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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments

October 9, 2012

Daniel asks…

Teens: Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

I will be 27-28. I can imagine living in a very small and cheap studio apartment, working as a Paralegal. I wouldn’t have cable or landline telephone. I would just enjoy life, and use the internet a lot. I would put my best effort into the job. Also, I would give to charity.

BQ: Where do you see yourself in 30 years?
BQ2: Where do you see yourself in 50 years?

Administrator answers:

In your pants

Donna asks…

Is it possible to find a studio or apartment in Manhattan for around $500 a month?

I dont know to some people this may be a stupid question but in the future i want to move to manhattan. I don’t care if its not the nicest place. Preferably studio so its cheaper. Right now I’m in my senior year. Soon i’ll join the Marines and save up for the 4 years I’m there. After that most likely college. Do many students in new york universities do this?

Administrator answers:

Sorry, you would need a lot more than $500 to rent a studio or apartment in Manhattan.

Check out the prices of these apartments . Some are $2,000 a month.

Richard asks…

Residence to break into acting (movies) UK ?

So I’m looking for a cheap studio apartment in UK, but the problem is that I also need for this accomodation to be tactically positioned on a place where I can move around auditioning.
I’ve been googleing around and london seems to be the best place for acting but the living costs are extremely high. and which I cant apparently afford on a regular basis.

So, I’m looking for:

A good place (like studio apartment, or at least something where I can have my privacy) cheap enough to move around auditioning for movies.
I don’t really care for sight or neightbor or anything.
My first prioorities are privacy, time/money conservation and a flexible place to move around.

Anyone has any suggestions ?

Administrator answers:

First off, look at they do a houseshare/studio/bedsit list of residences – but NEVER give money before you are physically in the room as there can be scams.
Buy ‘The Stage’ newspaper, it lists loads of industry auditions and agents, etc. Invaluable source of UK casting information.
London has an excellent subway system so it doesn’t really matter where you are, you can travel to any of the six zones within one hour. The closer you get to the centre the more expensive (usually)
Good luck

Michael asks…

Cheap but decent places to rent in ohio?

I am looking for an apartment studio one bedroom or possibly a house lol. anything but i need it cheap since I am in school. we can probobaly do something around $400 a month. We go to Raymond Walters which is in blue ash but work in Mason/West Chester. so something that is around 15 minutes or so from each or one. please I have been searching for hours!!! any advice thanks!.

Administrator answers:

Its about a 25-30 min drive from where i live in mason (downtown) but you might want to check out Robby Ridge (and what ever the place next to it is called) in Milford off 275. If you get off at the milford blanchester exit coming from mason take a right go down to the 6 way stop light and take a sharp left. Its behind a small little strip mall (kinda run down looking and only 3 stores or so) up the hill. On the right is cheap 1-2 bedroom apts, on the left is studio’s. I can tell you their not the nicest places ever but their in a good area of town with alot within walking distance (kroger, rallys, friches, i could go on and on).

Or you can always go down to the city… But i like to work down there live up here myself.

Robert asks…

What do the Local people do in Nantes, France?

What do people do in Nantes, France? I mean the locals? I’ve already searched the tourist sightseeing things online, so I don’t need help with that. I want to know about the culture and the people of Nantes. If you live in Nantes, what do you like about it? what do you not like about it (other than the weather)? How is it (and the people) different from other french cities? what is fun and boring? I want to know what it’s like! I’m thinking of moving there.

Also, if you know, what are some good (yet cheap) areas to look for studio apartments that would still be in a central part of town?


Administrator answers:

You would likely receive more informative answers to this question if you asked it on Yahoo answers France.

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