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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

December 4, 2012

Joseph asks…

where is the cheaper place in live?

where is cheaper place to live in latin america incude apartment ,food etc

Administrator answers:


Latin America is dangerous, you should go to the paradise islands of the Philippines.

This may help!

For those who are interested to read a “Candid and Amusing” Philippine travel guide entitled “Amazing Archipelago,” just click on the website below for more information:

Good luck and happy reading.

Carol asks…

what are the motives of hugo chavez sending fuel to poor people in america is he trying to undermine america?

In 2005, President Chávez initiated a program to provide cheaper heating fuel for poor people in several areas of the United States. The program was expanded in September 2006 to include four of New York City’s five boroughs, earmarking 25 million gallons of fuel for low-income New York residents this year at 40% off the wholesale market price. That quantity provides sufficient fuel to heat 70,000 apartments, covering 200,000 New Yorkers, for the entire winter. It has also been reported that Chavez is sending heating oil to poor, remote villages in Alaska. Some have questioned the motives of this generosity. Legislative leaders in Maine have asked that state’s governor to refuse the subsidised oil,[83] and New York Daily News criticized his offer by calling him an “oil pimp.”

what gives chavez the right to interfere in america! he should stick to his own country

Administrator answers:

I wonder how the leaders of this country feel about some “near” Dictator,of a foreign country,doing the service that they themselves should be doing, Eyes toward the ground,I would imagine…

Helen asks…

Should American cities permit underground apartments?

Right now, most cities in the US have severe restrictions on windowless apartments. But with internet technology, this is not as relevant, because you can just get one of those big flatscreens and project an image of something on it, and that becomes your “window.”

Anyway, in large Chinese cities, apartment prices have been reduced due to underground building. Some areas have apartments going 15 floors underground (and 50 floors aboveground), and while the underground units are cheaper, they are perfectly fine. They just don’t have “real” windows.

Why don’t we do this in America? We have lots of homeless people living in the streets and tent cities; why not stick them underground or something?

Administrator answers:

If people want to do this, let them do it. I personally would not even consider living underground. I am not a groundhog, but if someone actually wanted to, shouldn’t they have that freedom?

Chris asks…

What part of Mainland America is more expensive than Honolulu?

I live in Honolulu and yes I agree food is expensive because everything has to be imported here. Excise sales tax are also exempted on groceries but we only pay 4.172% which is not bad. Gas is pretty high but because it’s an island everything is closer so you actually drive less compared to the mainland. As for rent I feel that rent is not so bad. I don’t understand why mainlanders complain about rent. I can understand if they are coming from Texas, Arizona, Las Vegas or rural America where rent and land is dirty cheap but I am pretty sure San Francisco and New York City is much higher to rent an apartment compared to Honolulu. I am planning to move to Seattle and have already started to look for a place. It’s not much of a difference compared to Honolulu, averaging out I am only saving around a 150 dollars on rent per month. Homes in Seattle is not that cheap either. I live in Kahala which is an upscale neighborhood in Honolulu and compared to the upscale neighborhood of Bellevue, WA homes are around the same price just bigger with a higher property tax rate than what we pay.
sorry forgot to add not* on exempted sales tax on grocceries.
Studios in Honolulu can rent for 900 dollars a month
1 bedroom apartment in an old building average around 1200-1250 a month
2 bedroom apartments can run from 1800-2000 a month.

Also the location is not very upscale for the rates listed above.

Administrator answers:

Many of the big cities sport high living costs for the inner city life– as you found for Seattle. Should be able to get a much more reasonable apt in the suburbs but then would need to commute. But Boston, NYC, DC, all have high cost housing in the inner area and food is not cheap there either. Hard to even find a grocery. And of course no climate like Hawaii. Hawaii smells nice, though I have never been to Honolulu so it may not, but most of the big cities are dirty and smelly to me and I love traveling around the Big Island and enjoying the fresh air.

Linda asks…

Ireland questions? Could someone help me?

I’m from the US, But an opportunity to live in Ireland for a year came up. I’ve always wanted to go.
What is the teen dating age in Ireland? Is it like the US norm, start dating 15/16? Are the guys courteous? Do they say “Ma’am”? (Just a funny thought!)
What do you think of Ireland? Are the jobs good paying and suitable for teens? How old do you have to be to get an apartment/housing?
What are customs different than America? Are pets cheap to buy over there (puppy {most likely a Beagle or RedBone}, or potbelly pig, monkey? Yes, I said monkey, are they legal?)
What are the families like, are people generally kind?
And, if possible, tell me everything about Ireland?
Also, I love my pets (My family has FOUR DOGS…) and I definately would like to adopt one, but where I live people call it ‘buying’ because you have to pay a big fee to adopt from the shelter. I was considering a monkey but I’m not anymore after the research I’ve done.
I would never ever imagine leaving the animal. I fully plan on taking it home with me. Thank ya’ll :)

Administrator answers:

Yes, around the same age.
Many of them should be more courteous than they actually are.
No, they don’t say Ma’am. That’s American.

I like Ireland – I like here, after all – but there aren’t many jobs at all, and very very few for teenagers, possibly just in family businesses. You won’t get your own place to live unless you have an income, but as a US national you probably wouldn’t be allowed to work anyway. Try and get Brownie points or credits or whatever it is you call them and work with some kind of voluntary organisation instead.

Pets are not ‘cheap’ to buy. And would you ever get out of that ‘consumer’ mindset when it comes to animals? By all means ADOPT from a shelter, and organise it properly so that you CAN AFFORD TO FEED AND HOUSE a pet, as well as get it treated by a vet if it needs it, and you can afford to bring it to the US afterwards, or find a good home for it. Most people have cats and dogs, I don’t know anyone with a monkey or a potbelly pig. We LIKE animals here and treat them properly. They are not commodities for people’s amusement. If that’s what you consider animals to be, please don’t get one.

People are generally kind, until you start trying on any bullshit. Then they’ll either drop you faster than a hot potato, or they’ll slag you senseless until you learn the error of your ways. Either way, you’ll find it an education.

Anything else you need to know about Ireland you can find out with a simply google search, hon.

Best of luck.

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