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February 28, 2012

James asks…

what are the best free sites for me to post my apt for rent in nyc?

Administrator answers:


Joseph asks…

Subletting a rent-stabilized apt in NYC – need ideas!?

I have a rent-stabilized apt in NYC but now live in CA. According to NYC real estate law, I can only sublet it for 2yrs, after that I have to either move back to it or give it up. I’ve had that apt. for a long time, and the rent now is cheap comparing to similar apts. The 2yr period is almost over, and I am looking for creative ideas of how to keep the apt, if I can. Any advice would be helpful – thanks!!

Administrator answers:

I’m sad that you are trying to do this. Your doing so helps drive up the price of apartments for those of us who actually live in NYC.

Ruth asks…

where would i look (online) to rent an apt in nyc for the night?

i need it for the beginning of august, my friends and i are throwing an apt party so it doesn’t have to be super nice or anything, just a few small rooms (or one big one) would be fine. i’ve never done this before so where can i look/compare prices online? or if you guys find one just send me the link. preferably in manhattan. thank you!

Administrator answers:

Apartments that are for rent in this manner are usually event spaces and if they’re in Manhattan, you can bet they’re expensive (upwards of $4000 for the night).

Apartment parties are usually held by the apartment owner in their own apartment.

Betty asks…

Can a landlord double rent in NYC on a non-rent stabilized apt?

I live in a 2 family house that I moved into last August. I’m paying about $700 for rent and I recently got a letter from my landlord on about August 15th stating that Sept. 1st, he was doubling the rent to $1400, because the market rent for apts in my area are about $2000. Mind you, the apt is 2 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, but I don’t have a living room b/c my landlord is somewhat of a hoarder and ALL of her junk is in the LR. Also, many things in the apt need to be changed/replaced: new windows, a paint job, etc. I cleared out the 2nd bedroom that had a lot of junk as well, painted it and now its usable for my child.

In my opinion b/c the apt still needs a LOT of work, its not even anywhere near worth $1400. It’s not rent stabilized, but I don’t think that she can just double it on me to renew the lease. I can’t afford a rent that high and that doesn’t give me enough time to move out. I told her since April that i wanted to renew the lease. Any info that can help me is greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

When the lease ends, the landlord had the right to adjust the rent. You can either accept the new rent or move. Unless you have signed a new lease, you convert to a month to month tenancy ar the end of the lease, and the landlord can change the rent every month it he wishes.

A lease is for a specific period of time, and after that anything can be changed

Carol asks…

What is the average rent for an apt in NYC?

Thinking of moving – just need to plan my finances.

Administrator answers:

500 sq.ft Studio averages 1400 plus utilities.
Check the NY Post and Times websites for listings

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