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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments In New York

May 12, 2012

Michael asks…

New York Neighborhoods?

I’m moving to New York in July 2012 and would like to know which neighborhood is the best(and safe) place to live and has easy access to public transportation to LaGuardia airport and Manhattan. I will be transferring with my job to LaGuardia so I’ll have to get to the airport 5 days a week, plus I plan to spend a lot of off time in Manhattan. =]

So far I’ve looked into:

Jackson Heights

I’ll be able to afford up to $1500 a month on rent. The cheaper the better, but not too cheap to where it’s an unsafe area or really crappy and dirty. So if you can recommend any nice apartments to live in, in your recommended neighborhood that would be great! Preferably Studio with Laundry on site.


Administrator answers:

I think the neighborhoods you mention above seem ideal. Looks like you’ve done your homework.

Now may I suggest you spend the money on a real estate agent? Yes it will cost a bit more upfront but you’ll be far more likely to find an affordable apartment that you actually like.

Good luck.

EDIT: Though I often like Tham’s answers (usually when he writes about Brooklyn) his answer below is misleading at best.

MANY hip young people live in all of he above neighborhoods. Astoria in particular is far from “gritty” these days.

Tham sounds like he has a very outdated memory of these areas. Astoria began gentrifying in he 1980s and Jackson Heights has been gentrifying since the 1990s. Sunnyside is more recent, but is becoming desirable.

Of course, as with all of NYC, there are good sections and bad sections of every neighborhood, and real estate ads will fatten call a property by the name of a more desirable area in order to trick you into thinking you’re getting something you’re not. You still have to be careful.

But these are good choices for someone who has to be near both Laguardia Airport and Manhattan.

Ruth asks…

I want to move to usa but not sure where?

I am currently a uk citizen,but am thinking of relocating to America, I’m not sure where abouts to move to. I would prefer somewhere in New York, but would like some advice on which areas people think are best to live in. I would be looking for somewhere where I could get a studio apartment/ 1 bedroom for relatively cheap (If possible around $800 a month including bills)

Administrator answers:

Before relocating to the US you should do some homework. England encompasses 244,820 square kms while the state of New York encompasses 141,299 square kms, roughly 1/2 the size of England. And that’s one state out of 50. Can you find an apartment for $800 US in New York state? Yes. Can you find an apartment for $800 US in New York City? No. $800 US in NYC will rent you a parking space (heated, with security cameras). What kind of work do you do? Who will sponsor you? Assuming you have a skill that is needed in the states, is it a skill that is needed more in a city or in the suburbs or countryside? Once you have determined that you are employable, that you will be accepted by immigration, then you have to decide whether you want to live in the NE, Mid-Atlantic, S, Central, Plains, SW, West Coast etc. THEN you can start to look at housing costs. Good luck.

Nancy asks…

How can I build a vocal booth and not damage my floors or my wall?

I refuse to spend any more for studio time in new york, this is ridiculous. Please let me know what goes into building a vocal booth in my apartment? in can be cheap so long as a minimal amount of sound comes out of the booth.

can it be as easy as a 3×3 foot booth built with 8 slabs of wood with insulation inside? How can I protect my floor? It’s hardwood. is a carpet good enough?

Administrator answers:

Awesome question, and voice actor Harlan Hogan ( has totally got this covered.

Look at his simple yet effective portable setup here:
(and here)

Genius. He claims it yields warm, excellent sound.
He also notes that if your house is loud, you can drive yourself to a more peaceful place and record with your cheap yet successful rig in your car. Then you’re only out the price of gas, that little Target cube, and some foam. Take that, studio prices!

To address your concern about sound coming out of the booth, and I see no reason why you couldn’t create this rig in your 3×3 scale. Firstly, construct the booth as you plan to, attach the pyramid foam, and set up your mic. I think foam on the floor would be best.

Check out his books, too, if you haven’t yet. I wish you success! Voice acting can bring in great pay, and you shouldn’t have give your hard-won cash to some studio. :)

Mary asks…

Need some Immediate Help on renting a studio apartment, please !!!?

I can’t stay at my home any longer. my dad and mom are emotionally abusive and my bro is the same , no exception,
I am living in a time bomb manufacturing company. It’s that tense..

i wanna move out please help me
i live in Rockland county , it’s the south of new york ( 30 mins from the city )…
Can you tell me if any of these places are close to my county ?

catskills new
chautauqua new
elmira-corning new
hudson valley
long island
new york city
plattsburgh-adirondacks new
watertown new

p.s: i am asking only these places,because these are the only ones that are listed in Craig’s List !( they have cheap 1 bed room apt’s )

also p.s: i dn’t wann live in long island and new york city ( went to school there , it wass too depressing for me )

Administrator answers:

Do u have a car? Drive and check out the area and see if its a good fit for you and if its where u feel comfortable living.

Lizzie asks…

Live cheap tha Bronx – 2000$ a month?

How can I live for only a small amount of money?
I can get a 900$ studio-apartment, and don’t buy luxuries, but how can I save money on food, electricity?

What jobs can I get, where I’m earning about 2000$ a month, with a high school degree?

How many percents is the taxes in new york?

!” Please, no answers about, “get a education”, I am going to get my self a education so I’m secured, but I would like to live laid back for a while. “!

Administrator answers:

Let’s say minimum wage is $6. 8 hours a day that’s $48 dollars a day. About 24 days in a work month. That’s $1152 a month.

You only need to find a job that will pay about $11 dollars an hour and work full time (working overtime wouldn’t hurt).

Save money on food by only buying the essentials, not eating out, and cooking yourself. You can save a lot of money on electricity by not using the air or heat, not using the tv as much, turning off lights, etc.

It’s very doable.

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