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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

December 5, 2012

Lizzie asks…

What’s the average living cost in Calgary or surrounding area?

I live in Ontario and have known many people that move out west because of more job opportunities and apparently it’s a lot cheaper to live. I’ve always wondered if this is true, and if so, how much cheaper? For two adults in our part of Ontario it’s at least $2000/month to be able to live comfortably in an apartment and much like a lot of America, were going through a recession.

Any helpful answers would be appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

Calgary is MORE expensive than lets say Toronto, Hamilton or Burlington.
There is technically no sales tax but the cost is built into everything you buy. You can’t survive too long without access to a car, an apartment (cheap) starts at $1200 per month if you want to live close to downtown. A basement illegal suite in a home is about $600 a month.

If you make less than $40,000 per year then you will need a roomate to share expenses with.

Jenny asks…

What are the most affordable accommodations in Ireland?

Next year I plan to buy a one-way ticket to Dublin from America.I will have almost no money so I was wondering some cheap places to bunk down until I get a job and can get an apartment or something.I know it may sound crazy to show up some place with almost no money,but this is how I want to see the world.And I would greatly appreciate any advice you are willing to give me.Thanks so much :)

Administrator answers:

First, the person who says they may not let you past the airport is right, and you can’t just get a job unfortunately. If you tell them you are doing that they will put you back on the plane and home to the U.S.

If you are interested in volunteering in exchange for room and board check out the article I wrote about that and it has a link with the site where there are lots of farms in Ireland you can stay:

Also, you can check out there are great people on that site and many in Dublin. They offer a free place to stay, although its usually just a few nights. You might do that for a short time and then try one of the farms. That’s a great way to see the world

Paul asks…

Is a better salary worth moving to another country?

My bro is an Electrical Engineer.
He’s thinking of getting his Masters from USA and working there.
The starting Salaries for his major is about $30,000 here.
Whereas I’ve read somewhere it’s about triple that amount in USA.

He is born America so he has the American passport.
Is it worth it to move for the money?
Or are expenses like tax gas and apartments too much to make any difference between here and there? (here there are no taxes, gas is very cheap and if he’s staying here he’s gonna live with his parents)

Administrator answers:

I too do not live in the States (I’m an expatriate) but am an American citizen who chooses to live and work outside my home country. I have my bachelors and masters degrees from the USA; very helpful here where I live.

For your brother, he’s going to have to do the old Pro & Con list to see if the increase in pay outweighs his desires (i.e., his professional aspirations, career opportunities, change of scenery, etc.). While I’m sure he adores and loves his family, he still has to live his life.

Where he chooses to live will determine his overall tax rate (there are Federal, State, Local taxes, plus other bizarre, esoteric taxes that folks don’t consider within their cost of living) and it won’t be cheap.

Dwellings can be found from cheap to luxurious, but, if he is by himself, he should consider renting an apartment with one or two room mates. For example, if he and three friends rented a four-bedroom apartment or house, their individual cost will only be 1/4 of the total housing and utility cost; food costs could be divided up in a manner that works for them. Plus, they could car-pool or take public transportation to their destinations (e.g., work, school, girlfriend’s house, etc.), and this will minimize their travel costs.

If your brother applies his home country’s living pattern to his USA home, he will live well, be able to save a substantial portion of his pay for other needs (emergency savings, future purchases, major medical bills, emergency travel to his home country, etc.); but if he chooses to live like an American, he will be spending a greater share of his salary on non-necessities just to impress people he doesn’t know so he can look good – that is a waste of money.

So in a nutshell, it’s really up to him but he should, in fairness, seek out the opinions of his family and objective opinions of other professionals in his field. But if you truly love your brother, refrain from putting any family pressure on him so he can make his decision with a clear mind and heart.

Good Luck!

Chris asks…

Apartments in France?

I live in America and I’m thinking of moving to France in 3 years for 1 year. I would of course like to live in Paris but if there are other beautiful towns for a cheaper cost I don’t mind, especially if it’s a town near a University (though that is not the total deciding factor). I want a small 1 bedroom or studio apartment. I want to know how much something like this would cost in various cities of France. I’d prefer if the price was in dollars but if you only know it in Euros or something that’s fine. I just want to knowwhat kinds of prices I’d be looking at.

Administrator answers:

Rental prices, depending on the place in France, for a two rooms apartment (your equivalent of a 1 bedroom) go from 300 Euros to 900 Euros as an average depending where in France you are. 900 is in Paris of course.
Narrowing your search would be helpful. France might not be a continent state but it is still the biggest country in Europe with 300 cities over 30,000 inhabitants and student spots in wildly different areas 1000 kms apart. As well, some places specialised in one discipline or other so you need to know what you want to study.

Here is the list of cities with a high percentage of students.


Just to give you an idea, 900 Euros in Paris, 500 in Lille centre, 450 in Grenoble or Toulouse, 500 in Rennes…
That is for a 40 to 50 square metres appartment. Then the prices go down if you leave the centre.

Daniel asks…

Cities, information, finance, apartments?

I already asked this but got only one answer. Please give me a serious answer.

Basically, I am moving to America, in like a few years time, and I am sorting my visa and such out at the minute, but can’t progress with anything until I decide where I’m going. I am looking for somewhere withing 3 hour drive of a beach, somewhere warmish, not too expensive, ie can get a decent apartment for less than $1000 an month. I was thinking Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina. Or any cheap citys withing 3 hour drive in the west/south west.

I am staying with a friend next year when I turn 18 who lives in Richmond, VA.

Basically anyrecommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t tell me I’m just a teenager with dreams, I have contacts and I am sorting my life out the way I want it to go.

Administrator answers:

You are in the right neighborhood to pay the sort of rent you would want to pay for a rental unit. In the states you have selected the rent is very reasonable. All the states you mentioned have a beach and I am sure rental units within a hour or 45 minutes of the beach.

About that driving distance between the west and south west. If you plan to reside in the states you mentioned, driving to the west and southwest would be several days.As a matter of fact you would be driving a minimum of 3-4 days to get to the southwest and western part of the United States. These areas are located clear across the country, approximately 2,500 miles to 3,000 miles, from where you have mentioned to reside and rent.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


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