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June 1, 2012

George asks…

could someone please tell me cheap apartments in B.H,at least somewhere close to the mater dei hospital.?

please i just a need an apartment close to the mater dei hospital,the cost of renting a cheap apartment in belo horizonte(1 or 2 rooms apartment or a studio flat) as well as the standard of living in belo horizonte….how much do I need to carry along with me when traveling.I actually live in hungary and so will be traveling from hungary.

Administrator answers:


There is a good website with information about cheap hotels in Belo Horizonte. I recommend you a close look at . The ones close to Mater Dei are:

Niagara Flat (from R$180) –

Forum Apart Hotel (from R$155) –

Promenade BH Platinum (from R$288) –

For more information, send an email to . They can also help you find apartments in town.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Paul asks…

If any of you live in san diego and know someone who is renting out thier studio apartment for cheap?

If any of you live in san diego and know someone who is renting out thier studio apartment for cheap or if they have a home and is renting out half of it PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT DAFFY15JJ2001@YAHOO.COM. AND IF YOU ARE FRON SAN DIEGO AND YOU KNOW HOW I CAN FIND THE BEST DEALS ON STUDIO APARTMENTS OR HOW I FIND PEOPLE TO RENT THIER HOUSES OUT PLEASE CONTATCT ME. THANKS SO MUCH

Administrator answers:

Try Craigslist, but even in the worst areas your looking at spending $750 per month.

William asks…

helping me find a apartment or studio for cheap in round lake or gurnee IL 60073?

can anyone help me find a small apartment or a small studio for cheap in round lake beach or gurnee in illinois for like 500$ or less?

Administrator answers:

You call that cheap? I have a sweet little 2 bedroom for $250. Mo. Neighborhood could be a little better. O, well.

David asks…

Anyone know where to find cheap apartments around Orlando, FL by the colleges?

I’m looking to move in to an apartment by myself, studios are fine with me, but I can’t seem to find anywhere cheaper than 500. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Well hope i helped since i know there are colleges in orlando i search there and just give you two i wished you gave a more specific location anyway here you go.

Holley Garden Apartments
3435 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL, 32806 (888) 780-3157
1 Bedroom$480+

Maitland Gardens
6750 Woodlake Drive, Orlando, FL, 32810 (877) 808-0197

1 Bedroom$495+

and since there are a lot of colleges IN palm harbor,Fl

3016 Pinewood Drive NE Palm Bay, FL 32905
the pine apartments

1 Bed $403 – $493

2 Beds $472 – $605

Madalyn Landing 500 Malabar Rd SW Palm Bay, FL 32907-2950

One Bedroom/One Bath $450

Landings at Palm Bay 1635 Monterey Drive NE Palm Bay, FL 32905

1 Bed 1 Bath $485-$542

well this all i have try looking over my sources this are just some suggestions think about it

Nancy asks…

does anybody know about any cheap apartments in jacksonville florida?

i need a ceap studio apartment!

Administrator answers:

Maybe one of these would fill the bill:

I have no experience with this company but it might be worth a call:

I wish you luck!

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