this smell is keeping everyone up. If you have a cat you know how awful cat crap smells. Well, I have about had enough. Initially when I looked @ this apt. they told my bf they were hesitant to rent to an American (they are South American)..which I thought was BS but it was a good deal and I needed an apt. So finally I moved in. DUde..they aren’t doing me any favors..I pay rent. So why should I have to put up with the noise? No one can even study here. It’s that small constant thumping that can make you wanna pull your hair out when you’re intending to focus on Chemistry. I have been so nice to their little girl & to them..and I feel like my niceness is being taken for granted. The noise still hasn’t stopped..she’s running as we speak! There is constant booming..but I let that pass b/c even though it’s ridiculous to be fixing shit @ 11pm @ night..I’m trying not to be too extreme. My bf’s their house. The thing is though..I am paying rent! They rent parts out of their house to help meet their it’s not like they are doing me any favors. I am SOOOO clean..quiet..and ALWAYS pay rent on time. I have never thrown a party here either. I feel like , b/c they have this comfort zone with my bf’s parents..they just don’t care to stop the noise. I have moved SO many times and I have a great roomate here in the other room (I’m subletting it..) I don’t want to abandon her b/c of THEIR inconsideration. I know this problem isn’t just me. Everyone who has visited here has commented about it. Do I really need to resort to blasting music @ 4am on a weekend or something? I I going to have to stoop that low?
BTW these people are really nosy & my bf is ridic! The lady goes ” Oh I saw you come in late etc. etc.” This is her way of finding when my bf comes and goes and what does he do? He falls into it and is like ” Yeah I am working such and such hours now”. GREAT!

Someone help me before I knock these ignorant people out ! I know it’s their house but I PAY RENT! Is it unfair of me to expect the same treatment as someone who rents an apt? I don’t think so. My idea is..if you want to rent out this place..then keep your stupid kid in check and be courteous. Your noise and cat shit interfere with our sleep and to me..that’s MAJOR.

Thanks for reading this all & I hope to get some REALLLLLL good answers! Even if they are ones that give me bad ideas..maybe that’s what these idiots need!

LMFAO! *phew* Your responses so far are AWESOME. I would like to throw in, that for right now, moving is NOT an option. My roommate is helping my bf get an awesome job and we are renting her a room (she’s awesome by the way) so we don’t want to leave her out in the cold. Also, my other option is to move underneath my bf’s parents. Who probably would charge us half. Yeah, it’s going to be noisy with them as well b/c their culture doesn’t seem to think any volume is too loud..HOWEVER it will be different..I will have to put up with it b/c we are all helping each other. But this not helping me or doing me any favors. I’m paying $950 plus internet a month for a 400 sq ft apartment in Corona, NY (it’s a crummy area but not a complete ghetto).

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, I am going to have to agree with the first poster. I’m not bias, as my Mom’s side of the family is hispanic. But they just don’t seem to value their stuff as much and there is a LOT less order in their houses. The kids run around like savages. When I went to HS I was always envious of all the hispanic kids. They go to do WHATEVER they wanted. Of course I’m not envious anymore b/c they are all parents & never did anything with their lives. It’s quit disheartening.

My suggestion is to call upstairs each and everytime they are loud and pretend you are concerned. Ask them if everything is ok since you are hearing such loud noises. Pretend to be alarmed. If they wanna be fake you can be too! LOL. I had this same exact problem. The lady could only say “QUE?” when I addressed it. It was selective comprehension. The ignorant idiot knew exactly what I was saying but was always pretending to be stupid…or perhaps they really are…? :(

Jenny asks…

Is there a list or a website where i can find for housing rental that accepts public assistance in NYC?

Im trying to get a apt in NYC and I just applied to public assistance. they are willing to pay half the rent while i go to college and work part time. But every management building or landlord doesn’t accept welfare help. Does anyone know? I came back to nyc to finish my college with my two kids from Miami since im getting help from my mom, but no ones if the list even exist. any one that knows would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

One source to find this information is to look in your local newspaper. There are many ads says sec 8 tenants welcome.

Also stop looking at buildings in a certain area. You should call property managers that manage many units. They might have several units under management that accept section 8 clients.

Web sites are a good place to find an apartment or house to rent, if you want to go through the entire list to find one in your state and then city.

The best place to look for places to rent is to go to the yellow pages of your telephone book, look under property managers.

These individuals list properties for rent in certain areas, so make sure you select the areas in which you wish to rent.

Call several of the property managers listed there, tell them you want a list of properties that they have for rent. Some will fax, email or mail the list of local places to rent along with the address, number of bedrooms and bath rooms the cost of the rental also an application.

They might indicate a web site that you might visit to get their list of places to rent. It does not cost to get a rental list from a reputable property manager.

Some will require you to stop by their office and pick up the list. A lot of them post their list outside so the list are available 24/7 360.

Make sure you don’t fall for the scams and purchase a list as 70%-80% of these list are composed of free list they have compiled. They are not the property managers of any property in most instances.

You might also google Property managers in whatever city or community you want to live in and see what comes up. Again do not pay for this information as it is free from reliable property managers.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Betty asks…

I want to relocate to Atlanta from NYC so bad but I’m so afraid?

i’m so sick of NYC. the crowdedness, rudeness, people on top of people, NOISE, the “no pets” clauses in leases & it’s soooo expensive to live here. you make good money in NY but spend 90% of it living here. cant find a nice apt without spending an arm, leg & first born & then you gotta have “good credit” or you get denied. That’s MY experience. i was in atlanta in 2004. had a very nice apt, reasonable rent, quiet, amenities, DOGS ALLOWED & i got the apt with the same credit i have in NYC. i moved there for career reasons, at the last minute, i wasn’t preapred, things didnt work & i came back to NY. after 3-4 months i regretted it. i want to go back but i am SO AFRAID bcz all of my family/friends are here, i know no one in atlanta & i’m afraid i’ll miss my loved ones so much i’ll fall into a deep depression & will cry all the time. but i cant stop thinking about atlanta & how nice & quiet it was when i went in 2004. i dont know how to get over my fears but i’d really like to leave NYC.
also, when i was out there before, after 2 months i cried every day bcz i missed my family. since i’ve been back though, family “relationships” have been strained and there’s been more drama, i hardly go around my family now. but my MOM. i will miss her & i feel like i am doing wrong if i relocate to another state so far away from her & i’m afraid i’ll cry like crazy & wont be able to get thru it. i’d like her to go with me but she doesnt want to leave NYC (not now anywayz). can anyone talk to me and give me their views, experiences or advice? i think about relocating to atlanta more & more each day.

Administrator answers:

Have you considered looking for a place in the NYC suburbs? It sounds like you’re from the area originally so you probably do know, but if you’re willing to commute it sounds like you might be happier taking an apartment somewhere in Westchester/Jersey/Long Island. That could certainly alleviate some of the housing-crush-issues and the crowdedness.

It’s clearly an issue of personal values, but I think you’d regret leaving behind your family and friends just to find a nicer apartment for the money and a dog.

Also, you may think that NYC is too much for you, but if that’s the idea of what a city is for you, Atlanta will be a shock. It’s more like a bunch of suburbs.

Mandy asks…

NYC – need help finding an apt in NYC – will pay $1,000?

email me directly with any questions at:
Anyone who finds me the aptI MOVE into, get’s $1,000 CASH
Need 2 bedroom apartment, for myself, no pets.
Don’t want to use a broker.
Hopefully I’ll find someone w/friends moving out of an apt, knows management companies, search the internet or is hungry and aggressive enough to walk around and get tel#’s of mgt. companies and make calls to see if anything is available…
from 59th-85th street-CPW to West End
59th-85th no further east than 2nd Ave
MAX RENT $3,600
1. TWO BEDROOM (no jr 4/convertible) (1 bathroom ok)
2. MASTER BEDROOM MUST fit a KING size bed (queen ok in 2nd bedroom)
3. POST WAR ELEVATOR BlDG (NO walkups, NO pre-war elevator buildings)
4. HIGH FLOOR AND QUIET (will not move into a noisy apt)
5. DOORMAN is optional
6. LAUNDRY in bldg
7. can move in NOW or within 3 months
8. need PHOTOGRAPHS of outside of the bldg and inside of the apartment THX!!

Administrator answers:

3600 dollars a month for rent? Wow. I’m never, ever moving to NYC. My mortgage isn’t even half that and all my criteria are met.

David asks…

If in NYC, a roommate won’t pay rent or leave & legally nothing can be done how you get rid of them.?

My grandmother has these roommates that have been living in her apt for 13 months and stopped paying for rent 5 months ago. They were asked to leave and they refused. So she took them to court and the court said nothing can be legally done since the 30 day mark was passed. They said to work it out btw themselves and her roommates said they don’t have any money to leave or pay for rent. HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM? These guys are really rude and they’re causing my grandmother health issues from the stress.

*changing locks, any structural changes & physical eviction is illegal

i went through the eviction process and the court said nothing can be done legally and these guys r really messed up they’ll throw this legal stuff in my face so i’m not sure what to do any more

Administrator answers:

Hire some boys from the bronx to come over and throw the squaters shit into the street. Problem solved.

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