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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments

July 7, 2012

Ken asks…

What are some affordable studio apartment in Seattle?

I’m a 19 yr old looking for a cheap apartment in a good neighborhood

Administrator answers:

I would look at South Seattle which is cheaper than N.E. Or Capitol area.

John asks…

Studio in BOISE,IDAHO.??

Does anyone know where abouts in Boise to get a cheap, and I mean cheap studio apartment, possibly under $350 bucks a month.
please help.
thank you.

Administrator answers:

Try looking on craigs list……..a lot of people put their rentals on their as then they don’t have to pay for a paper ad.

Mary asks…

Whats a good site for cheap apartment shopping?

I want to rent in Vancouver ,Canada
ONly for one person, so a small apartment or studio would be fine.

Administrator answers:

You could try and go through the housing ads. I use Kijiji all the time – it is fabulous.

Steven asks…

Does anyone know where to find cheap apartments in medford area?

I am trying to move out of my parents house for the first time, and I am looking for an apartment/duplex/studio in either medford or central point area. I kind of have a budget of up to $500, thats about all I can afford. Does anyone have any suggestions or offers?
Medford, Oregon area to be specific thanks.

Administrator answers:

May not be able to find affordable housing on that budget. Consider a roommate for a better apartment.

Mandy asks…

Cheap costs of renting an apartment?

I live in Kansas and in Wichita it’s quite possible to rent an all bills paid studio apartment in a decent area for between 300.00 and 400.00 a month. Recently I’ve been trying to move outta state and I’ve found that we have it quite good here almost everywhere Ive looked it’s alot more expensive. Even though it sucks living in Kansas. What do you guys pay for apartments in the states or cities you live in. Which is the cheapest and most expensive cities out there?

Administrator answers:

My deposit was more than that. When I was looking at one bedrooms in Orange County, CA it was $1300 a month. I ended up getting a Dual Master apartment with a roomate and its $1615 a month and thats a GREAT deal for the area we live in. I think the income is relative to the price of housing. I’m sure I wouldn’t be making the same amount if I was living in Kansas.

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