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Your Questions About Cheap 1 Bedroom Apartments

April 21, 2012

James asks…

what website can i find a cheap apartment for rent or buy?

right now i live in MN, i have a 1 bedroom apartment and i live alone, the rent coasts me $530 a month, plus electricity bill like $100-.
but im going to need to move out soon because my contract is ending in couple months, and i need to find a rent that i will have to pay less than my rent right now, a studio would be great, around $400 for rent, or cheap to buy would be great! what websites can i find a cheap place?

Administrator answers:

If you search effectively online you can create a quick list of all the apartments that fit your price requirements. Try out some apartment searches that aggregate information from other sites also:

This will help you create a list and start contacting property managers to go see places.

Chris asks…

Cheap 2-3 bedroom apartment in Boston needed?

im moving from Orlando to Boston and im looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment min< 1,000 max, 1,400


Administrator answers:

I love in the Spring Hill neighborhood in Somerville. It takes me about 10 minutes to walk to the Porter Square T-Stop on the Red Line (it is a fast subway line that runs through Harvard Square and into the heart of Boston). I work downtown and my commute takes thirty minutes door-to-door. My wife and i rent a three bedroom apartment for $1350/month. It’s a beautiful old building, but the kitchen is basic and there is no laundry in the building (utilities not included). That is VERY REASONABLE for the Boston area. In fact three apartments in the building just turned over a couple months ago, so these types of deals are fairly available in this area. It is walking distance to many good bars and restaurants in Cambridge, and a 20 minute walk to all the fun times in Davis Square. Other than that it’s pretty quiet . It’s kind of a secret area, and not exactly in the heart of things, but it’s a very good value. You are unlikely to find a 2-3 bed anywhere close to Boston for $1000. Most 2-3 beds run from $1500-$3000.

Donald asks…

Does anyone know of a cheap low-rise apartment in Barrie, Ontario, Canada?

Does anyone know of a low-rise or high-rise (no more then the 3rd floor) apartment in Barrie, Ontario, Canada for no more then $675/month. It can be bach/studio or 1 bedroom apartment. Please NO basement or room in a house. I’m looking for close to shopping and transit. Must include balcony. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

My aunt also lives in Barrie! Try

David asks…

what the best and cheapest vacuum cleaner?

I’m looking for a cheap vacuum for my 1 bedroom apartment. The living room and bedroom are the only spots that have carpet so I don’t need anything big, but I want something that is still going to get the job done well.

Administrator answers:

There are a lot in surplus stores. Seconf hand but still working and really reliable.

Donna asks…

Is this a good deal on a 1 bedroom apartment ?

They manage pest-control , garbage disposal , ceiling fan , wall-to-wall carpeting and refrigerator and stove is equipped with apartment .. $515 a month ? I live in GA everything is walking distance and close to family relatives .. There’s an apartment housing that does 1 bedrooms for 425/monthly .. But I don’t really like the color of the carpet :) I’m picky lol .. I just wanna know being that I know there is cheaper do you still think $515 is a nice monthly fee for 1 bedroom ?

Administrator answers:

Wow, that’s so very expensive.

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