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Your Questions About Cheap 1 Bedroom Apartments

May 4, 2012

Mandy asks…

How much would my power bill be in a small 1 bedroom apt. in Florida?

I have been looking at apartments and have found one that is really cheap. Its a studio apt (meaning it is all one room, bedroom and kitchen connected, no living room, and a small bathroom). I would be gone all day, leaving the lights off for that time, only using the lights at night, charging my cell phone and laptop, having one tv, a microwave, and a stove. Can someone give me an estimate?

Administrator answers:

Look for specials where all utilities are paid. If you can’t find that, I’d say $70-$80 is about avg for a 1br moderate electricity usage.

Mark asks…

a cheap place to live in or at least near boston?

id love to live somewhere near boston, if not IN boston itself.
is there any parts of town that are somewhat affordable?
im aware boston is pricey.
i only need a studio or 1 bedroom apartment.

Administrator answers:

It really depends on where you need to be to work or go to school. You can get some good deals for Oct 1st or later in student areas (Allston, Brighton, Fenway/Kenmore). That’s because schools have all started by then and landlords are looking at an entire winter with no tenants. You are likely to get a 10 or 11-month lease, though.

Parts of Cambridge, Malden, Arlington, Somervile, Quincy. All of these are on the T.

Check Craigslist for an idea of how much each neighborhood runs. Watch out for Roxbury and Dorchester unless you have a friend who really knows those areas.

Sandy asks…

Help With Apartments?!?!?

im trying to help my mom look for apartments plz help!!! we live in west palm beach FL , we need a 3 bedroom apartment and a cheap 1 wud b nice , and if it had a laundry place nd a pool that wud be excellent.. thnx for tha helpp

Administrator answers:

Go to Publix and pick up a book called the Apartment Guide, located just inside Publix on a rack it is a free publication to the general public, it lists all available apartments to rent in the South Florida area, that is your best bet to help you narrow down your search, then go visit the places and see which one suits your mother’s needs, or you can go online to the Apartment Guide (link below) and do a search that way.

Richard asks…

Why is a 2 bedroom apt cheaper then a 1 bedroom or studio?

go this link and see for yourself and tell me…

Administrator answers:

This is the kind of place which assigns you roommates. There will be four people living in the 2 bedroom apt (two per room). Where the one bedroom will only have 2 and the studio, the most expensive, is private.

The prices are listed as per person not per apartment (as apartments usually are). So the 2 bedroom apartment is actually more expensive when you convert rate to a per apartment rate.

George asks…

Where is the cheapest, closest, safe apartment complex near the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command?

I start at power school in a few months, and I’m looking for an apartment very close to base. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be fancy; it just needs to be safe and relatively cheap. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom — any ideas/suggestions?

Administrator answers:

If I remember correctly, the training center is actually in Goose Creek. I looked that up on craigslist, and lo…


and double lo:

(you’ll need to zoom out a lil to see the base)

Find a roomate, or two (likely as not there will be someone wanting to live off base) and you’re set.

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