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October 11, 2012

Chris asks…

Live in car, or live without car?

There are two options:
live in my car, paying insurance, gas, and all of that.. or get rid of the car, and live in a cheap studio apartment.
Which would you pick?
in the car, i might be able to get around places to for a job or something, but it might be noticeable that i live in it, and i wouldn’t have a place to shower…
in a studio apartment, i would have to find a job nearby, but i could be clean and (arguably) safer..
Thanks for all of your opinions! Really.
I was leaning towards selling the car also, so it is reassuring to know I’m not alone with that thought. You all gave good reasons too.

Administrator answers:

Live without it. I would rather not have a car than be HOMELESS.

Linda asks…

What do landlords look for when doing a credit check?

I am preparing to move to Virginia within the next couple months. However, my credit is absolutely shot because of my student loans. I have been making payments on it, but it’s only been one small payment here and there for quite some time due to bouncing paychecks, and also being out on disability. I spoke to my old landlord, and he said that it depends on the landlord. If it’s a cheap studio apartment for $450/month, then they might give a little more slack than if someone was looking at renting a three bedroom apartment for $1000/month. I don’t know how true that is though.

Obviously, I have noticed that many landlords require credit checks. How in depth do they go?

Administrator answers:

Typically large rental agencies will verify credit checks and background checks before leasing an apartment, however if you find a 4 family, or a privately owned apartment they may not.

I would stay away from large complexes and look more closely at duplexes, 4 families, upper/lower flats, or something along those lines. If the ad has you call an individual the chances of them doing a check are slimmer.

This does not negate you from your responsibilities to your student loans. I would contact the company holding the loan and talk to them. Most of them will work with you and reduce your payments to a lower monthly amount.

Good luck!!

Mandy asks…

Locating cheap art studio nearby in Virginia?

I’ve played around in Google some but can’t seem to locate a good website for researching about art studios located around Waynesboro, Virginia. ( zip 22980)

I’m fresh from college and will be moving in to an apartment soon as I marry and I doubt they will like it if I drag out my paints and various supplies and make a mess of things in there. So I need a place to make a mess that can hold all my art supplies and not cost me an arm and a leg

any ideas of good websites that list studios in my area?

I honestly have no clue where to begin looking or what might be reasonable or if such a thing exists in my area.
1st answer:
so how would I locate these areas? just go up to people asking if they mind me hanging around in their shed or garage?

Administrator answers:

I’ve never looked for a studio outside of a city where there are specific listings for art studios. But I wonder if you could just contact rental agents in the area and tell them your situation. If they’ve been in the area for a while, they might know someone — residential or commercial — who’d be willing to rent a vacant room or area for not much money.

In Brooklyn, NY, I currently pay $450/month for about 250 square feet, which here is a pretty good price. But I’d think you could find that for much less in your area. Maybe half? Just guessing on that.

Michael asks…

Moving outside the country help!?

A few years ago I went to switzerland and fell in love with Lucerne, my favorite place I’ve ever been!

I’ve lived/worked/schooled in the midwest my entire life and now that I’m graduating from college soon and have to get a job I don’t want to get on here and be stuck here for the next 40 years.

I was wondering how hard/expensive it is to move to another country? What are the steps involved? I was thinking about applying to any job openings in the area and getting a cheap studio apartment or something just so I can be over there…can’t find any information online about making this huge transition.

I realized life is too short to not do the things you want to do but I need help! Any info would be great, thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Contact the Swiss consulate for paperwork and advice. Info may be out of date but Switzerland used to allow guest workers into the country for 6 months and then you had to leave the country for six months. As a good waiter you earn enough to live comfortably in southern Mediterian for the 6 months you are out of Switzerland. I did it for a little over a year before I went in service.

Daniel asks…


i know this sounds a bit crazy to do but where i am now i am miserable, i move to fl. once before out of anger, it was just me and my child, i was alrady homeless because of my mom so i went down to an orlando shelter, suprisingly i was there less than a month, went to trans. housing where i found a job and everything, but i was young and got homesick now i am back here in il. i have 2 kids now and i miss fl. so bad, what should i do, my work exp, goes as far as call centers i am not college educated although i would love to go to college, i cant wait another 5 yrs to finish up here then look for work down there because i think i will have the same dillema, i want to get a cheap studio apartment until i get better is this right? my heart is telling me go for it like i did the last two times before but something is holding me back. i just dont know what it is.

Administrator answers:

Please don’t move without a job. What about your kids??? You got your family here with you and maybe that’s why you kept coming back when things were hard. You’ve already done it twice…hello…think retionally as you do have two kids to take care of. It is not fare for them to be part of your uncertainty. If you really really want to move to fl, try to get a job BEFORE moving. At the samething, maybe you can figure out what’s holding you back or keeping to in il. Good luck!

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