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October 14, 2012

Donald asks…

I don’t know where I’m at………. in life?!?!!?

I am 17, almost 18. I don’t want to go to college. I know that is really not wise, but I am not about to waste my parents money on something I will more than likely just half a*s. I want to move to Seattle, get a job or 3, live in a cheap studio apartment, start a band and live an un-sheltered life for once. I don’t really know how I can just up and do that though. I am looking for some guidance, and it would really help if you had some.



Administrator answers:

You know, a lot of the time I wish I hadn’t bothered going to college, so I don’t think that’s unwise. You can always go later in life anyway if you change your mind.

Well if you want a job in Seattle, start sending job applications to Seattle! Then move there, get an apartment and hopefully get involved in the music scene.

If your parents are willing to pay for college, maybe they would be willing to offer you a small start-up loan (say $5000) so that you have enough money to move and get settled before your first pay-check.

Robert asks…

buying real estate out-of-state?

My husband and I live in Topeka and are have been looking for investment property in Chicago. Our jobs are in jeopardy, so this would be a means for regular income. My son goes to college in Chicago and has been working with a realtor, viewing properties, telling us which ones are worth making an offer on. He found a cheap studio apartment (under 20K)! That means we won’t need a mortgage, since we could pay cash. There are 2 issues we need help with:

1) We live too far and our work schedules don’t afford any in-person transactions. Is it possible to buy the property from Topeka by just, signing/faxing, etc. Or, do we need to be there for closing?

2) My husband could buy it jointly with my son, since they have a joint checking account. My son is financially independent, receives financial aid, and doesn’t want to jeopardize losing his financial aid. Will buying jointly be publicly recorded as an asset of my son’s if he’s buying it for us, but it belongs to my husband? HOW CAN WE PUT ONLY MY HUSBAND’S NAME — or, better yet, an LLC — ON THE TITLE?

3) We’d prefer an LLC, but don’t know if we could form one in the 30 days before closing. Since we’d rent it, we want to form an LLC to ensure we’re not sued (we don’t have much personal savings, but we have some, as well as retirement funds, and 2 cars). How can we best go about ownership via an LLC. Is a sole proprietorship best in the case of a fairly inexpensive investment property?

THANKS so much for your input! :-)

Administrator answers:

While you could do it sending things back and forth, another option would be to make your son power of attorney specifically for the purchase. Then the closing (making payment and getting the deed) could be handled all at once.

Someone would also need to manage it so if something springs a leak in the middle of the night there is someone to call that can promptly take action before further damage (possibly to other apartments below).

Helen asks…

There are somethings that truly amazes me about life like…Why does the sun always shine, Why are?

there stars in the sky & Why do we have 4 seasons…But the one thing that truly amazes me about being on this earth is how an ordinary black guy like myself can always attract Heavy Set White Women. No Joke. I work at burger king,live in a cheap studio apartment & drive a ford focus & have plenty of Heavy Set White Women always wanting to get with me. It’s like a walk in the park getting these women to do anything & everything I want. I love being treated like a king. And the beauty of it is..I don’t have to spend any money! Good for me, because I’m always broke.

Here is my question. What attracts Heavy Set White women to us black men. Maybe you also have made these observation in your home town as well.

btw, this is not a racist question. I love my race & I love me some Heavy Set White Women!

Diary of a Black Man
For Reals

Administrator answers:

My experience is the opposite…when I was heavy (and I was obese for a number of years), I got more attention from black men than from any other race…I didn’t go after them (or anyone at the time), but they complimented me and hit on me…

I considered it a cultural thing…that black guys (in general) have less of an issue with heavy women than guys of other races (in general) do…

For Reals…

Betty asks…

What do local people do in Nantes, France?

What do people do in Nantes, France? I mean the locals? I’ve already searched the tourist sightseeing things online, so I don’t need help with that. I want to know about the culture and the people of Nantes. If you live in Nantes, what do you like about it? what do you not like about it (other than the weather)? How is it (and the people) different from other french cities? what is fun and boring? I want to know what it’s like! I’m thinking of moving there.

Also, if you know, what are some good (yet cheap) areas to look for studio apartments that would still be in a central part of town?


Administrator answers:

Hi !
I’m a French girl leaving in Nantes.
Nantes is a nice town with a very long history (well, like any other French town ;-) . What I have often heard from foreigners is that Nantes is a little Paris, but cleaner ;-)
You can have long walks downtown, there is a lot to see. Lots of shops, cafés, restaurants, and so on.
You can visit the “Château des ducs de Bretagne” and its museum. You also have a very nice “Musée des Beaux-arts” to see old and modern paintings, it’s gorgeous…
The place where young people meet is the “Place du commerce”.From there, you can go everywhere.
If you like parks and gardens, you can go to the “Jardin des plantes” (French style) or to the “Ile de Versailles (Japanese style).
The symbol of the town is its tramway, you can use it to go everywhere in town.
The “Nantais” can look cold to you if you know only people from the South of France, but are very warm compared to people from Paris (they’re nice and they smile…).
If you get to know them, you won’t be disappointed.
Nantes’ history is connected to the history of Bretagne, and we still have lots of traditions coming from there (go to a “Fest Noz” for example, it’s a traditional dance contest where you can also taste our “crêpes” and “galettes” (mmh, delicious).
And Nantes is not far from the Atlantic (about 40 minutes by car, but you can take the bus or the train). People often go to the seaside on week-ends to rest or to sail, to have picknicks when the weather is good, etc.
If you’re looking for a studio, here are some good links:

Sandra asks…

Cheapest San Francisco, CA apartments? Pls advice?

I will be moving to San Francisco, CA next week for my first job. I will not be earning that much and I was hoping I could rent a 1 bed room or studio apartment for around $1000 or less.

Is $1000 a realistic budget to rent an apartment in San Francisco?

Do you know any good apartments or any apartments at all for that budget in San Francisco?

I do not have any previous credit history. I want to be able to make a previous deposit to rent the apartment.


Administrator answers:

You can probably find some on Craigslist, but i dont know you can get rent anything, given that you have no previous credit history. You almost always need this in order to be able to rent. Avoid the Bayview, Tenderloin and Sunnydale areas, unless you want to live in “the projects” type of area.

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