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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments

June 30, 2012

Lisa asks…

Where to look for studio apartments in Chelsea Massachusetts?

It’s ghetto but really cheap…and girll I like money

Administrator answers:

Craigslist is very widely used in the Boston area. Here’s a link to the listings with the keyword “Chelsea:”
You can type in your maximum desired rent amount too so you can see only those that are in your range. Good luck!

Donald asks…

I am asking for a cheap studio or small apartment in Melbourne, Australia for a month starting in January 2007

Administrator answers:

Here is a apartment site. I used it to find my apartment while living in Melbourne. You can narrow your search by price, area, and bedrooms.


Susan asks…

Would this be an okay bed for a studio apartment?

Moving out soon. I don’t have any furniture to take with me. I am buying all new stuff. (well, new to me.) Since it’s cheaper to have a studio apartment I thought about a futon and I noticed Walmart seems to have some decent looking ones and really cheap too. Do you think Walmart would be a good choice or should I try some place different?

Administrator answers:

A futon is a futon. They’re all pretty much the same.

Look for the MATTRESS that is the most comfortable to you.

Or buy a day bed, and any twin size mattress you want.

Ken asks…

I found a cheap apartment ($335) a month ( studio)?

but i forgot to ask them about the bills.
at the apartment i am in now, which i pay ($385) a month, i have to pay for the water and electricity and gas is on them.
but do you think i have to pay for all the bills at the cheaper apartment?
if not what bills do you think i have to pay for?

Administrator answers:

Different apartments you pay different stuff. ASK, first. Also, check out the neighborhood at different times of day and night before moving there. You can check with the utility companies what the average cost is.
Don’t forget the costs and aggravation of moving, too.

James asks…

Booking Holiday in Malia: What does ‘studio sleeps 2 or 3 people really mean’?

Am booking a holiday for myself and 3 friends in Malia for June. We’re looking for cheap self catering and an apartment company describes theirs as being able to:
‘Studios sleep 2 or 3 whilst the 1 bedroom apartments sleep 3 with a single bed in the kitchen area’

What does this mean for cheaper studio option, does it really have 3 beds??

Thankyou for any help/advice you can give :)

Administrator answers:

Studios don’t have a separate bedroom just the one room with 2 beds and a pull out sofa bed, this is the 3rd bed. Hope this helps.

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