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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

December 18, 2012

Sharon asks…

How can illegal aliens from Latin America get all these services?

For instance, I have a friend of mine who lives in a building that is government subsidized or so (very cheap rent for people who live there).

So, the people who live there are 90% Hispanic and for the most part illegal. I know because he is as well.

Question 1:
How can they live in these discounted apartments by the government if they are illegal?

Question 2:
You are suppose to have a small income, but people there get new cars that I can’t even afford. I have to drive 10 year old used cars.

Question 3:
I know a lot of families who live there who have kids and get tons and tons of food stamps even though they are illegal. How is that possible?

Question 4:
Their kids who weren’t born there go to High School and later go to college for in state tuition prices because they are allowed to by law. Legal aliens from foreign countries pay high prices and even people from other states pay more. How is that possible?

Don’t want to make that even longer, but they also get other free services such as health care and many other things. Families there have 4 cars worth between 10k to 20k each and nobody cares. Since the manager is Hispanic, only Hispanics move in.

How is that all possible?

I heard it costs taxpayers billions a year to pay for the services of illegal aliens (mainly from Mexico). And contrary to common believe, the taxes of illegal aliens do not even remotely pay it back.

Administrator answers:

Question 1:
This is FALSE! They do not because they are not eligible for that government program. Do you have proof that they are? Sources?

Question 2:
Are you talking about new pickup trucks? Well, they work very hard to get what they need…..and again! How do you know that person driving that new vehicle is an illegal? Was he playing Mexican music, so now he’s an illegal? LOL!

Question 3:
It’s only possible that the children recieve benefits if they were born here, so they are US citizens. And their parents pay way more in taxes then in the little services they use up.

Question 4:
That is COMPLETELY FALSE TO! Illegals are banned from most colleges now. But if our college drop out rate is on the rise, why let allow these soo eager students to take their place? Are you scared that we will have more educated immigrants? LOL!

NO HEALTH CARE! Because they have been banned from any we offer. You really need to read this:

It’s a widely held misperceptions: Undocumented immigrants pay no taxes but take advantage of a slew of taxpayer-supported federal benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare (the health care programs for the poor and the elderly), Social Security, housing and hospital services. In fact, federal law bars undocumented alien access to all those benefits, with very few exceptions.

Michael asks…

What to do about the growing obesity in America?

It is no secret that there is a growing number of seriously overweight people in the USA. Fast food is cheap and convenient, while healthy foods are getting more expensive. Vending machines and lack of nutritional food in school/office cafeterias are replacing homemade lunches. Lack of exercise (and opportunities for affordable exercise) combined with more indoor activities is getting more adults out of shape. While in most low income/middle class apartments/homes you often find the “no playing” signs forcing kids against their instinct to stay active to stay indoors. The problem is getting bigger and bigger, is there a solution? If so, where do we start? And what can we, the people, do about it?

Administrator answers:

1. Yank corn and soy subsidies. Replace with fresh, whole fruit and vegetable subsidies.
2. Institute a nationwide trans fat ban.
3. Mandate nationwide menu labeling – just listing calories is enough. No “serving size” loopholes.
4. Mandate nutrition and fitness education that instructs students on healthy and unhealthy foods, portion sizes, calorie intake and physical fitness from kindergarten through 8th grade.
These are all things that need to be done on the federal level. Will they happen? Of course not; the unhealthy status quo has the food industry’s bottom line as padded as the average American’s enormous hindquarters.

Thomas asks…

Where over here can i get some cheap furniture?

Hey, I’m from England. So I haven’t lived here very long (America) and i’m about to buy some stuff for my apartment. Can anyone please give me a list of places that I can pick up some descent furniture for cheap. I’m on a budget. I’m not really familiar with where the deals are at! I mean there’s Ikea but i’d like abit of choice. So furniture and just general housewares too!
Thanks in Advance

Administrator answers:

Goodwill or the salvation army stores have good used furniture they sell fairly cheap.

Paul asks…

America seems to be doomed… best country to move?

I know this question will bring unfriendly answers but what do I care… let’s summarize what’s happening in this decaying nation:

1. Government seeks to legislate Social security retirement to 70 years old (leaving only, average, 5 years to enjoy all you have saved in your life). Some people don’t even make it to 70, and some do with a terminal disease on their shoulders. That means America: work or leave the county/die. No retirement!

2. Most states are bankrupt. Lots of states are having unstable job markets, even hiring freezes.

3. The only states that seem to be “stable” are the ones nobody want to go: ND, WY, NE, SD, ID…

4. The government lies about unemployment. Supposedly it is around 10% but then an articles says that 33% of people do not work. Let’s face the truth: many people don’t look for work because they give up after spending years trying to look and not even receiving a call. The job market has become a fierce race which can be compared to a freakin’ lottery. The process is tedious, and employers have become insanely picky taking advantage of the economic crisis. Long, ridiculous job applications, incredibly stupid interview questions, and sometimes extremely difficult, extremely perfectionist while looking at resumes, and because there are about 100-1000 applications per opening, there’s no guarantee having a score of 100% in terms of qualifications, good interview, great description in the application will land a job anyway. Job requirements have also become a real pain, and if you don’t meet one single requirement, you’re out of the game.

5. Corruption in Washington at its wildest. The national debts goes wildly higher and higher, and I won’t doubt it will hit the 100 trillion in the near future

6. Easier for illegals to come. Yes, more and more illegals come and take on the simplest jobs, leaving the legal unemployed without much to seek. The illegals are offered by nastily corrupt companies a less-than legally allowed wage to do jobs that sometimes deserve above minimum. I am an engineer and have felt the need to apply for jobs in Radio Shack, Best Buy, construction, Home Depot, TruGreen, etc. and here I am unemployed, almost one year.

7. The US future is grim. Big companies will just flee the country if the government raises the taxes upon them, leaving even more people unemployed and a worse economy as these companies establish elsewhere. Businesses don’t really care of the economy, they just care about themselves. The welfare of the citizens and the country as a whole is not of their concern. This is how uncontrolled capitalism works.

8. House market is on the pit and digging. Over 25% vacant homes in a lot of cities and areas, even above 50% in some of them. People are moving to RV’s or even become homeless. Here where I live I’ve seen some asking for money.

9. Salaries are not compensating for the increase of life cost. Gas at $4.00/gal (and it’s still cheap, just wait ’til the dollar dies as the world reserve currency and you’ll see what’s expensive gas!), expensive food, water, power, etc. are on the raise but companies keep on the same low salaries and expecting even less for the new grads taking advantage of the current situation: “there is a crisis and there is a lot of unemployed people, they are not in conditions to ask for lots of money. Let’s pay only $15/hr for corporate jobs and $8/hr for retail/simple jobs.” $8/hr is simply not enough to even rent a $600 apartment. $8/hr in New York or San Francisco is a joke.

10. Because of the budget crisis… there will be less programs for those who are poor. Big companies and the wealthy are yet to see a major hit to their pockets or way of life. America is becoming a freakin’ 3rd world country

There are a lot of reasons and situations that are making this nation no longer a stable place to work and live. Of course, there is no “American Dream”. If that existed, it is no longer alive. Since 2007 this has gone down the tubes. Recovery is a big lie to not create panic on the citizens. But there is no recovery. The dollar is falling, countries are growing angry at Washington policies, and in all, America is not going to lift itself soon.

So which country would be the best to move to, and escape this mess? Canada and Australia, being the #1 priority for Americans fleeing the nation are tightening their entry requirements.

So… which country would be the best, countries, in Scandinavia, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, the Pacific Islands…?

Administrator answers:

I’ve actually heard a lot of well paying jobs are moving to Ireland.. Because of the favorable corporate tax rate.

You’re right on with this one.. I doubt many people will stay in U.S. And fight for their country.

All the people who were anti-war and “liberal” just got duped into fueling a marxist/socialist machine

which seems to want to put everyone on the Government dime.

And we all know how well the Government is at handling money.

It’ll probably get bloody pretty soon

You might want to consider Virgin Islands although probably little opportunity there… (No taxes) .. Or look outside of any Western Democracy

Charles asks…

Since I can no longer afford to live in America where can I move that is affordable?

I am looking for a place where someone can work and make enough to live on. I tried applying for welfare since my income is so low. They told me I make a lot of money because I make almost 30 thousand in a good year. I told them that I make only 17 to 18 thousand dollars after taxes. They told me that tax removal does not count.

This new Obama taxes will force me to go hungry and I am just fed up. The illegal aliens in this sanctuary town live like 25 people per apartment so they could afford these high taxes. I cannot and I want to move out but I have no idea where I can go.

Anyone have any ideas which country would be best for me to move to?

No communist countries please. I hate communism and the reason I am leaving is cause America is turning Communist.

Prices of food and shelter in America is too high. My boss is threatening to fire me after 20 years cause he told me that he can get an illegal alien to do my job for cheaper. I don’t know what to do anymore and yes I do not qualify for wic or any other food stamp like checks.

I have no idea what to do. I am thinking of moving out of the country but I only have a high school education. I cannot afford a college education even though I would love to get one.
gws35 thanks Belize looks nice wow. I am trying to get more info on it right now.
Those Obama supporters go suck on his rear cause you demise is at end. Don’t believe me look at the Soviet Union that is where you are headed.

Administrator answers:

I know several people who have moved to Costa Rica or Belize for this reason.

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