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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

October 24, 2012

Susan asks…

How much does it cost to live in america?

Is it cheaper over there? how much money would i be out to move into a standard apartment etc
id really love to live there

Administrator answers:

Its a big country so you need to narrow it down. NYC, Chicago, and California are very expensive. Small towns, the south and middle of the country can be many times cheaper.

Donald asks…

Where should I live next summer?

I want to get an apartment next summer somewhere out of the US. I’m looking for a place kind of exotic…but most importantly with warm people. I spent last summer in Morocco and I have travelled a little bit thoughout Europe. I was thinking maybe Sri Lanka, Greece, Veitnam, or somewhere in South America. the cheaper the better- i love to live rugged and i want some place me out travelers…

Administrator answers:


One of the most beautiful, peaceful, etc..etc…places in the world!

William asks…

Looking to stay in South America cheaply?

I want to stay in south or central america, but which country is the cheapest, and what prices can I expect as far as rent/hotel?

Can you please tell me the following things:
1. Which country do you think is cheap
2. How much will a studio apartment or 1 room apartment cost, and in what area of that country will I find those prices
I mean in an area where I wont most likely be kidnapped as well. I’ve stayed in Thailand and Malaysia by myself, so I have basic street smarts, but I’d rather not live in an unsafe area.

Administrator answers:

Everything is relative dude, if you bring dollars or euros nothing will be expensive for you in most of South America, if you came to Venezuela you won’t have problems.

Robert asks…

I am movieing out from my parents soon….. any info i need to know?

Ok i have fast food experience. And i have a good cheap apartment. ill be making 1000 bucks a month part time at like mickey ds. and rent is like 250 utilities included.

And my question is about taxes insurance and so on. What taxes do i need to worry about. Is it just income????? And is there any law saying i have to have health insurance or life insurance or apartment insurance and so on????

right now i don’t have a car or license. i have about 1400 bucks in the back now

Ounce i move out i really dont want to move back… obviously why……

and is it illegal is out source my insurace…. like get insurance from another country to cover me while im in america.. like heath insurace…..i know how things are cheap in other counties :)

im in michigan…..and im an american citizen…..but i have indian(eastern) blood….so i am asian-american.
ok i checked my bank statements…. it was more like 45 days working part time to earn 1225 bucks..

and the apartment is in a college town. 2/3 of all people are college students. thats why its soo cheap

and i did grad from high school and i took the act and got an 20. i did good on the math.

the reason why i ask abt the insurance is cuz when ur comming from another country u can get the insureance from the country and take it along with you or u can just buy it in the that country your going to.
and income tax is all i need to worry about??? that good. thanks everybody

Administrator answers:

Rental insurance cannot be required by a landlord. The landlord has no duty to require that you protect your stuff. The property owner has insurance to protect their property.

You are not required to have health insurance, but it can be kind of scary not to have it.

You’ll be required to get car insurance if you get a car. GET YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE NOW!!! The insurance you’ll pay when you get a car depends on your years experience as a licensed driver, not your age. Hold off on getting a car if you can. It’ll eat up that $1400.00 pretty quick.

You can likely bring home around $1,000.00 a month working full time at minimum wage. (40 hours a week, at $7.40 an hour). Count on closer to about $800.00. With rent at $250.00 a month, you should be making enough to live, but things may be a little tight.

You won’t really need to worry about taxes. Your employer will take out enough from your paycheck to cover your tax burden at the end of the year.

You cannot outsource insurance. Any insurance company that tells you they will do it will only take your money and never (and I truley mean NEVER) pay you on a claim no matter how entitled you are to one. Any insurance company operating outside of the US for US covered insurance is a fraudulent operation already operating outside the law. Even if they issue you ‘proof of insurance’, it will be a false document, as a company outside the US cannot legally insure you.

Insurance doesn’t work that way anyway. You’d be buying a policy based on risk to cover your expenses / damage HERE in the US, which would be for US prices. It would be cheaper to insure you when you’re in another country because covering your expenses would be less.

Maria asks…

18 year old from uk wanting to move to america ; help.?

Ok im 18 and want to move to america from the UK and i was wondering what i would need, would i need anything like my national insurance number, where’s the best place to go, and generally just need some advice, not really in the big city’s bit in small towns where they are apartments and where its a litte cheaper then some places like new york, any advice/help would be appreciated alot thanks.

Administrator answers:

Unless you are independently wealthy, have family already in the USA who will act as sponsors, or obtain a fiancé/fiancée visa you will need a job to move to the USA. You need a sponsor (employer) for a work visa – you can’t apply for one on your own.


Check with US companies in the UK and UK companies with offices in the USA. For example, Hilton and Marriott hire international staff as interns.

UK citizens can visit the USA for up to 90 days as a tourist, so you could travel for interviews & tests if necessary.


Search “international exchange programs USA” and there should be many links to programs that offer temporary and seasonal work in the US. Examples are:

Do carefully check any programs you might be interested in as not all of them are a good deal.

Another option is to go to school in the USA. UK citizens can more easily get a US student visa and you MAY be able to work on-campus. Having a USA university diploma or certificate will make applying for jobs easier, and going to school in the US will help you decide if you really want to move here.

If you decide to go to university in the USA the first step is to identify several schools you might want to attend and make contact with their offices of international students

For example:

Note that it is equally or even more difficult for an American to move to the UK.

Good luck!

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