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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments

June 15, 2012

Sharon asks…

where can i find a cheap studio apartment in san francisco?

the max im willing to pay is $800 a month, and im going to the acadamy of art universtity so it would be nice if theres on located near there

Administrator answers:

In San Fran the most you will be able to do is to share a room with someone.

Paul asks…

cheap apartments for studios in new york?

Hello, I am trying to find a studio or apartment that I can rent month by month in new york for around $600? I’m 19 single with no responsibilities so size doesn’t matter I just need an okay location as I’m trying to move to new york any recommendations?

Administrator answers:

You won’t find any month-to-month rentals for $600, not even the smallest studio apartments in high-crime or out-of-the-way areas. For that price you would need to find roommates or a room share, and Craigslist is a good place for that.

If you can pay around $1000 you could live in some parts of Brooklyn or Queens, but you would still normally need to sign a year lease.

Nancy asks…

Cheapest studio apartments in California?

Are there such apartments/living/housing with rent around $300?
Or what is the cheapest possible?

Administrator answers:

It is hard to search cheapest apartment or housing rent in california, But you can try this source:

Lisa asks…

What are the absolute cheapest apartments in Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem, and Queens, New York City?

I would not mind living in the ghetto as long as I don’t get shot, stabbed, or robbed on the way to the subway. Other than that I was thinking of even renovating a really messed up looking apartment if that was needed. The cost in NYC is sky rocketing. Need to know my neighborhood options. Studio apartments, 1 – 2 bedrooms. Nothing fancy, just a place to live is all. Thank You

Administrator answers:

I was in your predicament not too long ago. I came from a small town in the south to NYC, where the cost of living is so high as compared to home. However, my friend referred me to a website where i was able to rent an apartment near Midtown Manhattan. The cost isn’t too steep, and it’s probably one of the more safe neighborhoods in the area.

Lizzie asks…

Cheap holiday/short-let apartments or hotels in London?

my friend is coming to London for two weeks – does anyone know of any nice but affordable studio apartments or hotels in central/west London? Most of the places I’ve seen would cost minimum £1000 for two weeks – too expensive! thanks

Administrator answers:

Try this website

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