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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments In Nyc

February 24, 2012

Charles asks…

What is the most rock bottom cheap price you could find for a studio apartment in NYC?

Cheap, I don’t care if it’s roach infested or the size of a closet or what. As long as it’s not in a horrible part of town (bad is ok just not horrible).

Administrator answers:

$800 basement studio apt in a private house (they exist)
$900 in a crappy building
$1000 ^ in a normal nice building
All of that is estimated, and in good neighborhoods, sometimes you can get lucky and get a good apt for your price

Donald asks…

Cheapest area in NYC metro area for a studio apartment rental?

I want to be about 30-40 minutes away from the heart of Manhattan by transit (at most). It can be in any of the boroughs or in Jersey, or whatever, it doesn’t matter, I’m looking to spend the least for a studio apartment. Any tips? I could cut my expenses with a roommate but I don’t want to get one.

Administrator answers:

Any of the outer boroughs, Staten Island I think is a hassle, and Jersey you could try Jersey City. A roommate be the best thing for you to do initially for a little while, make it a tad easier but I understand not wanting one. Go to and see whats available out there right now.

John asks…

Why are Studio or Apartment expensive in NYC?

I been Living in NYC, Staten Island. for about 17 years
And I seen Ad posting, studio for 5,000 a month
Why so much
i seen some cheap one like 1,000 a month but it wasn’t in a good neighborhood.

Administrator answers:

It is nyc. And it a good place to live

Nancy asks…

Cheap apartment in NJ that closes to NYC?

I need a studio in NJ. I will be working in New York City. I have a car, so I can drive to a train station. Where can I find a cheap and safe apartment in NJ?

Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Go to and check it out.

Jenny asks…

where is the cheapest place to live? Hollywood hills in LA or in a studio apartment in Manhattan, NYC?

Administrator answers:

Im gonna go out on a limb and say they are both probably the same. Cost of living, rent, the whole thing.

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