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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments

July 4, 2012

Paul asks…

How much money should you have saved to move out of the state?

How much money should I save up before I finally decide to move out of here? I live with my grandpa and I want to move to Chicago by myself in my own apartment. A cheap studio apartment. I have 900 dollars saved right now. Is that enough to buy a plane ticket, find a place and start working right away? I don’t have to worry about transportion since I’ll be in a big city. Also, how safe is it for a single 18 year old female to live by herself in the city?

Administrator answers:

No you should have atleast $4,000

Lizzie asks…

Can I get a studio apartment with bad credit.?

Ok I am trying to get a studio apartment no more then 750, but I checked my credit score and still has not gotten better. I have a credit score under 600, but I can’t wait for it to improve so will anybody rent me a studio I have a good paying job so will that help and I haven’t missed a payment of anykind for about 8 months. And if anybody knows were there are some cheap studios and I mean cheap let me know thank you.

Administrator answers:

The only way you may be able to get one is not only qualify on the income portion (no more than 1/3 of your take home pay), but offer a double security deposit. That shows a landlord you are less of a risk than your credit report shows.

Mark asks…

Which outskirts of london is really cheap to rent a room or 1bed studio /apartment with minimum security ?

Administrator answers:

Barking and Dagenham area is as cheap as anywhere; very multi-racial, as is most of London. I have a student friend who was paying £50 per week for a VERY small room in Woolwich; that is about as cheap as they come. You need to check what is, or is not included
(gas/electricity/water/telephone bills, etc.
Beware of scammers using Gumtree; do not pay any deposit/rent without viewing first!

Michael asks…

Whaich neighborhood in Philadelphia should I move to?

I am looking for a cheap studio apartment, in an area that is safe, and has alot of hip type coffee shops etc. I work on my laptop in coffee shops most of the day. Also, if you can tell me some cool coffee shops, where I d be comfortable going, and hanging out, that would be great.

Administrator answers:

There are some nice areas in South Philly that are reasonably priced. You can also consider the Northeast, things are spread out a bit more there. The prices will be a bit higher too. You will be farther away from center city also.

Ken asks…

How much do aparments cost in Myanmar?

I’m looking for furnished, stove, fridge, shower studio apartment, cheap. Roughly what does that cost in Myanmar, what is cost of living?

I know I can get apartments in Thailand for about $100 usd a month, and Myanmar’s GDP is about 1/4 that of Thailand, would it be at all safe to assume that cost of living for me would be about half of Thailands? Any information will be helpful. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You wouldn’t be able to just go and live there and if you got a job, they would provide you with housing, so it wouldn’t matter.

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